Link building: what is it and how does it work?

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Linkbuilding (from the English “building links”) is one of the ways to promote, optimization of which is accomplished through a set of external links. Although many people confuse this with acquiring links, this is not entirely true. You, probably, often came across such a term as link building: what everyone knows and how it works. Let’s deal with it together.

Value and purpose

Agree, the acquisition of the link – this is not construction. For example, to buy something ready much faster than you can do it yourself, but you should always remember about quality. By purchasing something, we can not be sure that it is 100% meet our expectations. But if we do it ourselves, selecting everything individually for ourselves, can we be unhappy with the result?

That’s the same with links. You can not be sure that, acquiring them, they will not be unnatural or spammed. Building link building that search engines love is not an easy task, but quite doable, if you follow proven methods. The main goal is to get the desired traffic and orders, thanks to external links from high-quality and reliable resources.

In fact, links can do a lot, but the main thing is:

  • impact on promotion;
  • work to attract potential customers;
  • Improved recognition.

It takes no small time and effort, but it is worth it. Professional link building gives great results of link promotion!

Effective approaches

There are several effective approaches with which we want to share:

  • Unique insights. Use any unique information and be sure that it will surely attract the attention of users. This may be your own experience, various interviews and research.
  • Useful articles and polls. Create materials that show the advantages of the product, explain the interaction and get a chance to get new links!
  • Video. Improve in everything! Try to shoot interesting videos and deliver information to users in this way, because the future is precisely this. Take instructional videos, informational or make reviews on your products or services. Users will appreciate this for sure.
  • Topics that are now in trend. Do not forget about the so-called “fashion”. People most often look for what is now at the peak of popularity, so give them what they want to find. Learn innovations, try them in practice and share it with the world!

And also safe methods:

  • Posting recommendation comments. It can be various forums, blogs, social networks and many other platforms for people to communicate. The main thing in this case is that comments are alive and do not look like spam. Start correspondence with people and on other topics, show that you are not a bot.
  • Add a resource to popular otzoviki. This will allow you to receive constant traffic, in addition, it will be easier for users to find you.
  • Adding a location to a map indicating the site. According to the results, this method is similar to that with otzovikami.
  • Adding backlinks to directories. Although this method is already old, it is still very effective.
  • Also, do not forget that quality content is important for success.
Link building: what is it and how does it work?

Sources of links

Linklinkers now use many different sources for manual placement. Reference promotion will be really effective if you use a certain strategy and the result does not take long. Better leave this case to real professionals!

  • Social networks. Great trust among search engines is caused by the placement on social networking pages, so this method is now in the TOP.
  • Blogs. Write interesting and unique articles to your blog and ask users to share them on their pages so you will never be at the end.
  • Forums. First of all, you need to find forums with topics suitable for you, and your target audience will be there. What exactly can be done on the forums:
  • leave comments with anchor / address;
  • leave a link in the caption to the comments;
  • create your own theme, where to mention the company.

Your goal should be to establish contact with the audience, not spam. At the same time, it is very important for everyone that comments look natural and look like live communication.

  • Informational messages. Write different informational messages with the necessary keys and post them with the mention of the company.
  • Interview. Find an interesting person who is a professional in your field and interview him, making him something unique. Ask original questions, don’t be trite and boring.
  • Company’s news. Create an RSS feed, i.e. a news feed, if you haven’t had one before. Post high-quality news so that users would like to log in more and more often.
  • Reviews of your site. Today, advertising with bloggers is very effective, so feel free to ask some of them to do a review.
  • Photo and video. It is always a good idea! Make high-quality content and be popular, because media files will always be on the top of the list. Take unusual photos, shoot a variety of videos and you will definitely be in the TOP.
  • YouTube channel. It is very good if you have your own channel where you will post your own reviews or interviews. In the headers you will be able to place key requests, and add the link you need in the video description.
  • Popular resources. Create accounts on popular online platforms in your city, reference books, bulletin boards, or even on job search sites. Post possible company vacancies.
  • Learning materials. Create educational materials to enable users to download and share them. Just do not forget to add the name of your resource or just the source in each material.
  • Polls Conducting a variety of surveys can significantly increase traffic and attract new customers.
  • Draws and various competitions. Find partners and conduct joint cool draws. People love gifts =)
  • Otzoviki. Find people who write interesting and unique reviews about the company so that users have a desire to visit your Internet site.
Link building: what is it and how does it work?

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Target audience at 100%
  • New potential customers
  • Brand loyalty increase
  • Opportunity to tell about yourself


  • Professional link building is time consuming.


Let’s summarize together. Thanks to the link promotion, you can increase traffic, attract new potential customers, find “your” audience, improve brand awareness, earn yourself great credibility, and so on, there are actually a lot of advantages. Linklink building is mainly focused on manual placement, so choose only true professionals for yourself. Take for work experienced specialists who probably know how to choose the right, successful and safe platform for promotion. Results will not keep you waiting, if you follow a well-thought-out strategy designed specifically for you. And yes, it will take a lot of time to think over, set up and run into work, but what results then!

Thank you for reading to the end, further more!

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