Key trends in digital marketing in 2019

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We have already said goodbye to the 2018 year, which brought a lot of new products to Internet marketing, and successfully moved to the 2019th. Given the rapid development of software and technology, we can safely assume that in the coming year we are waiting for completely new and improved trends in digital marketing. If you have not yet decided how to properly advertise and promote your business in the vast world wide web, we give a hint: stereotypical and boring solutions will go away!

In 2019, we will have even more rapid development of digital marketing, which today is undergoing significant changes. There are four main areas that are rightly considered the most effective and promising:

  • personalized advertising;
  • search by image;
  • voice prompts;
  • work with chat bots.

It is unlikely that you have seen something radically unusual on this list, but it undoubtedly makes you wonder. Why are these trends we consider profitable and successful? In this article we will discuss what their importance and power are, and after reading, you will surely decide how to further develop your business online.

Personalized advertising

Ordering banners with the same type of ads, designed for a wide audience, is no longer relevant. Given the oversaturation of the market with competitive offers, customers do not expect standard phrases and general formulations, but individual offers exclusively for their needs. They do not want to buy “all at once”: they need to offer something really necessary, and advertise so that all the benefits are clear at a glance.

Personalized advertising, made after a thorough analysis of the needs and requirements of a narrow target audience, is tens of times more successful than standardized posters. Knowing the problem of the client, it is easier to sell him her solution. Thanks to the development of digital technology to collect information about the target audience is completely easy. It is enough to spend two or three days studying the needs of future customers in order to “shoot” a stunning promotional offer.

Personalization is doomed to success due to several parameters. First, it is very convincing, and “hits the patient,” creating a sense of the primacy of his needs in a potential client. Regular customers become more loyal, and new ones begin to trust you. Secondly, personalized advertising reduces to a minimum the time that the buyer spends searching for a suitable offer. Due to this, the conversion is constantly increasing. Finally, thirdly, its high degree of relevance can not fail to please.

Of course, preparing individual offers is more difficult than nashtampovat standard advertising products without segmentation of the target audience. To facilitate the task, professional marketers and targetologists use single-page landing pages, each of which is designed for a specific category of customers. Be sure – time and financial costs of their creation pays for itself with interest.

Key trends in digital marketing in 2019

Image based searches

Laziness is the engine of progress, and the invention of search by pictures serves as confirmation of this. Today, users do not need to figure out how to correctly formulate a query in a search engine to get the desired result. You can simply upload a photo of the search object, and all the necessary information will appear in full view. Since most of the information on the Internet is presented in a visual way, such an innovation is impossible not to appreciate. A useful trend first appeared in social networks, helped by the improvement of smartphones. Looking for information from the phones is not very convenient, so the progress was not long in coming.

The first to declare themselves were giants Pinterest and Google. These organizations have provided modern, easy to manage and most advanced platforms. And if Google Lens was originally conceived as a means to search for specific locations on the map, then Interest is purposefully designed to search for products by image. Today, both services help ordinary users not to fool with the selection, but quickly find the right thing by uploading her photo in a couple of seconds. Technologies are regularly improved, so we can safely assume that many more platforms will be adapted to search queries.

In order for the client to see your site on the very first page of issue, it is necessary to optimize its advertising for a visual search. Make it absolutely easy: you only need to focus on the image when making advertisements. Try to sell not the product itself, but the “way of life”, as experienced marketers like to say. So the probability of the correct search will increase significantly.

Search by voice query

In addition to searching by pictures, voice search is also rapidly gaining incredible popularity. The origins of a brilliant idea can be found in the first voice assistants like Siri and Alice, as well as in multi-modal systems of “smart houses”, controlled by voice. Today, to say “okay, Google” instead of banging on the keys, is preferred by most active users of the World Wide Web.

Key trends in digital marketing in 2019

Researchers are in a hurry to rejoice that other developments in the field of voice search are not far off. The intensive increase in the number of audio queries is already noticeable today, and this is clearly not the limit. And this is natural, because to say a few words is much more convenient than typing a message on a smartphone, especially if we are talking about people with an active lifestyle, often driving.

