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The performance of your advertising campaign is directly dependent on how well AdWords works. Neither remarketing, nor an increase in quality indicators, nor the addition of negative keywords will increase efficiency, unless competent tuning is performed.

For example, you are a professional athlete participating in a marathon race. But you are unlikely to succeed without wearing a shoe. You may be able to run fairly quickly, not paying attention to pain and inconvenience, but this will affect your endurance, and it is unlikely that you will finish first.

In the article below, we will look in detail at how to set up AdWords to maximize efficiency.

Search and CCM – only separately. Focus on one thing.

Probably the most valuable advice would be not to connect the CCM and the PS at the same time in one AdWords advertising campaign.

Despite the existence of a campaign like the “Search Network and Optimized Display Network”, we recommend distinguishing between them.

Of course, according to statistics, mixed options have a very positive effect. But in this case, it is appropriate to compare them with campaigns of the AdWords Express automatic advertising service. In the event that you have a large amount of money that you are willing to spend on an advertising campaign, or you are not an expert in working with this service, the result will most likely please you. However, to ensure long-term effectiveness, it is better to develop an individual program for the media.

By connecting the CCM and the PS, you lose the opportunity to view the trends on the CTR and display the ads due to the missing filtering function. Moreover, it will be impossible to create an ad in the text format for the media network. This will be extremely negative for your advertising campaign, as the CCM is based on push marketing, which helps to find new customers, and is completely different from the PS pull marketing, which uses a completely different ad format.

Also, it should be borne in mind that the design of the media campaign is significantly different, and the number of negative words in the CCM is limited to only fifty, which requires prioritization.

Do not ignore the network of search partners, always turn it on when creating a new campaign.

Not so long ago, a tendency to turn off the network of other search engines in advertising campaign tools began. This feature is imposed by some experts who recommend focusing exclusively on Google search engine and its results.

They consider network partnership less effective, with which we strongly disagree.

Our advice is not to save on the network of search partners, if funds permit and your budget is not particularly affected by this. After a couple of months, you will be able to analyze according to KPI data and decide which is more effective.

Note: with a limited budget and an extensive multinational target audience, shutting down the network of search engines is allowed, but if it is not particularly difficult to allocate an additional 10-15% from the budget to enable this function, the benefit will not take long to wait.

When targeting, focus on the languages specific to your target audience.

It happens that the population of the region in which the product will move, speaks a language other than yours. Do not forget to take into account this point in the process of setting up.

The language is probably the most problematic attribute in the AdWords service. Focusing on the installed appearance settings in the Chrome browser or Google account of the user performing the search, it will be easier for the system to select a potential audience. Do not confuse them with the language in which queries are made in the search. This nuance only applies to the browser settings.

For example, there is a risk of losing a large part of potential customers if you do not specify Spanish along with English when setting up an advertising campaign for Florida residents. For any region of the United States it is recommended to use at least two languages.

You lose 15-22% of traffic, not including French in the settings of an advertising campaign in Canada, since according to statistics, 22% of the population speak French.

Как эффективно настроить AdWords: рекомендации экспертов

Inside the region where the campaign is carried out, it is better to use targeting for specific areas

Targeting in a given radius of the area specified by the client company was used as standard. Theoretically, such actions are quite logical: you attract attention only to the audience that is close to your company and can become a potential client.

However, practice has shown that this type is not the most productive.

The emergence of Enhanced Campaigns, gave people a chance to regulate geolocation settings, taking into account the results of a particular locality or index. To get these results, you need to set up an advertising mechanism that allows you to determine the target audience, not within a limited radius, but within the entire region or state.

For example, if we are talking about the United States, then it is necessary to set up not only for the entire country, but also for each individual state. So it will be possible to track statistics on each of them separately, and also be able to track a popular competitor for each individual territory. If you cannot cope with it, you should exclude this city from targeting, thereby increasing its efficiency in other more productive areas.

Manual bid adjustment, conversion cost optimization

Как эффективно настроить AdWords: рекомендации экспертов

For the regulation of the cost of the bet, it is important to consider several main settings:

  • manual adjustment;
  • conversion cost optimizer;
  • distribution that is done automatically.

In your campaign, you need to take advantage of one of these elements, based on your knowledge, the scale of promotion, industry, and performance, which is at the moment.

Как эффективно настроить AdWords: рекомендации экспертов

Let’s talk about them in more detail.

Determination of cost per click

This method is actively used in bid management. You can get complete control over the situation, because you manually set how much each transition will cost and can change the indicator depending on the performance.


This method has obvious disadvantages.

  1. You have a large account. This makes betting control almost impossible and subject to extremely experienced X-ray managers.
  2. You have no experience with AdWords. Setting up a manual control is not difficult for an advanced user; for less experienced users it is recommended to use automated settings.

CPA Optimizer

This strategy is suitable for those who want to manage bids, but at the same time focuses on tips and help from Google, as it will automatically reconfigure your bids in the event that there is a high possibility of performing a useful action on the site. This can play into your hands if you are not an experienced specialist in the RRS.


It is likely that there will be random bids from Google, which will not be justified in the end. There have been failures in the system.

Automatic bidding.

In this aspect, 5 different strategies are presented.

