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How to order SEO services if you are afraid to be cheated? TOP 10 tips for not stepping on a rake

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If you decide to grow your business through digital, you probably know that it is not so simple. Ordering a website is clearly not enough. It is necessary that your resource or online store is found on request. From here, any entrepreneurial business owner sooner or later has a need for SEO. And this means – the search for a reliable contractor who will live up to expectations, and will not take money for a zero result.

Not all that glitters is gold

In fact, to make the right choice of company for the promotion and other services of digital marketing is not so simple. Especially if you already had a negative experience. Empty promises, juggling with facts, operating with dubious tools and playing on the customer’s misunderstanding of the matter – this is a short list of how you can continue to pay SEOShniks for a year and not get results. Perhaps you will even think that it is so if you do not read the article to the end.

We already told how to check an existing SEO contractor, and today we give tips on how not to run into a “dummy” while searching.

How to order SEO services if you are afraid to be cheated? TOP 10 tips for not stepping on a rake

Looking right

How do they usually start looking for a promotion contractor? Of course, with ratings. By understandable logic, TOP-10 opens, they are reset the request and wait. What’s the catch? Not always a high position in the ranking means that they are cool pros. Ratings usually count the number of projects. The fact that they have a bunch of orders does not mean that in the end people are happy. And if they are satisfied, it is not a fact that they were so beautifully presented with information that they believe in it even with zero result.

You can also organize a fight for you at specialized tender sites. He described the conditions and sit and wait for a cool specialist for 3 kopecks. An obvious plus of the method is maximum energy conservation.

Small tenders are a feeder for beginners who successfully disguise themselves as an entire agency or young IT specialists whose fuse disappears at the stage of receiving payment. So, if you want cheaper, then do not expect a miracle. SEO is expensive and time consuming. Are you ready to fill in bruises with a young specialist and spend a lot of time on selection, but invest in a tight budget? Then u r welcome.

Ingenious is simple. Where else to look for a seoshnik, if not in search results. Those who want to promote others should have exemplary statistics in the TOP. If not, then it’s like going to a toothless dentist or acne beautician. Search for SEO Promotion.

When considering a contractor’s site, pay attention not only to the rating, but also to its usability, content and design. Cool specialists do not do “one-day on their knees.” They understand that this is their face commodity.

So, for issuance, we select up to 5 firms, send applications, and in the meantime we analyze.

We look carefully

Well, the main points are clear: if the web has grown on the main page, then what is it about? By the way, log in immediately from your mobile device. If the web page is not adapted for the smartphone – this is a failure.

Let’s take a closer look at the little things that some do not attach importance to at all:

  • In contacts 1 mobile number. Well, at least there should be more messengers, and ideally, a serious company should have its own landline phone number.
  • No office address. So – he is not (like ours), they work online. There are pluses to this (many specialists from different countries, work 24/7), but there is also a minus. You run the risk of running into the community of freelancers, who are today called so, tomorrow are different. They do not care about reputation, which means that they are not responsible.
  • The design is out of date. Behavioral metrics are one of the most important indicators for ranking. If they didn’t do this, then what about the quality of services?
  • Cheap. Oh, we are ready to talk for hours about our beloved “IN TOP for 2 weeks”, “promotion for $ 100 per month”, etc. There are two scenarios. In the first case, the result will be zero, in the second case, a bunch of additional services will pop up, whose accounts will be 3 times larger.
  • Registration. Obvious serious intentions = formalization of a legal entity. You can ask the manager about the availability of this, look for information on the site, check using lists of official portals.
  • Team. What does a good digital agency need? Cool specialists in optimization, layout, web programming and design, content experts and analysts. And not the directors for finance, marketing, development, IT and other people who are useless without a team of specialists.
How to order SEO services if you are afraid to be cheated? TOP 10 tips for not stepping on a rake

We study cases and reviews

The first thing to know is that no good company will remove a negative review. Real experts in their field will turn it into their own plus (they will do the work on errors, carry out indicative feedback, etc.). So a long-standing agency should have them. A dissatisfied customer is quite normal if it is up to 10% of the total comments.

If the contractor is ready to provide their successful cases – excellent. You have the opportunity to evaluate the effect of already completed work on a living example.

