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Instructing on the launch of advertising on Facebook

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Successful people are “sitting” on Facebook. We arrived at this conclusion by conducting statistics. Businessmen, managers, politicians communicate on this resource. If you compare the monthly income or wages of users from other sites, you can see a significant difference. Learn the basic rules of advertising on Facebook.

Instructing on the launch of advertising on Facebook

Where to begin? Primary requirements

First, we divide the types of advertising into two categories.

  • The one that is displayed in the tape.
  • Placing in a popular column on the right side.

It is worth saying that the site has created main rooms for advertising:

  • Personal manager;
  • More suitable for business – Business Manager.

Why the second office is more suitable for work and promotion of goods and services, try to understand this article.


  • Advertising in the now popular Instagram resource goes through the same requirements and parameters.
  • The tool provides more opportunities for the promotion and operation of the company.
  • It is convenient to use.

Of course, all these words for a person who has never created an advertisement is an empty sound, so we will start with the first steps of dating.

First step

A newbie who hasn’t given an ad is better tested. What does it mean?

  1. Set a deadline, say a month and designate a goal.

For example: get a certain number of applications 10-20 or attract several hundred subscribers.

  1. We determine the critical price of the application.

Many advertising companies do not provide such data, referring to testing, but we would recommend to do wrong. It is better to immediately determine a certain amount. Suppose you put a limit of 2,000 rubles on an application, and you plan to get ten in a month. In this case, determined with a budget of 20 000 rubles.

For us, this approach is considered the best, because you need to set a goal and try to achieve it. See how much a bid is with competitors and try to lower this price. If, on the first test weeks, the result is higher than the expected figure, it should be tested in a different format. In what, let’s talk a little later, now let’s deal with advertising.

Instructing on the launch of advertising on Facebook
  1. Without target audience anywhere.

Before you begin, you need to determine your customers.

The site has such targeting features:

  • Groups and users by interests: sports, business, travel, etc.
  • Demographic opportunities. The person’s lifestyle, education, field of activity and other factors are determined.
  • Take into account information about the devices that are used and interests. For example, customers who love to travel and are soon going to a new tour or a couple celebrating an anniversary in the future.
  1. Competition

There are three types of competitors: direct, indirect, claim the same budget as yours. We need to take a closer look at their actions and pay attention to their behavior.

Take note of what to do:

  1. Analyze what promotions are offered by your opponents.
  2. What images post.
  3. What appeals and their advantages are used to attract.
  4. Where their ads lead, for example, to the main page, to the promotions themselves, or perhaps to something else.
  5. Try to create multiple ad copy for your ad.

Before creating the text you need to decide what to invest in it:

  • Information must be relevant and offered to its target audience, otherwise the money will fly away, and advertising will not work.
  • Decide on such questions as: “How are we better than competitors?”, “Why do we need to use our services?”, Etc.
  • Call for action. Prompt notes should be clear and understandable for a potential client.

If you write text for a picture or image, it should be short. clear and informative. The main thing is that it should attract the attention of Central Asia.

Below we present an approximate picture for advertising with text placement.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

Facebook’s most advanced display algorithm. Ads from one group are optimized so that more funds will be spent on the most successful ad, so it’s best to prepare three at once to decide on the most promising one.

The site rather successfully optimizes the costs of advertising clients, so it scrolls through the most successful ad for the lowest cost. If the advertisement is interesting – it will be shown in the tape and in other profitable groups, but for the bad it will have to pay out decent money to give it a start.

What should be the ad

This resource allows advertising public pages, not groups, because the latter are created exclusively for communication.

It is important to draw on grammatical and punctuation errors in the ad. Re-read your text carefully before publishing.

Remember – the text can occupy only 20% of the image area.

Learn the rules of the site for advertising and follow them strictly to avoid any problems in the future. They can be found on the page with the appropriate name.

Learning to use Business Manager

The first step is registration. It is as simple as the others. You need to click the button “create an account”, enter the name of the company and your e-mail and that’s it – you will be taken to your created page.

