Negative reviews: delete or how to answer?

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The topic of working with negatives and negatives is given attention in hundreds of articles. Trainers, psychologists and marketers say like a mantra “do not hush up the problem.” It seems everyone should already know what to do and why, but once again analyzing new customers or finding ourselves in the role of a buyer, we observe all the same files. So, it’s time to write a hundred and first article and make it so that the importance and relevance of the issue was difficult to overestimate.

Keep detailed instructions on how to act if someone on the Web has responded poorly about your product or service. We hope, after reading the answer to the question of how to deal with negative reviews: delete or how to answer correctly – will not confuse you.

The main axiom is not to panic. In general, calm and cold-blooded thinking is a logical and the only correct reaction. After all, nothing terrible happened!

Any result is great. Even a disapproving review. Why? Because it is feedback, the opportunity to work on the bugs and improve the proposal.

For example, there is a constructive. They said not only “fu”, but also specified specifically what did not suit. This is the best thing that can happen to you! Now you know that you have a slow delivery, a rude manager or an uncomfortable site.

But, not any negative is productive.

Negative reviews: delete or how to answer?

Types of bad responses

Before evaluating the negative should understand that it is different. Each type requires a specific scenario and attention.


Arrived claim from the now former buyer. You will immediately recognize this type: there will be many details, the description is colorful, most likely the name of the seller or manager, the date and so on will be mentioned. The authenticity is confirmed by the details, and if you have a recording of calls or video surveillance, then finding this person and analyzing his situation will not be problematic. The main thing – to respond as quickly as possible.


While you read useful articles on the Internet, competitors do not sleep either. And the most dishonest of them at this moment write some nastiness to spoil the reputation. Black PR is quite in demand on the Internet, for this purpose they hire people specifically or use the services of third-party companies.

Such a review will usually be accompanied by a phrase like “here they are all lousy, and here – just super” and so on.

More unflattering comments like to leave offended and dismissed employees. There will generally be either a flight of fancy, or the discharge of not quite pleasant secrets.


The most nasty kind of interaction on the Internet. This user has never used your services and he does not care about the usefulness of the review. It’s just a desire to attract more attention to yourself, to provoke, to play the game “who is wittier” and so on. Trolls arrange entire attacks on some resources and do it for free. Out of harm.

Both of the last varieties are a challenge, a provocation. But if the fake will be decorated with bloody details and topical stories that trolling will be thrown with smart phrases for consolation of CSW or, conversely, utter utter nonsense. Here only the process itself makes sense – to offend, to hook, to cause unpleasant dialogue, to discredit and ridicule.

How to calculate false feedback?

Custom black PR competitors can and should be defeated.

The first thing that will help in this matter is regular statistics and work with the audience and responses. A detailed analysis will help to understand what frequency of messages, what they complain about and so on. In this case, it will be easy to identify the raid of bots or specially trained people. For example, you have an average of 40 responses per month, 5 of them not very much. This is the actual statistics. When suddenly out of nothing, the figure changes to 100, and 65 of them are bad – it is worth thinking. Especially if nothing foreshadowed such a situation (change of concept, deception, new action, etc.).

Examine the content of the claims. Often this is composed by the same person. From pattern phrases and parasitic expressions you will leave nowhere.

Real details will limp. Check the facts with the author. He will not be able to provide them, because these comments are written on the basis of general information that you have found on your profile or website. They will not be able to tell who served them, when there was a purchase, they will not give a number for feedback, as they are afraid of it.

The main thing – do not let go of gravity. If you see that this is a fake in order to blacken reputation, then an ordinary customer may not understand and then the work of competitors will achieve its goal. Answer promptly, ask clarifying questions, and if there is no reaction – this is the reason PUBLICALLY to doubt sincerity and authenticity. Let everyone see.

Please do not forget about tact, politeness and rules of business communication with customers. Going down to your rivals is not necessary, since you are the face of the brand.