Evaluate UTP

A marketing agency without a unique selling proposition is at least strange. This is the same way to distinguish yourself from competitors, to emphasize the uniqueness of services, etc. How then will they promote you if they are not capable of themselves?

Chat with the manager

In general, communication with the manager is a capacious and problematic topic, on which you can add a couple more volumes of War and Peace. Firstly, it annoys many people if it is not the specialist who communicates with them, but the “transmission link”. When the manager does not understand what he is selling, he is not ready to answer basic questions without involving specialists in the field and does not delve into the specifics of the business – this is an epic file and double neurosis:

  • The customer suffers.
  • The performer rips his hair out.

Brief for the customer

Many react negatively to a large volume of questions. And here we are sure – it is much better than if they are not. Even in order to prepare a proposal for you, the contractor will have a number of fair questions. And if you have a narrow and complex direction, then for the “grinding” communication will be dense the first three months for sure. Questions are a sign of a submersible contractor and an individual approach.

We believe that in such cases it is more convenient to work with online briefs. Most often they will meet the following questions:

  • Has the site been promoted before? Why are you changing the contractor?
  • What sources of attraction are used additionally?
  • Do you have your own IT specialists on staff?
  • Will there be access to the admin panel to make changes?
  • What are the top priorities for SEO you see?
  • Do you need targeting? Is there a CA analysis?
  • What monthly budget will be allocated? Etc.

Will we be realistic?

Very often they tell us: “But your competitors promised the result for a month with such a budget” or “But Pupkin Incorporated offers half the price.” In such cases, I would like to ask: “Do you believe in leprechauns with golden pots, and do you ride on pink unicorns in the clouds of cotton candy at night?” But we are monotonously explaining for the hundredth time that there is either productive promotion that is expensive and gives real results, or … but there is no one but deception. It is unscrupulous to promise that you cannot influence in a month.


A quality quotation should arrive within 2-3 days. There is no difference in what format it will come. But in its content – is. Good KP contains:

  • Pain of the client (a brief analysis of the shortcomings of the site).
  • Keys for which promotion is planned.
  • The works that are provided.
  • Links to reviews, case studies.

Everything is obvious here: an analysis (even a brief one) will let you know that the contractor is confused and will help to avoid “pop-up” costs in the future. The fact is that without detailed analytics, promotion plans can be thrown into the trash, as this is just a theory. They can tell you how cool everything will be, and then, for example, it turns out that the website is under the filter for wrapping up behavioral factors.

f you open the CP, in there “Not bad, but you can do better” or “Nightmare, horror, urgent need to redo it”, then feel free to close it, since nobody descended further from H1.

How to order SEO services if you are afraid to be cheated? TOP 10 tips for not stepping on a rake

Hidden costs

So, you like KP, and especially – the cost. Wait rejoice ahead of time. A huge number of people are stepping on this rake! Scrupulously study the agreement for extremely expensive, but often emerging in the process services:

  • Copywriter work: how many characters per month or for the whole period?
  • Programmer’s work: how many hours?
  • External links and other ranking factors: included in the price?

These three points can increase the value of the contract at least three times! Very often people come to us and complain that they were promised the golden mountains, but in fact, it turned out that these mountains had to be paid to the contractor.


For appetizer, we left the most controversial checklist item. In the classical sense of the word, there simply cannot be guarantees in such an agreement. The fact is that in the agreement between the customer and the agency there is an invisible third party – search engines. We are obliged to do everything so that they perceive the web platform in a friendly manner, but there are no axioms like 2 + 2 = 4 there. And hackers often use this.

The task of SEOshnik is to make Google and Yandex “love” the customer’s website, but in fact you can only guarantee the performance of certain works. This is the only honest guarantee. You should also protect yourself in the agreement if, due to the fault of the SEO contractors, they filter you.


So, to point 10, in your hands you will have only one or two sentences. If you get confused, you can contact their customers by looking for them in cases or on the site. Well, or choose a style of communication and cooperation, more comfortable for you. Well, or toss a coin! Do not forget that in order to find gold, you have to wash the mountains of ore. With a good contractor just as well. Follow our list and it will facilitate your work and relieve headaches.

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