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After the publication of the material, the service conducts an analysis and, on its basis, offers readers who are interested in this topic. Zen takes information about the user’s needs from the browser history. In addition, he recommends the reader to note which media he was interested in.

How Zen works

Yandex.Zen introduced a new place for advertising publications

The Yandex Zen team has provided an innovation for posting and has put forward two conditions. All ads will be shown only:

  • at the end of articles of reliable authors;
  • if the article is relevant to the user (a preliminary assessment will be carried out on the relevance of the article).

There are already results for the new ad placement in one day, where the average percentage of readers is 25%, those who read it increase by 250%, and the number of clicks to the site increased by 200%. In the middle of autumn 2019, Yandex expects to create a new advertising location.

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