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If you remember, in previous articles we talked about how to create your niche. Now let’s talk about other actions that need to be taken before the formation of the TZ online store, for example, about testing.

This is an important task, which allows you to probe in advance the market and the presence of interested buyers. You will not lose a lot of money if suddenly the test is unsuccessful. Rather, you insure and go look for another niche, more profitable. And, on the contrary, during the test, you quickly determine the direction and budget. While being tested, you can search for suppliers, draw up contracts and do other useful things.

When we choose our niche, we define it based on our existing audience or products. We will find out how to identify Central Asia in another article, and here we will provide information about technical methods of testing.

Niche Testing Methods, Application Tips

Tip #1

We test through popular services

First of all, let’s turn to Yandex and Google search engines for help.

For clarity of example, we define the name of the product. Glumkvat prodoni – this is what we sell. Now, we need to find out how many users for a certain period were interested in our product. We register in the service that analyzes the key requests the name of the product and region. Suppose glamkvat prodoni Moscow. As a result, we get the numbers. If you need accurate data, then before and after the name we insert exclamation marks.

It should be understood that those people who simply entered the request and those who are exactly ready to buy are completely different. Since we need buyers, we insert “buy” into the request. So we get the data for the month. Now we analyze if at least a few thousand users have requested your product for a month, and with the word “buy” there were at least 150-200 people, then you have chosen the right niche and it can be developed.

The second step is to analyze the secondary information. We determine what users were looking for in combination with our base name. Interested in a definition aimed at trading, for example: price, product model, delivery and the like. We are not exploring other inquiries yet, but pay attention to other additional products that are on a par with our base. Choose the most popular, because the more of them, the better.

The next step is to collect traffic. Here you need to find out if it will be difficult to provide. It would be nice to look at the competitors website and compare their data with theirs. Competitors are on the first page, and it is worth going through to visit the site. See how they work, what sponsored links are placed. You should decide on this information whether there is a healthy competition here. By the way, if direct competitors make up more than three per 1,000 requests, then it is better not to risk and look for another niche. After all, they visit the page more often than they buy, but we need the sale. Competitors have one advantage, even if they sell the same product as us, they have been on the market longer and have borrowed their customers.

Haste in the business is not appropriate, so pay attention to the study of competitor’s sites and collect average information. This is a good strategy, because you are exploring the advantages and disadvantages of your activities with someone else’s example. If everything is correctly noticed and understood, you can create a good business and even predict its development. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of specialists working in this direction who will select and predict everything for you, but we would recommend learning by yourself in order to become more successful.

We offer several services that will definitely be useful to you:

  • The service, which shows the keys, as well as shows the change in numbers, the cost of promotion, highlights the competition and so on. He is called
  • An English-language website is suitable for analytics and statistics.
  • AdVodka is a useful program, but the free version comes with limitations. With it, you can analyze the domain in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Tip #2

Promote your niche through offer

Affordable and almost not expensive way – advertising on popular bulletin boards. Take Avito for example. Register as a private individual and advertise your individual products from a niche. Use the same method for placing on other boards.

Testing will show whether your products are in demand. See how many potential customers are calling and interested? If a lot, then there is a chance to start large sales.

Avito has its limitations, which are not very popular. For example, ads must contain different text, and the same product can not be placed in different headings. Commercial advertising is also prohibited. These cons are not so significant for us. After all, we are just getting acquainted with customers and want to understand the number of those who want to buy our products.

Способы тестирования ниши, советы по применению

Tip #3

Use contextual advertising

The previous two councils have allowed us to determine that the glumkvat prodoni is the product on which we do the main rate. Now you need to spend a little money. For what? One page landing page. Quite an effective tool in marketing, which allows to analyze the demand, work with the audience, also deal with sales. Of course, the success of an occupation depends on professionalism. But we would recommend that you thoroughly study this program in order to use it brilliantly in practice in the future. Just think, you can create landing pages and apply them in business in a different direction.

