How to shorten the b2b sales cycle using marketing tools?

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What does every normal seller want? Latitude coverage? Colorful booklets? Large-scale promotions? Kamon, he is eager to sell. More and faster.

That’s the last we today and decided to talk.

Speaking in literary and economic language, the reduction of the CPU is a desired dream of any Sales Manager. And we have great news – it can be done with the help of simple marketing manipulations.


We should start with the fact that we analyze the sale process in order to understand what stages it consists of. It is considered that the CPU is the time during which the object will pass through all the funnel steps from the first call to the moment when the funds have fallen into your account.

It can be visualized as follows:

How to shorten the b2b sales cycle using marketing tools?

The scheme consists of time intervals of a specific purpose. For example, you talked to a man and asked him to meet. See managed after three days, and so and so.

If we manage to organize it so that all steps will be more active, respectively, the whole cycle will also be shortened (why it’s common to call a straight line cyclical history is silent =))

Let me before you go to the practical advice of our lesson, browse a little on the topic. We believe that the main problems of many models is the unreality of their practical application. They are too intricate. Of course, when it was in the head of one of the authors of some “marketing for dummies,” it all worked out great. Rain outside the window, a warm blanket, tea with brandy and a new strategy is ready – it remains to record, and then preach to marketers of the whole world. Idyll.

But only the real life and work environment are slightly different from the textbook. Nothing goes perfectly, everyone rushes, runs, implements the tasks that had to be closed the day before yesterday, solve in three seconds and are tested by military actions of competitors.

How to shorten the b2b sales cycle using marketing tools?

Alas, the book postulates in such “hacks” turn out to be just a beautiful fairy tale, which will leave a name in the annals of science, but will in no way help the practitioner to solve his urgent problem in a short time. Therefore, in order to make this information applicable in practice, we will eliminate the model and simplify complex structures.

If you ask knowledgeable people: “which stages of implementation are the most important?”, The answer will be “before the meeting and“ after it ”. Here we will stop at them.

The first priority is to get as much direct contact with the decision maker (the decision makers, in our case about the purchase), and as soon as possible. And then – question number two, “how do you squeeze them?”. Exactly these nuances can be managed and improved.


 – The decision maker does not respond to “cold” calls

What is the harsh and difficult reality of any sales person? In the phrase, “Rudolf Rudolfovich is now left / at a meeting / very busy, please send your assistant to your email (dictate some mailbox that no one ever reads.” Today it is very difficult to reach the telephone. We offer: To find alternative communication possibilities. For example , we recommend live direct mail (send package by courier). Explain:

Your unreachable future buyer receives dozens of calls a day, about the same e-mails come to him in the mail “Hello, we want to offer you …” And how many letters with a courier will he receive? Yes, no more than 1-2 per week! Here it is, the gap through which you can get. If you arm yourself with unusual sources, the chances will increase three times the minimum! – “Goal” does not see the point of meeting you, even if there is interest in the product.

You have to understand that for any manager, this is time, which means money. Your watch “I will tell you about us and our products now” does not look like an effective investment. No wonder that you can refuse.

How to insist?

Crush the segments even smaller. Better so than nothing. Instead of “let’s meet, we have a good offer”, show your successful experience a case that you already have.

How to shorten the b2b sales cycle using marketing tools?

– Your offer is not unique

Indistinguishable from each other KP on the market as garbage. Most likely you are not the only ones who have already tried.


Differentiate from the gray mass using marketing. Create or simply invent a value that will set you apart from the competition. Choose a completely different approach that will be fresh (the same paper letters to change calls, creative presentation and other accents that do not change the essence, but at the same time you look a priori different).

How to shorten the b2b sales cycle using marketing tools?


– You are not able to calculate ROI (coefficient indicating the level of profitability when considering investments made). Any normal businessman wants to understand how much money, when he will be able to return it and what benefits it will receive. But the majority of managers on the question of how the project ROI fall into a catatonic stupor.


Calculate cost-effectiveness, benefit of the product. For example, if you offer a service that can affect staff productivity, then payback is easy to calculate by specifying salary information and voila on the recruiting sites: “You will reduce the salary fund by so much, the department’s task will be faster by so much.”

– “Something I Can’t Believe”

One of the main pitfalls of b2b relationships is a veiled distrust of the company, product, or in person to the seller. The head simply does not believe you, but he is uncomfortable to admit that, so the refusal will be somewhat trivial, such as “the price does not fit, the delivery conditions are not right, the deadlines do not suit …”


Trust must be created initially. In the middle of the funnel – too late. Cut the expert from the start, use real case studies, real clients and an understanding of the process. And in general, one should start even earlier: participate in conferences, publish in serious publications, earn a name. And less water when communicating!

– The client did not understand

If the purity, sometimes we bend in a different direction from the previous paragraph. Trying to appear erudite and cool, we begin to behave as if we wrote a doctorate in nuclear particle physics yesterday. The fact is that a person who sits in front of you will not necessarily understand the question, but only theoretically. And it often happens that he takes this place not according to the principle of “the most excellent student”, but to say: “speak in a simpler way, I don’t drive something” does not allow him the position. As a result, you will not see a deal!

How to file yourself:

You can be a little clever, but at the same time enclose advertising visualization for the “sheep”, so that for sure. Ask leading questions, do not talk in the “one gate”. The opponent should feel smart, so better try to increase his CSF, as this is a killer weapon of the subconscious.

How to shorten the b2b sales cycle using marketing tools?

And then what? Think, analyze and immediately understand which of these mistakes is YOUR. And work on its elimination or workaround. If you dig deeper, you can change the whole strategy of business to business, so there is something to think about.

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