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How to write an article if you have not done this before? Our algorithms and tips that in a few hours will help you create a masterpiece

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The hands of many copywriters are growing from the wrong place. Even if you provide them with a detailed TZ, written down to the smallest detail, there are risks to get a terrible text that does not meet your expectations at all. Instead of writing a useful and interesting text, the hack only pours water that does not make sense or does not write at all about what was needed. Therefore, sometimes it is easier to do everything yourself.

If you have not been engaged in writing before, except for essays at school, and the necessary article does not work, catch our algorithms, tips and explanations, thanks to which everything will become clear. Here are just examples from personal experience, without unnecessary scientific research, evidence, etc. It will also be very useful for the novice blogger, as the content on your site should be accessible, interesting and understandable. And you definitely want it to be so.

Как написать статью

Algorithm for writing a good article

Here you have created your file and it seems you have already tuned in to creative accomplishments. But instead of giving out one ingenious thought after another, sit in a stupor in front of a blank sheet and have no idea how to proceed with the article. Where to begin? How to file? And it is not surprising, because it was not necessary to begin with this. First, to write an article you need to prepare. And this is how it can be done.


The main and most important rule: work on the material begins even before you start writing it. First you need to solve such problems and give answers to such questions: why and for what purpose you are writing this text, what result and in what ways are you going to do it. Solving these issues will help get rid of excess water and focus the text only on its target audience.

So, after that you will understand how much it is worth using professional vocabulary and in what style it is better to submit a text. After that, it will be easier to outline the structure of the text.

How to make an analysis of a future article: a good example

For example, we need to write a text for a brokerage company.

The audience for whom the article is written: employees of the company and its potential customers who understand this topic at a basic level.

The purpose, for what: to inform about the latest news in this area and how they can be used in the company’s activities.

Bottom line: to show that the company uses advanced technology, and its employees deserve the confidence due to their professionalism.

How to achieve the goal: to bring arguments and arguments, professional studies, use simple terms, and more complex to interpret in a separate callout.

And now a detailed overview of each item.

The most important thing is to identify the target audience, that is, the people for whom this article is being written. In our case, these are employees of the company and its potential buyers. For employees, information will be of interest only if it is new and brings benefits or new knowledge concerning their work. Clients, however, are unlikely to go deep into the meaning of the article, but simply familiarize themselves with it and come to the conclusion that you are well versed in issues and trends of the company. So, you can trust you and your employees.

The next step is to determine the value of your material for users. What tips, lifehacks, benefit they can get from your text? Can you convince them of the professionalism of your company?

Further mark the goal of the company, which it can achieve thanks to a written article. This may be recognition, increasing the number of customers, etc. Not only readers should benefit from the article, but you yourself.

The last point helps to achieve all of the above by choosing the right tools. After we understand who our target audience is and what we need to prove to it, we will find ways to achieve this. Our way is: to show the company’s expertise to employees, and to assure clients of the professionalism of our employees. To achieve the first goal, we find relevant and yet unknown information regarding the work of the company. And to achieve the second goal, we provide this information in a clear form, because you need to take into account the different levels of literacy of your potential customers.

Difficult and incomprehensible points in the article must necessarily be deciphered and explained. Remember that it is understandable for a connoisseur, it can be very difficult for a person who does not know. But do not give up entirely on the terms, but simply explain their meaning. For example: “… increased volatility – the difference between the maximum and minimum asset prices. It moved within 7%. ”

These items are suitable for any topic and direction. Write about cosmetics – aim at the female audience of the age for which this product is intended. Review your products using videos, pictures or screenshots. Mention your other products, but without obtrusiveness. Do not use abstruse phrase, avoid foreign vocabulary. Refuse the tediousness of the article, make it more cheeky and fun. But here, do not go too far so that the article does not work out like a clown performance.

Как написать статью

Important advice: put all your thoughts on paper. It’s impossible to keep everything in your head, let it slip away. Ideally, if you write points in a notebook in beautiful handwriting. This increases the likelihood of memorization. When writing by hand, information is memorized faster and easier than when you do it on gadgets. For example, if a student is to take away the phone on a pair, to which he was constantly distracted, the student will be able to memorize a lecture for at least several hours after its completion.


So, to whom and about what we are scribbling the article, have already figured out. Now you need to analyze how to record and submit the written correctly. For convenience and better perception of the text, it is necessary to structure it into paragraphs and mental blocks. This will help avoid chaos, both in your head and in the user’s thoughts. Well, in the text, divided into paragraphs, it is easier to navigate and find the necessary information.

There are no specific rules for creating a text structure. Write by logic, intuition, and the way you would like to read this article. If there is an opportunity and the theme allows, go from the general to the particular. How to do this, let’s look at the example of a plan for publishing about neural networks.

