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Experts in the field of CEO in their work practice the use of various services that are indispensable in many working moments. This review presents the most up-to-date tools that help save time and resources by automating and speeding up some elements. Naturally, it is almost impossible to assemble a complete collection on one page within the framework of a single review, therefore tips and recommendations are welcome.

Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

At the moment, developers from around the world are in their own convenient services that help webmasters and SEO professionals. It is difficult to assemble a compilation of tools, while avoiding ineffective sentences. However, this article presents the best representatives of various categories.

Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Update Review Systems

  • – scans Yandex updates in real time and informs about them, displays citation indices, copies of pages.
  • SeoLib – check for Google and Yandex updates, you can customize the display by date and number.
  • AnalizeThis – collects information across the network, allows you to group by different indicators.
  • PR-CY – checks for updates on Yandex, taking into account citation indices.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Checking articles for uniqueness

In this segment there are plenty of resources that provide the desired results. However, the Russian services are considered the most popular. Among them are Advego,, Etxt, Content Watch. Also popular among users created in 2008, FindCopy, and Copyscape.

Convenient services for authors

  • – a program that formats documents in the most common file extensions, works completely free of charge.
  • is a portal providing the most relevant information on existing Russian and international standards.
  • – helps with the correct placement of punctuation marks in texts.
  • – a complete check of materials, displays the total volume, the average size of words, the water content of the text, the level of saturation with keywords.
  • Glavred – one of the most popular resources, points to sections of the text that do not meet the standards of the information style of narration.
  • SEO Anchor Generator – automatic creation of unique titles, descriptions, headings and anchors, as well as a number of tools that facilitate the life of SEO and web masters.

Ready text shops

In order to save time, many SEO specialists turn to various trading platforms in order to acquire ready-made materials for placement on their resources. The most popular in this segment are Copylancer, Etext, Advego, Content Monster.

Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Services for analyzing and selecting current requests

  1. Yandex.Wordstat – search for queries that are most frequently used by users of Yandex. There is also a sorting by different parameters.
  2. Google Keyword Planner – search for current requests in the Google ecosystem.
  3. Google Trends – displays the most relevant search engine queries based on geography.
  4. KeyCollector – an indispensable tool for creating semantic kernels, finds the most appropriate keywords. It is also able to analyze pages, revealing inconsistencies with the core.
  5. is a popular landlord offering fast proxies at affordable prices. Most relevant for those who carry out complex work when compiling the semantic core.
  6. FastKeywords – definition of keywords with a convenient search engine.

Key Selection

  • The Pastukhov Base is a system that allows you to design a semantic core without too much difficulty.
  • KeyBooster is a constantly updated list of keys, with the selection even seasonal changes are taken into account.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Services for information about certain positions

  1. PR-CY is a paid resource for determining the location of a resource in a PS. When registering, one hundred checks are given absolutely free to evaluate the functionality.
  2. Allpositions is a standard set of options for studying information about site positioning.
  3. Topvisor – mainly processes domestic search engines and popular video hosting sites. There are additional tools for SEO professionals.
  4. SeoBudget is a multifunctional platform with the possibility of position analysis.
  5. SEOlib – aimed at instantly obtaining information from the majority of currently active search engines. According to the results of the analysis, a large report is generated containing a lot of equally important information.
  6. SeoRate – provides services for checking how the desired site is displayed in search engines based on requests.
  7. SitePosition – receiving information, generating reports in manual mode or automatic.
  8. Serpparser is a fully automated resource for parsing positions.
  9. Semonitor – in addition to calculating the position of the portals, offers a large selection of tools for promotion, works as a separate program and requires downloading to a computer.
  10. Lider-system is a program for continuous tracking of sites for requests in domestic search engines, has a set of services for SEO.
  11. Top-Inspector – getting data on positions on the largest search engines.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Check competitive sites

  • Prodvigator is a keyword scanner with which competitors work. Displays the most popular, as well as their average price.
  • SemRush – the definition of search phrases used by competitors in the promotion.
  • SimilarWeb is an English-language service that provides a full package of services for studying competitor traffic.
  • Advse – shows data on advertising in the largest search engines, can be used to study competitive platforms.
  • SpyWords – handles all existing information about competitive advertising campaigns and promotions.
  • Advodka – creates reports on the tops of Yandex and Google in large regions of our country, displays information on keys and domains.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров


