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In the article we will tell you what targeting is and how to set up targeted advertising on popular social networks VK, Facebook and Instagram. This is done using the tools in the advertising options:

  • Geography (audience location)
  • Demographics (age)
  • Interests (what the audience is fond of, whether the advertised product is interested in it)
  • Relations (whether a person is in a relationship. If so, then he will be interested in gifts for Valentine’s Day, etc.)
  • Education (where a person studies or studied. Depending on this, he will be interested in stationery and books, rental services for apartments, coffee houses near the institute, etc.)

Now there is so much noise around targeting, but still not everyone understands how much more effective your advertising can become if you use this tool. Why spend money and pay impressions for those who do not need your product? Isn’t it better to direct all advertising efforts directly to the Target Audience, that is, those who are interested in the product and can afford to buy it? It is with this task that target-marketing helps to cope.

Before starting any advertising company, you should correctly determine your target audience. This is done both experimentally and theoretically. You should have a detailed portrait of a potential client on hand (if you don’t know where to start, contact our specialists and we will help).

It is important to determine such parameters as age, marital status, interests, geography of residence, interests and hobbies, level of education, etc. The more, the better. This will help to make any advertising more effective, increase the level of conversion and most likely reduce the cost of each lead.

How to set up targeted ads

For example, you are currently spending N amount daily on a digital promo without using qualifying indicators. This means that part of this money simply flies into the pipe. What will give you an 18-year-old show of cream advertising for deep wrinkles or an advertisement for your boutique of original luxury branded things to an ordinary student with a pale Adidass?

Therefore, urgently, read on about how to set up targeted advertising correctly and start getting the right return on money invested in it.

But, depending on where your audience “hangs out” more (VKontakte, Facebook or Instagram), the specifics of targeting will also depend.

Therefore, let’s take a step-by-step look at each of the platforms, the options available there and the settings.

To create an advertisement in VK, select the “Advertising” option under the main side menu. For this, a standard ad with content (text, picture, carousel, button) is suitable.

How to set up targeted ads

Next we use the clarifying points:

  • Geography. If the portrait of your target audience (which you already have in your hands) has a geographical reference, then this is the most important option. For example, you have a hairdresser in Pskov – Choose an audience from this city, district, metro station, etc.
How to set up targeted ads
  • Demography.If you have a product for a certain gender or age – this option is very important. Little trick: use the date of birth for the “Birthday Present” promotion.
How to set up targeted ads
  • Education and work.Perhaps you are interested in graduates of a school or university in order to offer them services for organizing a graduation holiday? You can also choose the appropriate positions if you offer B2B services or highly specialized equipment (for example, professional tools for car mechanics).
How to set up targeted ads
  • Interests.Everything is clear here: mothers, music lovers, anime lovers. Everyone has a hobby, and you have a product that they are definitely interested in. If a woman likes to knit and embroider, and you sell goods for needlework – this is a direct hit. This feature also gives us the ability to add or remove communities. Setting Target by community is very effective in finding target audience. Just look for groups similar to yours and do newsletters for their members.
How to set up targeted ads

Pros and cons of VK target

A clear advantage of the promo in this social network is such an extensive number of parameters and easy targeting. The more accurate the search, the higher the conversion. And it’s also very convenient that a company can be launched in a couple of hours: you replenish your account, give an ad for moderation and that’s it.

There are obvious disadvantages of this type of promotion. The cost of one click is overpriced (20-30 rubles). b2b and expensive types of business will cost more, and selling small things is cheaper. If we do a comparative analysis of effectiveness, then the audience growth in the group may turn out to be 2-4 times more expensive than other methods! 

  1. Facebook

Before posting anything to the FB, read the moderation rules, because they have everything strictly with it.

You can run RK on this platform through:

  • quick creation mode directly from the profile (takes 5 minutes, but doesn’t provide the accuracy we need, so we do not recommend it)
How to set up targeted ads
  • Ads Manager – a tool that helps set up targeting and is available to beginners.
How to set up targeted ads
  • Power Editor is an advanced section for professionals that is able to manage large-scale advertising campaigns.
How to set up targeted ads

We are targeting according to the principle as in VK, but already using the FB options. The meaning is similar

  • Interests
  • Demographic interests
  • Behavior
  • Other categories
How to set up targeted ads
  • Next, go to COMMUNICATIONS. Use them to add or remove search segments. For example, show your ad only to those who like your page, etc.
How to set up targeted ads
  • Placement. Facebook can advertise not only on its own, but also on Instagram, as well as on sites and resources of partners.
How to set up targeted ads
  • Location. Here you can even send out advertisements to those who are now near your restaurant. So, for example, likes to do KFS.
How to set up targeted ads
  • CA age, gender and language
How to set up targeted ads

The FB also gives us the opportunity to create our own unique audience at will, using more advanced settings.

  1. Instagram

We advise you not to waste time creating inefficient advertising through the application, but immediately open Facebook and go to Ads Manager. To do this, you must have an existing business account.

How to set up targeted ads
1. The first thing to do is link the FB and Insta profile using the Business Manager Overview.
How to set up targeted ads
2. We select the section “Create an advertisement” on Facebook
How to set up targeted ads
3. We designate the goal. For a successful promotion in Insta, the most important thing is to set traffic, engagement and reach.
How to set up targeted ads
4. We create advertising and designate CA:
How to set up targeted ads
  • User geography
  • Age
  • Floor
  • Tongue
  • Place of advertising (mobile, PC, everywhere)

5. We choose investments and duration. Here without experience it will be difficult. We suggest that you select a budget in a step of 5-10 percent and monitor the coverage. The main thing is that the costs do not exceed coverage.

6. We make an announcement by choosing the appropriate visual format (video, image, carousel, slide show)

7. We write an advertising text with a call and add a link to go. IMPORTANT: FB strictly ensures that the text does not exceed the volume of 20%, otherwise the coverage will drop to 30 percent of the declared. In the graph of URLs indicate the end point

8. We place an order

How to set up targeted ads

We tried to explain to you the importance of correctly targeting and we hope that now your ad will hit the mark. But, I want to say that such knowledge will not be enough to conduct a serious company and get appropriate returns from it. We have cases that prove that with the help of a creative approach, timely targeting tools and correctly defined target audience, you can increase the effectiveness of money invested in advertising 3-4 times. Interesting? Write to us!

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