  1. Maximum number of transitions. Based on the budget specified by the advertiser, it is possible to receive the maximum allowable number of clicks.
  2. Maximum conversions. Allows an increase in quantitative conversion rates within a limited budget.
  3. Estimated Advantage of Advertising Investment (Target ROAS). It is possible to set the level of profitability, which will increase the value of each individual conversion.
  4. Target cost per conversion (Target CPA). AdWords automatically sets bids so that you can get the most out of your conversions.
  5. Target wish on the search page. AdWords changes the value of your bids, causing your company’s ads to appear on top search engine listings.

Getting a lot of conversions and productive conversion is a great start for newbies. However, if you set a sufficiently aggressive goal, Google sets too low rates and the click-through rate decreases, making it unprofitable to invest in advertising.

Using maximum conversions, you can get the most out of the allocated budget. Beginner advertisers often set limits on waste budget, so you will have an advantage.

It would be advisable to also indicate the lowest and highest value of the bid in Target ROAS Target CPA, so that Google understands what limits you should not go when setting a limit.

Как эффективно настроить AdWords: рекомендации экспертов

Should I separate mobile-only campaigns?

Consider the fact that various devices require their adjustments in the configuration. This means that you can make different campaigns for users of different gadgets, such as tablet PCs, phones, laptops and others.

It is important not to overdo it with the complexity of the structure of your account, as this increases the amount of work with the tools to configure in the future.

We recommend starting with targeting that supports any kind of device. This will allow you to track which particular campaign fulfills the necessary requirements, after which you can customize the targeting to each individual device.

How to analyze the data?

The difference between the results of the fruitfulness of advertising on a variety of gadgets should be noticeable. Small differences can be changed using corrections.

Advertising operation should bring at least 20% of revenue and conversion.

Increase the frequency of your ads

You can adjust the frequency of impressions so that Google will display your ad with any search request that matches your product, or at intervals.

There are two possible options for delivering ads:

  1. Uniform. This option is applied by default and implies budget allocation. That is, if the limit is reached very early on a certain day, then in the following days, Google will produce fewer impressions with longer breaks.
  2. Accelerated. Google responds to each similar request with a demonstration of your ad until the budget allocated for the day is completely consumed.

Theoretically, the first method should be quite productive. After all, if you do not advertise a cafe selling exclusively breakfast, advertising only in the morning hours is unlikely to bear fruit.

However, the uniform demonstration is similar to the actions of a doctor who heals the symptoms. If the budget is spent before the end of the day, then pay per click is too high.

Consequently, instead of the standard version, it is worth thinking about how to optimize the process of displaying ads so that it happens continuously, which means with each request in a search engine.

The following are approximate calculations:

Как эффективно настроить AdWords: рекомендации экспертов

This table clearly demonstrates how the budget reduces the number of hits per day.

So, to get more clicks, you should reduce the CPC and reduce the position of the ad on the page. Of course, if you consider the situation from the position of branding, it is more profitable to stick to the top 3 positions, but it does not make sense if there are no constant transitions in your advertising, which determines the conversion.

We have tested this principle in many industries and the results have amazed. Reducing the CPC made it possible to triple the number of transitions.

The only exception is the situation when you are moving in a niche with a small frequency of requests. It would be more appropriate to use exactly the same way of showing and positioning in the top 3 in order to get clicks.

Schedule your ads to meet your goals.

Schedule is an essential factor for increasing ROI. Lead generation does not make any sense during non-working hours of the call center.

If you have statistics, which show an increase in the activity of queries on your subject at certain hours and high conversion, increase the rates for such a period of days.

Although the schedule for displaying advertisements is a rather simple thing, many people find it quite complex.

If you do not quite understand how a potential customer behaves, there is a risk of creating an overly aggressive campaign. For example, many are looking for information during the working day, but they postpone the purchase itself for the evening off time.

Without taking into account this fact, you can mistakenly ignore the standard working hours in the schedule and thereby reduce the opportunity to make a profit in the evening.

Как эффективно настроить AdWords: рекомендации экспертов

How to set up ad rotation

The difficulty of setting up a rotation is simple; you need to be able to analyze on the basis of all metrics, not just one.

Recently, the main topic for discussion by experts has become the need to select the most effective ad manually. Based on our experience, the decisive becomes the speed of switching software Google from one version of the ad to another.

If the system does not recognize the difference of one ad from another, then it begins to demonstrate one of them more often, which distorts the statistics.

Therefore, we recommend using the option “Alternate without time limit” in the settings.

The reasons for this is not known to us. We assume that it lies in some mathematical calculations that contradict our experience.

Would you like to choose optimization after 90 days, in case you forget to check the split test?

It’s better to abandon the “Optimize after 3 months” button, because if you run several ads at the same time, the results may coincide. Even in the event that the ads are completely different in meaning, GUGL will begin to change them after 90 days. Just remember about the split test.

Proper setup depends on your campaign goals.

Our recommendations are not the key to the success of your campaign. Here it is important not so much the implementation of recommendations, as the understanding of the system of interaction of various settings with each other.

Our recommendations are based on the experience of the best AdWords campaigns in practice. They are relevant in most cases and bring excellent results. But do not forget about matching your goals and objectives exclusively in your situation. This will help prevent possible problems.

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