  1. Checkist – handles resources, looks for inconsistencies with generally accepted requirements and all errors. There is a base of useful tips with which you can fix most of the problems.
  2. Yandex.Webmaster – displays the collected materials about the indexation of portals in the same PS.
  3. Tools for webmasters from PS Google – a set of methods for customizing and finding errors, helps in the future optimization of pages and applications in accordance with the requirements of Google.
  4. – reveals all existing links (back links) related to user or competitive resources.
  5. Open Site Explorer – useful in situations where you need to conduct a light comparative analysis of links placed on the page, taking into account the most frequently used.
  6. MajesticSEO is one of the largest databases in the world with links, it quickly forms a network even when using the cheapest tariff plans.
  7. Linkpad is a free resource that both beginners and professionals can easily use.
  8. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights is a standard utility that helps when checking the operation of portals on non-standard displays and applications on the phone.
  9. UptimeRobot is a well-known overseas portal for troubleshooting resources.
  10. PR-CY – its main advantage is the ability to check any resource without having to register. According to the results of processing, a detailed report is issued containing the maximum of necessary materials and a list of main competitors with the keys that they use.
  11. Netpeak Checker is a convenient platform that allows simultaneous analysis of a large array of portals using various filters.
  12. SEO Power Suit – has a huge number of different settings and filters. They are needed both by developers and managers. It works with keys, texts, scans the link database and issues a verdict about the most likely competing companies.
  13. Site Auditor – conducts a full audit of the site, which allows you to determine the level of optimization and helps in planning future tasks.
  14. CS Yazzle – a paid resource that provides users with more than 20 tools required for analyzing positions in search engines, also provides an opportunity to study the indexed pages, quite accurately predicts the PR values, controls the level of attendance, displays server headers. For maximum performance, it is recommended to use high-quality proxies with a high download speed.
  15. Screaming Frog – conducts a full cycle of checking both the technical parameters and the level of SEO optimization.
  16. XML Sitemaps – able to automatically or manually generate maps for sites. Administrator just enter the address in the appropriate line and select the necessary filters.
  17. Robots-checker – checks robots.txt for inconsistencies and incorrect entries.
  18. PageWeight – edits the relink and calculates how much the page weighs for further optimization in the distribution.
  19. Mobile-friendly Test – check the optimization of user portals for display on mobile platforms.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Marketing tests and usability testing

  • Google content experiments – a classic service for the most common testing, intended for comparison.
  • Visual website optimizer, an analogue from third-party American developers, helps with tests directly on portals.
  • Optimizely is a simple program created for professional A / V testing.
  • Convert is a convenient system for MVT and A / B tests.
  • me – software that helps with A / V tests, has integration with Google services.
  • Unbounce – the site provides some tools and methods for constructing landing pages, but there are options for conducting A / V tests.
  • com – assistant for usability tests.
  • Usabilityhub is a set of minimal options for analyzing usability interfaces.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Data analytics

  1. Google Analytics is the most well-known analysis program used by specialists from all over the world.
  2. Yandex.Metrica – a program from domestic developers, created for analysts.
  3. Clicky is a complete analytics and resource exploration system.
  4. Piwik – classic analytics, browsing materials about the browser, location, properties of the used gadgets and customer behavior on the resources.
  5. Open Web Analytics is an assistant for getting information about all visits for a certain period of time, the statistics at the same time contain all the important information, including a GPS tag and customer software.
  6. Kissmetrics – analyzer customers who visit the required resource.
  7. MixPanel – realizes the ability to study the actions of each visitor of a given site.
  8. Reinvigorate – generation of full-fledged heat maps based on information received online.
  9. Woopra – creating convenient reports on the actions that visitors to the site.
  10. Decibel Insight – a toolkit for studying the actions of visitors to the site, as well as out of interaction with resources.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Browser Add-ons

  • RDS is a system for full analytics of platforms with a large number of functions.
  • SEOquake – a toolkit for viewing comprehensive information about open items in the browser.
  • Web Developer Toolbar – add-on for the most common browsers, allows you to evaluate the pages of the search robot, which gives additional features in the analysis.
  • Firebug Lite for Google Chrome – helps to study not only the code, but also the download time of each item.
  • Yandex Wordstat Helper – facilitates the search for queries in the Wordstat system.
  • Check My Links – checks all the links on the site and shows non-working.
Более 100 качественных инструментов для SEO-мастеров

Services for creating various graphics

  1. Fusion Tables is a standard Google program for drawing charts, graphs and site maps.
  2. Timeline is an application that allows you to create a chronicle of all changes using a small widget.
  3. Leaflet is a small JavaScript library that helps to create maps that can be viewed using smartphone browsers.
  4. Tagxedo – draws classic tag clouds, while users can choose different display options.
  5. Creately – helps in designing diagrams, users can use the built-in templates.
  6. Sisense is a system for compiling and displaying data taken from the necessary resources.
  7. Piktochart – a program for creating graphics, has a simple and intuitive design.
  8. is a free tool for drawing various infographics.
  9. Tableau Public is a powerful tool for analysts who often use charts.
  10. OmniGraffle – in addition to standard graph editing, helps to draw elements for mobile interfaces.
  11. PicMonkey is a photo editor that allows you to create collages, add symbols, graphics and other necessary elements.
  12. Phonto – creates images and schemes with the ability to add text, while you can only use the fonts offered by the developer.
  13. Google Charts is a handy program for creating graphs and charts using classic editing methods.
  14. Adobe InDesign is a powerful designer that allows users to create their own site layouts and books for use with readers and tablets.
  15. is a simple tool for drawing diagrams and graphs, there is the ability to add your own pictures.
  16. iCharts – visualization of information through the cloud technology.
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