How to work in the settings

Initially, we go to the “Company Settings” section, and then we go through all the points step by step.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

We add our current page to Facebook, and still allow you to make a request to work from another page.

The second step is to choose an advertising account and request access for cooperation with another account, or create a completely new one. Here you choose a convenient payment method.

Choose immediately analytics, advertiser and administrator. Subordinates will receive an invitation by mail and must respond to it, confirming consent.

It is necessary to appoint a mandatory administrator, because in the future you may need his help in managing or you suddenly lose access to the page.

Instagram accounts – pay attention to this section. It is convenient to run ads simultaneously on two resources. In addition, it is not necessary to have a page on Instagram to get the opportunity to advertise your services or products there.

Important is the process of installing the pixel. Why is he? Retargeting code helps fix the number of users who visited your site. These numbers will help you to optimize and create an audience.

And so, click on “Create pixel”.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

Then click on “Create”.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

To install a pixel on the site, you need to go to the menu and in the section with the appropriate name.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

With the settings you can handle yourself manually or contact the developer for help, sending him instructions. All installation information can be found in our other articles.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

How to run an ad?

First of all, we are looking for a section called Ads Manager in the menu.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

Then we mark all the relevant sections, columns, categories

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

Convenient menu. It is all available shown and told. Initially, you need to create a “GOAL”. What does it mean? Everything is simple, if you want traffic – click the appropriate box, subscribers are needed, then we tick the corresponding boxes. You will not be confused. because all the information is described in detail what function is created for what.

For one company, you can specify no more than one goal. To show how this works, we take traffic as an example.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

The first thing we do is give the company name and click “Continue”. Then we give the name of the group and determine the traffic path.

Creating an audience is an important process. There are two ways here. If you already have an audience, you can safely use it, and if not, we turn to Facebook for help. It helps to create three types of CA.

  1. Detailed targeting is created from the obtained geographic and demographic data, as well as about interests, knowledge, and other information. For this you need to put a tick in the selected points, which we showed below in the figure.
  2. The audience is individualized. What does it mean? You show ads only to customers who already know about you and work with you.

After that, you need to specify certain data about your audience.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

Thanks to clever Facebook, he will select for you clients with similar interests. To do this, just put a tick in the right sections.

Инструктаж по запуску рекламы в Facebook

Look at the empty fields. They need to fill. The upper “Source” requires data to create a similar audience, here you need a pixel or an individualized audience. In the second column we indicate the country. The third line is determined by your personal desires.

  1. Pleim. There is an automatic setting and a window for editing. We would recommend using the second option to exclude the Audience Network. Why? This network gives a lot of conversion clicks, albeit cheap, but unproductive.
  2. Budget. Choose the number yourself. It may indicate an everyday budget or a fixed term. In the second option, you can make a schedule for the ad. Here you can use the test to find out how active the target audience is, and if such data are available, simply set the schedule.

Everything else can not be specified, because the site perfectly copes with the optimization and advertising shows quite inexpensive.

  1. Specify the name of your ad and specify the page on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. We are determined with the format. Remember, in one ad it turns out to show several videos or images.

Below we indicate all the permitted types:

  • video recording;;
  • canvas is a special development for gadgets;
  • slides;
  • ring gallery;
  • ads with pictures.

Explanation! The ring gallery is a service that allows you to show in one clip no picture or video, but several at once.

  1. It’s time to upload a picture. The most suitable parameters for the image are 1200 × 628 pixels. In addition, prepare your image and do not use annoying offers from the Internet. They have long become familiar and obscurantist users.
  2. Do not forget to specify the URL of the site. Also use the link labeled UTM.
  3. Getting down to the text and title. Decide on a beautiful title, then the content. You can even write text calling for active steps.
  4. The penultimate item for the manufacture of advertising will be a preview of the material in several formats. Evaluate your work and consider errors, if any.

If everything suits you, then click on the confirmation of placement. From this point on, advertising will appear on Facebook and will work in the specified parameters. You can just wait for the increase in traffic, increase subscribers and sales.

As you can see there is nothing difficult in creation. With proper testing and guided by the tips of professionals, even a beginner can create quite successful advertisements for his business project.

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