If this is your site, and you monitor this issue, then such scribbling can be removed with a light heart.

If this is some kind of otzovik, then you have the right to appeal to the administrator of the resource with a complaint and a request to remove a fake comment. To do this:

  • Refer to article 152 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation on the protection of business reputation.
  • Argue claim, indicate who and how denigrates reputation
  • Show suggestive clarifications and lack of feedback.

Usually, such platforms are not familiar with black PR and quickly take measures to limit it.

Negative reviews: delete or how to answer?

How to react to trolling?

Already not one “warrior” died on this battlefield, and disputes are still underway. Experts argue about how to respond, and whether to respond at all.

If you look, then these figures are just waiting for an answer in order to continue the conflict further. Thus they assert themselves.

They are easily identified by the use of Caps Lock, insults, supposedly expert, but superficial opinion, because in fact the user absolutely does not understand the subject.

Why does the provocation work? They pretend to be supposedly thrown customers, they say that they or your friends / relatives brought you or your goods to the hospital, ruin and so on. Of course, it will be unpleasant for anyone and a desire to refute slander will appear.

Only it is useless: on the proposal to stop – nonsense is written more actively, on threats cause a ton of foul language.

We have developed the following strategy for ourselves:

  1. Do not provoke and do not feed the trolls (do not respond) and, if possible, contact the administrators, complain, delete.
  2. If the first is not an option, then laugh it off. It usually drives them into a stupor.

The main secrets of working with negative feedback

Over the years, we have a clear idea of what and how it affects the creation of a reputation for an online company. Not the last role is played by communication with customers, the reaction to their comments and work on the bugs. There are some general tips we can share. This will help to improve the quality of service and become better in the eyes of the target audience, even at the expense of a situation that is clearly not in your interests.

  • Cool down. Do not be guided by emotions. We understand that sometimes it is very unpleasant and even offensive. I want to tell the client everything you think about him and his comments. Inhale-exhale, count to 10, and better to 100. You can not prove anything to him, but before the rest you can lose your reputation. In the heat of the moment, you can break the wood, but you can’t take it back.
  • React quickly. The most correct thing you can do with a negative is to monitor and process it promptly. This will prevent its sprawl on all Internet sites. It often happens that the user does not wait for a response from the accused company and starts ringing in “all instances”.
  • Do not refuse. Do not hush up and do not pretend that you have nothing to do with it. The most correct position is to acknowledge and report that everything is fixed. This needs to be shown to users who only consider you as a manufacturer or store. So you will get credibility as an enterprise that corrects and hears its audience.
  • Answer officially. Do not write from Vasi Pupkin. Use the official account, be sure to introduce yourself and clarify why it was you who took up this issue.
  • Do not use templates. People feel when they are just trying to get rid of polite stamps. This is not a processing of complaints. Address clients individually, it will be perceived as a manifestation of care.
  • Admit a mistake and apologize. All mow. It happens. Offended person wants to get your apologies. These actions also provide you with a proposal to solve the problem. DO NOT FORGET! The decision should be in favor of the client (well, or seem so).
  • Answer essentially and politely. Do not be rude, contact your opponent with respect, ignore taunts in your address and do not deviate from the essence of the problem.
  • Ask. And kill several birds with one stone:
    1. fight off fakes
    2. show that you care
    3. be able to understand the situation
    4. provide an opportunity to speak
  • Report back. Keep your readers up to date with what you are doing to solve the problem. ALWAYS write on all Internet resources that the issue has been resolved or that you have moved to work with the user in a telephone mode.
  • Work on your reputation. After a bad review should be somewhat good and neutral. Either provide them yourself, or hire a crowd marketing team.

We have disclosed a sufficient minimum in order to avoid gross errors. If there are not disclosed moments for you, or you want to set up a monitoring and processing system, and also increase the customer confidence rating, contact our specialists for advice and assistance.

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