We decide on the fact that the structure of landing pages is almost the same. For the lazy, there are special landing designers, where you need to substitute text, photos, or headings into special fields, cells, and sections. Everything is quite simple, but remember that it is better to work with your head and work for the future. Although, now we are just testing a niche, but the results will already show theirs.

Start now to create advertising in Yandex and Google. What is needed for this?

  1. Come up with ad text and a bright title. Remember that the text should not be very long, but encourages the purchase.
  2. Give a link to your landing page.
  3. Use the ad settings on your target audience.
  4. We get clickable ads that will lead the user to our one-page.

Tip #4

Create groups in Vkontakte

Do not be so surprised. You might notice that the resource has become one of the most popular marketplaces for a long time. If it is so effective and popular, why not test your product there – go ahead.

Where to begin:

  • We create a group – it is not difficult to do this by prompts on the site.
  • We come up with a selling title, according to the type: “The lowest price for glumquat is done – so many rubles”.
  • There is a place for photos on the right side (avatar). We attach a high-quality photo of the product to it.
  • Immediately try to fill the group with interesting posts with photos.
  • Make a few stories with reviews and comments, where they will praise the purchase and you.
  • Take the time to create a photo album, where you place the goods in the best quality, in all angles and show its application or work.
  • Create a convenient system that allows you to quickly place an order to the client.

The presented method is not free, but you should not immediately abandon it. In principle, one cannot do without any expenses, and here you also create a powerful source of traffic. Subscribers should not wait, it is better to buy a certain amount on the exchange to create the appearance of a “live” group. They do not play a special role yet, the main thing for us is to launch advertising.

The first sales will easily appear from the boards of free announcements or through a group in the social network. We need to find out if we are interested in what we offer the buyer. If you brought more than 150 visitors to the landing page, it means they are interested in the product.

Now we will analyze the topic, when the advertisement is successfully chosen and the text in the advertisements is correctly composed, there is all the information on price and connections, but there are no customers, it means our niche is in demand and it is better not to spend on it. Product margin is 1,000 rubles, and have you already spent so much or even more on advertising? Roll up.

In the case when potential customers call you, but in the end they do not buy anything, you need to pay attention to the price, all of a sudden it is too high, and maybe it makes sense to invest in advertising.

You can talk about the results only in a month. Once you have created a niche, landing pages, advertising, you need to wait to talk adequately about the situation. The results are determined by the return or lack thereof.

Способы тестирования ниши, советы по применению

Further steps to calculate the details

We will need:

  • take into account the purchase price;
  • average check;
  • profitability;
  • advertising budget;
  • calculate the cost per click.

Now we will discuss all the points in more detail.

Take the purchase price. It needs to be calculated in order to understand how much money we need at the initial stage. You understand that buying a hundred units of equipment is much more expensive than taking the same number of covers or an inexpensive headset. Although the net income in this matter may be equivalent.

The average check is calculated from these indicators: suppose you sell only one product, which means that the average check will be equal to the unit price. To make a profit, you need to encourage customers to buy something else along with the main products.

Determine the profitability. It represents a mark-up on products, but this is not a net profit. The selling price is called margin. The difference between it and cost is the main indicator of profit in business. Some entrepreneurs believe that the margin is completely unimportant and they are primarily engaged in self-development, as a result, over time, the importance of this indicator reaches them, but it’s too late to rush.

For digestibility of information, consider this example. Perhaps you chose a niche for sale at a low price segment. Remember, our product is Gummquat. We buy it at a price of 250 rubles, and sell it at 500 rubles each. On the one hand, the goods are sold and the profit should be visible, but on the other hand, we are at a loss. In order to earn something, we need to sell all the products in bulk, but this is not the point now.

In order not to get bogged down in losses, you need to trade an average check of one thousand rubles. If you count in percent, then for inexpensive products – 200-300%, and for expensive products – 10%.

Advertising. Much depends on it. Now it is the main sales engine. If you want to take advice on advertising from post number 2, then there it will cost you a few hundred rubles, but if you are up to something big, then do not expect to spend less than 60,000 rubles. Of course, the scales are different, but high-quality advertising also requires large funds.

