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Marketing kit: 5 steps to creating the perfect design

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A special marketing catalog, where a unique offer of a commercial nature is placed. It allows you to stand out among competing parties due to a number of advantages. Important is not only the preliminary study of the text, but also the method of its design.

Many people are making their efforts to create the most business proposal and style of conveying information. As a result, almost no attention is paid to the rest. That is, a certain template is taken and the convolution of the design is already taking place. Of course, this approach is wrong.

Do not forget that the subject of the presentation is your case. Why from a huge list of clients should give preference to you? What are your differences from other applicants? Seeing the standard version, which does not differ originality, most people will not even study it. It will simply be quietly moved to the trash. In order to have the desire to find out the hidden details, you need a catchy, attracting picture.

First: Layout Design

A page model in the form of a black and white schematics is a prototype of your selling attribute and, at the same time, a technical task that the designer must perform. When compiling it, you set the direction of the marketing whale. Here there is a graphic, the necessary information, photographic images. Thus, the designer will immediately understand what exactly is required of him. If he is a professional, he will offer several valuable solutions that will significantly improve this layout. Act in your own way or follow the advice – it’s up to you.

Creating it is possible in a graphical editor. You do not have the appropriate skills? This is a good reason to understand the useful program. No time for this? Make all the sketches by hand. After you bring it in the desired form together with the designer.

Second: the definition of style direction

The process of developing an original, attractive style includes several separate points:

  • selection of color palette and font;
  • selection of substrates for text information and background image;
  • design graphics (pointers, frames, and so on).

No need to dwell on any one of the possible solutions, even if you spend a little more money and time on this work. In the future, this will be an excellent sales tool, which will allow you to quickly recoup all preliminary costs.

Marketing kit: 5 steps to creating the perfect design

Third: the selection and application of images

One of the main elements responsible for the success of the marketing whale are stylish, interesting illustrations of high quality. It is enough to use the services of a good photographer, and you will receive unique photos of your product lines.

Equally important for sales is visualization. If you talk about the company, you will need photos of its employees. The client will have more confidence if he personally sees with whom he will have to work. This is a huge plus in front of the so-called faceless competitors. Just looking at the photo in which he sees a discerning specialist, a potential client gets acquainted with him in absentia.

Image quality is not always the key to high sales. It should be in harmony with the graphics, and with the stylistic decision.

Fourth: Layout

A top-notch designer will seamlessly combine illustrations and a text block into a holistic, working tool. It is important here that the graphic elements do not interfere with the reading of the text. The best option when the picture complements the information presented, visualizing it. Placing the image just is not necessary.

Fifth: layout and preparation for printing

The final step in creating the project requires a competent, high-quality printing. In the case when its feature, the format of the catalog is not taken into account, we can see the cropped images.

What you need to do initially:

  • determine the orientation and size of the page – vertical or horizontal;
  • binding: it can be a book, staple, ring;
  • make appropriate indents in the binding area so that it does not spoil the photo and text;
  • CMYK for color forming.

It is impossible to forget about all listed nuances. If something goes wrong, corrections and re-printing will be required, and these are additional material costs.

Маркетинг-кит: 5 шагов к созданию идеального дизайна

The duration of the design project

The standard production of an ordinary catalog that does not correspond to its intended purpose will take a couple of days. Want to get high results? Then it will take a week or two at best. In order for the product to become an effective feeding tool, it is necessary to work out every single page, text and graphic element.

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