International Friends Day

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    June 9 is celebrated worldwide as Friends Day. And even if the date is still unofficial, in many countries their traditions of celebrating such a spiritual event have already taken shape.

    Международный день друзей

    Each of us had, has, or is just having strong friendships, which means that an incredible number of people were involved in the holiday. Accept from us the best wishes, and catch ideas for a pleasant Friends Day:

    1. Of course, a friendly meeting. If this is not possible, use video calling.
    2. Read a book about friendship (Three Musketeers by Dumas, Three Comrades by Remarque) or watch a movie (Girls, 1 + 1).
    3. Arrange a photo shoot with friends, or repeat the first joint photo (this is especially a fun idea if you are friends with a kindergarten or school).
    4. Write a joint letter to the future, better – comic. Set the date when you open it.
    5. Plant a tree – a symbol of your friendship, and arrange to periodically gather near it.

    Do you plan to celebrate Friends Day?

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    International Friends Day

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