Have you thought about how much is one click? How many people click on ads placed in popular soc. networks, search engines, etc.? What is the ratio of users who have switched on advertising and bought the product? This data means a lot now. Many companies create services that “click” advertising. Based on this, we see how other more modern ways of attracting customers are developing.

Let’s say you have already decided. Now answer yourself a few more questions for the fixative part:

  • What kind of traffic do I need to get so that even a small percentage of those who buy will not put me in a minus, but create a profit?
  • How much should I get calls and orders per day?
  • Can I satisfy the request for the goods?
  • How much I am willing to invest to promote the product I test?

Now summarizing.

We would recommend taking the maximum from the testing process itself, while the idea is not yet a grandiose project. At the initial stage, try to learn more, understand more and get more.

Be passionate about your idea. After all, while you are full of enthusiasm, you are driven by strength, confidence, and hope for success.

Be consistent in your actions. This is the main feature that leads to the improvement of professionalism, which in turn leads to success in business.

We have shown several ways to test a niche. They do not require large financial costs and are quite easy to implement. The main thing is to set a goal and carefully monitor the indicators during the test.

Ready to work? Then in the next publication we will highlight the issue of finding and identifying the target audience, and also consider the various strategies for working with it.

Способы тестирования ниши, советы по применению

Opinion of experts:

Alexey Soloviev – Director of Internet Advertising Agency x10 Development

I agree that all the proposed methods are quite effective, but in my opinion the advice under number 2 is the most promising.

I will answer why:

  • This method is completely free if you do not use the additional offers of social networks.
  • Registration and posting photos and posts takes a few minutes. In the future, we only need to wait for the reaction of users to the offer.
  • Here we will accurately determine the number of real buyers.
  • Already during testing you can start earning.

Revealed and disadvantages. Let’s say Avito is a powerful advertising platform. It is used by many companies. Your online store is at the initial stage of development, so all calls that will be received must be sifted through a sieve and divided into three in order to understand the real number of those interested. In any case, this method is also considered the most effective.

Vasily Vishnyakov, CEO of the online agency Bquadro

Yes, in this post were considered the most popular test options. They seem simple, but everything simple is ingenious. In any case, I would like to consider the article from different angles. If you are looking for people who make requests with this wording, here you will find the answers. And if your goal is different? For example, you are going to create an organization that will be directed to work with a certain specificity. In this case, I do not see concrete answers to the questions: “should I go about my business?”, “Will my business be profitable in the future?”

Ways common. Suppose the item about “Avito” does not take into account important factors for a business – price and cost. Although, if you are no longer interested in these questions, and you have already studied them before – boldly use these tips.

Opinion of the general director of the studio Vikiweb- Victor Permyakov

I have some additions to the topic. I will pay attention to such values as MRC and MMTS. Let me remind you that one name determines the minimum retail price, and the second – the recommended.

Often there is a situation where the online store does not count MRCs. There, sales go almost to zero, and profits are achieved through trade in additional services. It is not right. It is also wrong to work with suppliers that do not take into account the MRC.

Consider the situation on the example where the purchase amounts to 10,000 rubles, and sells goods at prices ranging from 13,000 to 20,000. Competitors will be on the horizon, selling products at the purchase price, achieving profits at the expense of their secondary services in the form of installation, delivery and customization. In these conditions, you can not talk about healthy competition.

Comment from the head of ReadyScript lab

Artem Poltoranin proposes to strengthen the test performance. To do this, you need to take advantage of our offer and start the work of an online store in the ReadyScript cloud. The time spent on creation varies from one hour to two. The amount that will cost the service is calculated from the selected edition and will be 300-500 rubles.

To your store, you can also leave links in social networks or in Yandex and Google.

The site on the latest development platform has its advantages even in test mode. You can place your products in Google, Yandex.Market, and other modern resources. Such opportunities will attract a test audience. Creating a site already in test mode should be mandatory in order to track all indicators more competently.

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