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The main goal of a modern website within the business is to bring the visitor to the necessary action (checkout, order consultation). It will be possible to realize this only if the resource is maximally accessible to the target audience, while being on the first page of search results in large search engines. However, getting into the TOP is not as easy as it seems at first glance: the section is not so big, but there are a lot of people who want it. The only possible way to overcome difficulties on the way to the first lines in search engines is complex promotion. Perhaps it is only after a full internal SEO audit of the website is conducted.

A difficult task involves a deep check, during which specialists identify problems that impede adequate ranking in search engines.

Who needs an internal audit?

The offered service is in demand among various categories of specialists, one way or another connected with the operation of a commercial website – an online store, a corporate blog, a promotional website, a news resource. At the same time, the procedure for the established set of standards is carried out regardless of whether the site exists for only a few weeks or has been active for years. Examination is relevant for the following categories:

  • site owners – if necessary, to understand the reasons for the low popularity, and, accordingly, the insufficient level of sales;
  • webmasters – to obtain up-to-date information on the technical component for finding solutions for improvement;
  • SEO-specialists – when searching for new ideas for listing in TOPs without the risk of falling under filters;
  • programmers – in order to verify the correctness of the implemented approaches and the appropriate level of security;
  • designers – when introducing new ideas that affect the appearance and usability.

The analysis can be carried out both within the framework of a complex of work to improve or promote an Internet resource, and in a number of critical situations:

  • in a short period, positions in Google and Yandex for popular queries fell significantly;
  • customers complain about the difficulties in using the site – non-working forms, reduced download speed, other malfunctions.
Internal SEO Audit

What is included in the service?

You need to understand that competent technical SEO audit is a laborious task, which involves the study of almost all sections of a web resource. Errors that adversely affect optimization can be hidden in the most unpredictable places, so finding them can take time. Along with this, it must be remembered that timely verification is the key to normal performance and the paramount task in the promotion.

Content Analysis

Today, for productive advertising, it is not enough to form a core and prepare a set of unique texts that will differ in information content and filling in key queries. Search engines are constantly being upgraded, which is why compliance with the requirements established a couple of months ago today will not give the desired result. The content audit process includes the development of the following indicators:

  • Uniqueness – posted materials must be original. Search engines pay considerable attention to this factor, therefore supervision is always necessary.
  • Spamming – correctly selected semantics and keywords distributed across texts can significantly affect the overall picture of a web resource in SEO promotion. However, a glut of keys is guaranteed to play a negative role. Here the main task of the SEO masters conducting the research is to detect problematic materials.
  • Headings and subheadings – an ideal record should include correctly formulated objects, which include keywords. Moreover, their organic premises are valued, otherwise robots may incorrectly index everything. The presence of H1, H2, and H3 tags is also required.
  • Formatting – one of the most important rules for the formation of text materials is the usefulness of the information provided. However, the presence of information should not be limited. For this reason, it will be uncomfortable to read solid texts that are not separated by subheadings, lists, images, and other formatting elements.
  • Meta tags – usually in the results are displayed in advance prepared Title and Description. These elements are also advised to correctly format, not forgetting to include keywords and provide useful information that allows you to make sure in advance that you can find really significant information through the link.
  • Images – thematic photos always complement the texts. The main thing is the correct selection and design. In addition, website owners are required to consider the features of uniqueness and legal regulation. If the images are illegally copied and placed on web pages, then search engines are guaranteed to detect this fact and apply sanctions. In accordance with this, it is important to use paid photo banks or use legally valid free photo stocks. Also, do not forget about filling out the <alt> tag with the inclusion of thematic keys.

Resource structure

Once again, it is worth recalling that the information provided to customers should be useful and correctly formalized. This circumstance is important for SEO-promotion, non-compliance with established standards threatens with serious consequences.