Businessmen who have already understood the value of voice messages are happy to use them as a link to potential and actual customers. A vivid example is the network of successful pizzerias that introduced the possibility of ordering food through a smart-column. Users like this kind of interaction, so it’s time to think about adapting it to fit your business needs. Think about how exactly you can optimize your advertising, and what is needed for this?

We will give you a couple of general tips. First, in no case should not mix spoken language with the letter. The way you write messages to clients and the way you communicate with them is “two big differences,” as stated in the well-known movie film. It is not enough just to change the concept of placing an order after clicking on a banner. It is important that the voice assistant entering the contact with the customer gave the information vividly and interestingly, and the phrases installed in it could really interest the consumer. Customers like it: they think they are paying special attention, personalize them and provide an individual approach, which, as we said above, is the main tool for successful sales. Transform the “dry” text of an ad into a conversational style, and you will see the real result.

Of course, professionals should be engaged in snippet optimization, as the key words and the presentation form here are significantly different from the text. Of course, not every SEO specialist today is ready to provide such a service, because new methods of work have not yet managed to conquer the market to the end. But there are some advantages in it: you will spend more time searching, but you will definitely get off to an enthusiastic professional who will be interested in joint success. The main thing – do not try to save money in this matter.

It should also be noted that the “smart” speakers are accustomed to voice only the very first voice query. Of course, for this reason, the struggle for the 1st position in the TOP of the issuance of the voice is incredibly high. It is possible that paid advertising will appear in this area very soon. And although you don’t really want to part with the money, you should understand that such advertising options are doomed to success. They will be targeted and personalized in detail, which will bring a definite plus to relevance and conversion.

The coming of the era of chat bots

Favorite plot of fantastic blockbusters, dedicated to the conquest of the planet by robots, has its real background. The development of artificial intelligence is striking in its speed. What is not a day, then new proposals from experts, whether it be mobile assistants or car navigators. Well, the revolution of robotic mechanisms is in full swing, but, fortunately, there is no reason to think about their rebellion. We use convenient chat bots, which successfully replace “live” consultants and deliver all the necessary information to potential clients.

Artificial intelligence – an indispensable tool in the vast World Wide Web. He has already penetrated closely into multiple business processes, and helps automate dozens of boring and homogeneous actions. Technologies have reached such a level that visitors to Internet pages cannot always understand, they communicate with an artificial bot or there is a real person on that side of the screen. Of course, this can not but rejoice, because the installation of even one chat bot on the site reduces the cost of payment for the services of working personnel dozens of times.

The first chat bots appeared relatively recently – only 2 years ago, and today they are so firmly rooted in the expanses of the World Wide Web that we stop focusing on them. They give out not dry, learned phrases, but emotional messages; can understand customer needs and even joke. We are ready to argue that you must have communicated with the chat bot, which you may not even suspect now.

What impact did their appearance have on digital marketing? No matter what is the most direct, chatbots are already an integral attribute of neural networks. They are an effective tool for promoting absolutely any goods and services, starting with language teaching and ending with sales of household appliances. Gradually, they reach a new level – from a simple response to the very real “cold” sales. They recognize the problems of potential customers and can find the best solution for them by selling their product with arguments. It would seem that you just threw a glance at a bright landing page, and the chat bot already understood your interest and presents specific products even better than real sellers could do.

Of course, only very wealthy and well-promoted resources can afford to keep such realistic bot-managers now. In most cases, artificial intelligence still plays the role of technical support resources. The ability to work around the clock 24/7 without breaks and weekends makes them indispensable helpers for online business. They can answer common questions, and in 99% of cases they pay back the costs themselves. Profitability, practicality and perspectivity – the main criteria for chatbots, which certainly is the future of digital marketing.

Already, professional experts predict the widespread introduction of chatbots. It is believed that next year no less than 1–4 of online communication with customers will be carried out by smart programs. Therefore, it is worth thinking about mastering such a useful and popular tool.

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