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We have previously provided a list of effective landing pages for finding new ideas. This article is written, so to speak, based on the previous one. All landings differ in original design solutions and data presentation features. To say that they are unique is difficult, because every day the developers release a lot of new options, where previous versions have already been used.

To characterize it, it is better to use the definition of “unfinished” Combining several ideas in one landing will allow you to give your work uniqueness among other competitors.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Text and visual tricks

Directly to the consumer

We are not talking about the standard phrase “Good afternoon, we are company X and have been providing services since the time of the King of Peas”. It is jaded to a disgrace and is not perceived even visually. But an enterprising young man from Solnechnogorsk of the Moscow region came up with an original offer and posted data for communication at the beginning of the landing page. Down with formulaic and incomprehensible phrases! The specialist talks to the visitor how he would do it in life.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Veiled product or service name in landing text

So decided to do the employees of the company “Meriton”, engaged in construction. A new residential area itself told about its advantages and features of the target audience. The original presentation of information will first interest the consumer, and then directly and the name of the company is remembered for a long time even after leaving the network.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

It is interesting to furnish almost any brand name, and if a specialist is a professional in his field, he will beat the abbreviation and abbreviation. That is why we strongly advise the team to choose a trusted person. In a job, skills and abilities are always converted into net income.

Include labels and links to something specific.

Landing – the face of products or services on the world wide web. The associative series, thanks to recognizable symbols, builds in the consumer’s subconscious a necessary effect – face recognition. The founder of the personal production center, Eva Katz, has chosen the trends of Soviet propaganda posters for her advertising campaign: a red background with white block letters.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Heartfelt submission of information on the verge of the norm

In offline life you are unlikely to meet lofty speeches or Turgenev turns. Words not accepted by norms and book speech, when used correctly, give a special unique charm. As you know, it is not prohibited, it is allowed, so this technique can be used in writing articles for landing pages. A vivid confirmation of this is the common name of a soft spot. The submission of information also in the context of generally accepted standards – deliberately hits the most sore point of the consumer.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Provide information in the form of a game

Almost all landing pages begin with a list of the main advantages. The tour operator Grand Tour has moved to a higher level – as before, all the trump cards in the offer on the first page are hidden, and offered users an exciting game, where, step by step, new information about this service or product emerges. Landing Grand Tour combines several very convenient tools that are able to capture the attention of the consumer. These include emerging texts, animated animation, audio elements.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Think over fonts

The landing pages of the American “apple” brand are created for endless aesthetic pleasure. In the landing presentation of the new version of the tablet from Apple, the developers turned to handwritten fonts, identifying their main advantages. Even those who have not done this before can read a small amount of information.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Create a creative “footer” page

Almost the entire landing of “Kotofabrika” is bright and non-standard, and going down a footer lower, you understand that this is even better. The guys decided to very thinly roll out the standard information part about the warranty obligations (but does anyone really try to read all these texts in small letters?) And gave a weighty suggestion.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Apply humor

It is proved that the attention of visitors to the web page first of all clings to the schedule, and after that comes the text. Therefore, the use of humorous pictures and other graphics will be crowned with success. The user will scroll through the first information page because of curiosity – see the pictures to the end. Combining ironic content with interesting content is a great idea. In a similar way the consultant bureau “Unsleeping Finance” decided to go. Their landing pages are made in the corporate design of mini-pictures with the plot.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Technical Tips

Animated images while moving the information presented

The developers of the presentation resource of the new generation X from Apple have applied the Canvas innovation, thanks to which it is possible to create drawings directly on the web pages. There are no ready-made plug-ins for it, so this miracle is presented through JavaScript.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Multimedia in the interactive window

Video files without automatic playback rarely fit harmoniously into the presentable appearance of the first pages. Because of this, the Landing developers for the Evernote service veiled the video in the pictures. Carry out a similar with the help of a variety of keys for the development of modal windows, which already place the video. These include LightBox, Easy Modal.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Landing Invoices

The electronic management of the calculation “Finolog” shows a practical payment system without unnecessary elements, developed, among other things, to service beginners. A similar concept is created by a variety of high-quality plug-ins for developing forms: Contact Form 7, JS Forms or using the online service JBCallme.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Animation when adding a landing page

Best of all, the preloader is the Piratecode landing page. Animation when adding is implemented through JavaScript or using the Preloader plugin.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

External product designer in landing

The famous guitar maker Halo invented the assembly of equipment as a motivating page for action. The client is given the opportunity to design the necessary musical instrument on his own without going further. This is done using a samopisny code. This is not to say that the work is simple, but the end result is pleasing.

Лендинг с “Вау” эффектом: 13 свежих идей

Summing up, we have:

  • Make up your mind to experiment. Landing is not a critical enterprise that can be fixed at any time. Test different options with A \ B-testing.
  • Look for ideas from competitors. Being inspired does not mean to engage in frank plagiarism. The basis of any concept is amenable to additions and improvements.
  • Perform familiarization with plugin options. Feel free to apply them to work.
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