Article structure

  • Prologue. Introduction to the topic of the article.
  • Neural networks – what is it?
  • The essence of the neural networks.
  • Types of neural networks and their application.
  • Their use in the future.
  • The main conclusions.

Everything goes according to the logic: we start with general information, and with the subsequent components we more and more delve into the subject matter. Each semantic section has its own title. Do not combine them into one if there is no need. As, for example, in the example above: the types and methods of operation of neural networks can be told in separate blocks. And the types and methods of application are inextricably linked, so we combined them into one unit.

In the instruction material, enter everything clearly in order. Try to make each item independent and independent, so that the reader can return to any of them without being confused and lost in the submitted material.

In the article-compilation, everything is simple: each block is as independent there, which means you can arrange them as you like.

Start writing

Having dealt with the structure, you can start writing. Do this as it turns out, but remember a few important things:

  • In one paragraph, only one thought and idea. Do not immediately push the entire article into one small poor paragraph. So it will become completely incomprehensible and will not bear any benefit at all to the reader.
  • Connect thoughts with each other. The end of the last thought is the beginning of the next one. For example: “users have the most popular type of automatic gearbox torque converter. The torque converter works according to the principle … “
  • Do not linger on the text for a long time. If you cannot immediately write as well as you would like, go on. Do not linger over one sentence to bring it to the ideal. Correct it after writing all the material.

So you wrote the text, but for now it is still raw. To finish an article, you need to thoroughly work it out and bring it to the finished state.


At this stage, all errors, repetitions, inaccuracies, unnecessary details are removed. Here it is also important to analyze all the points:

  • Errors. You can check it yourself or trust special online services. One of them is “Orthogram”, but you have to pay for it. The service will be a free and excellent alternative.
  • Unnecessary. Sometimes we write phrases that do not seem to carry any meaning in the text, but also complicate its perception. To do this, during proofreading, we try to shorten the text without affecting its meaning. For example, the phrase “the application makes settings in the system” can be abbreviated to “the application configures the system”. You may have heard of the Glavred service used by experienced copywriters, but for a newbie he will be a real torture. Just remember that it is better – clearer, clearer and clearer than a lot of water and vague wording.
  • Structure. The text is divided into paragraphs, semantic blocks, if necessary – add additional subtitles, inserts, but do not knock everything together and a single paragraph.
  • Missed information. Editing allows not only to remove extra information from the text, but also to add the missing. So, you can always supplement your thoughts with interesting examples or new arguments that came to your mind during the reading of the material.
Как написать статью

Text complete!

Finally, your material is suitable for placement on the site. All that remains is to supplement it with illustrations, graphs, tables or video materials of your choice.

Little about optimization

And what to do if you want to create a SEO-shny text? How to fit it to all these requirements of nausea, water and uniqueness? How not to go crazy while fitting all these search queries into the text? This question is asking those who need to increase traffic and increase site traffic. So, all. Our answer will be simple: you do everything the same, only with these nuances in mind. Yes, it will take more time, but the result will be great.

It is worth optimizing any article. After all, the only way you can increase traffic and customer flow. If you do not know where to start, write articles based on search queries. So you will definitely not get lost with what is now in the trend and what people are interested in.

Как написать статью

The main components of a successful article

  • Do not forget about your readers. Remember that you are writing not for yourself, but for your target audience. Do not complicate the text, write simply. Focus on the interests of readers. Do not create memoirs of your life. If you want to share your personal experience, do it unobtrusively. Instead of writing an article on the theme “our adventures with Andryukha: 15 beer bars per night”, create a general material about “Beer bars of the city P. Fascinating stories.” Here you can enter stories from your personal life, only in a veiled form.
  • Do not forget to give examples. It’s not interesting for anyone to read about dry concepts and abstract expressions. To liven up the text and make it readable, supplement it with examples from life. Abstract concepts explain and tell how it is used in real life: “a XX Watt heater is able to heat a room of 20 m2 in size.”
  • Be original. Do not repeat the chips of others, and create your own. If it seems to you that our recommendations drive you into frames, then you are mistaken. These rules leave plenty of room for imagination and creativity. Just do not go too far, first make sure of the amount of useful information, and then dilute it with your own interesting chips.

Let’s sum up

As it turned out, writing a good article is not so difficult. We dealt with all the nuances and gave many examples. The main thing is to think over the structure of the material in advance, do the optimization and check it carefully at the end. Analyze your target audience, ask why and why you are writing an article. Think over its structure, break into meaningful blocks and create your masterpiece. By following all the rules, you will receive an interesting, useful, readable article that will also bring you traffic and many new customers.

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