  • Structure – one of the decisive factors in determining the level of usability is the ability to quickly navigate between important web pages. This is especially serious for online stores and blogs, where any reader should quickly switch between key sections.
  • Relink – for Internet resources that have web pages of the third or more levels of nesting, everything necessary for the transition to the key sections should be implemented. This moment has a significant effect on traffic growth. For odnopranichnikov such an approach does not make much sense.
Internal SEO Audit

Technical component

  • robots.txt – the index file does not directly affect SEO promotion, however, encoding bugs, the inclusion of not all required pages or the complete absence of a document will introduce a number of difficulties.
  • Site map – if there is a multi-level structure, incorrect indexing by the latest versions of algorithms from Google and Yandex is possible. Problems with “sitemap.xml” can adversely affect the processing of the entire site by systems, hiding from the eyes of visitors the results on really useful pages.
  • Code validity – incorrect layout, flaws in html-codes, lack of full compliance with W3C threaten the prospect of the full disclosure of the potential of the web resource. In addition, the mistakes made by developers negatively affect usability and are likely to worsen security.
  • Optimization for mobile devices – the largest search engines over the past few years have insisted on the introduction of adaptive design for everyone who wants to be in the TOP of SERPs. Google in the near future will begin to completely ignore sites that do not have a mobile version. When performing an audit, the masters check not only the general quality of the adapted elements, but also the speed of their loading.
  • 404 is a familiar to many trouble arising from a series of malfunctions. Most often we are talking about the following:
  • he moved or deleted section has not been deleted from the index of the search bot; accordingly, all people who are in the search follow links from the search results, encountering 404;
  • when linking from text and other materials, links to deleted / moved resources were not deleted;
  • typos are present in “sitemap.xml”.

Other errors are possible (401, 403, 500), which with a high probability will force the visitor to return to the search engine search list and open the competitors website.

  • Duplicates are copies of existing web pages that may arise due to the nature of the CMS used. If they undergo indexing, then search engines have difficulty in defining the original, which should be displayed in the search results. This, in turn, can lead to the fact that a well-designed page disappears from the TOP, and instead, guests see an empty template or even run into 404. The presence of duplicates not only introduces difficulties for potential customers, but also complicates the process of SEO promotion. The best solution is to find them in time during the SEO audit, thereby saving time and money.


The wrong logic of constructing categories and subcategories, repulsive design and lack of adaptation for different devices always bring negative. If it will be difficult for real consumers to search for the necessary elements, wait a long time for downloads, then the likelihood that they will remain on the website is reduced. The verification process includes an overview of the following aspects:

  • structure and ease of navigation;
  • Correct display of all necessary elements both on the desktop and mobile versions;
  • performance assessment of connected forms, pop-ups and other tools that expand functionality;
  • study of factors that have a negative effect on conversion.
Internal SEO Audit

Stages of cooperation

t is now possible to organize interaction without unnecessary difficulties. First of all, the customer provides access to a web resource for conducting an express test. It is carried out relatively quickly and allows you to identify problem areas, which in the future will require more serious study. Also, the stage of rapid testing allows you to determine the total cost of work and timing. Among the actions implemented at this step:

  • obtaining a general idea of the effectiveness of the project in question;
  • identification of significant violations that impede the performance of ranking in the normal mode;
  • search for areas that most seriously affect the deterioration of positions.

Further, an agreement is formed between the consumer and company representatives, in which all the features of the procedure are noted. After agreeing on all aspects, specialists proceed to the implementation of the required analyzes, taking into account all the standards operating in the network.

The result of the work

The results of the internal SEO audit are formed in the form of a voluminous text document, access to which is opened after completion of all processes and settlement of financial issues. The documentation is equipped with detailed explanations for all identified problems, as well as proposals for resolving them. This approach allows you to quickly eliminate most of the shortcomings immediately, without connecting specialized wizards or suspending the website.

Studying the reporting documentation will help the customer assess the current level of development of the most important elements for promotion, as well as form an action plan for further improvement. Following the recommendations proposed by analysts will allow you to gain competitive advantages in the shortest possible time, facilitating the withdrawal of a web resource to the TOPs at the regional or state level. It is worth noting that the timely implementation of internal SEO audit makes it possible to significantly save on future optimization. Collaboration with professionals in this case ceases to be another expense item, turning into a profitable investment for the development of the project.

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