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How to order SEO services and guaranteed to get results? TOP 10 Tips

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Perhaps nowhere else will you meet so many deceived expectations, mutual misunderstandings and insults, myths and disappointments, as in the field of SEO promotion (dating sites do not count).

Our experience shows that this often happens due to a customer not understanding certain nuances. On the one hand, why should the client understand this, if he already pays specialists. But in. On the other hand, it is impossible to get the expected result without a correctly posed task. Without delving into it, it is impossible to correctly formulate your expectations, choose a good artist and be sure that you will not be deceived. This applies not only to SEO, but to any sphere in life.

10 tips for those who want to order a promotion

This is amazing, but only 10% of customers imagine what will happen after the conclusion of the agreement and what result they will get in the end. But everyone is waiting for common denominators: sales growth, typhoon traffic, first place ranking.

  1. Understand what to expect from SEO, and what is not worth it?

There are such “Schumacher” who want only the first place, one hundred percent guarantee, and preferably “by the evening of tomorrow.” Once again, if the contractor guarantees you some place, then he is either Larry Page (co-founder of Google), or run away from this ingenious marketing agency. Three are always involved in the promotion: the client, the contractor and the search engine. And if you do everything that depends on specialists for a long time, then the top place is quite realistic, but the professional will not guarantee it.

How to order SEO services and guaranteed to get results? TOP 10 Tips

And further:

There is no point in:

  • Going to the top according to one-word names, “repair”, “sofa”, “notary”. Such requests are a lot of time and money. They are not accurate, since it is not entirely clear what exactly a person is looking for. As a result, you do not get the target audience, because you are repairing cars, and those who need repair of an apartment, laptop, washing machine, etc. will also come to you. And if users go to the resource and immediately leave it – this is a terrible blow to the ranking.
  • Try to exit with high-frequency queries (usually 10,000 times a month), or with nulls that no one enters. And in that and in that case, the chances of getting traffic tend to zero.
  • Get the effect on all selected queries. This is utopia. The same Yandex has a multi-armed bandit system that gives results randomly. So 100% result will not work.
  1. Do not expect SEO:

  • It is fast and cheap.
  • Allows you to simply pay the link mass and not upgrade the site.
  • Replaces other fronts of lead-marketing.
  • It guarantees the demand for your product or service.
  1. It makes sense to resort to promotion if:

  • It is necessary to increase targeted traffic. By the way, here you need to put all the points over I. If we get to the top for a specific request that has 1200 impressions, this does not mean that these 1200 will be targeted. For the first place in the issue, divide the figure by 2 (it turns out 600), for the second, take 45 percent, and for 10 – no more than 2%. This is an approximate estimate, since a lot depends on the sphere, demand and competition. Usually, we need the first three months to double the flow of users.
  • It is necessary to improve the quality of traffic. Only he will increase the percentage of conversion and give the entrepreneur the desired result – sales.
  1. Understand the essence of the work of SEO

There are few (good) market specialists. The main catch is that many of them do not want to constantly learn, and this is the key to success. And also – an integrated approach. Drive to the neck, if instead of analytics and an individual promotion strategy, you are offered a standard purchase of link mass, wrapping and placing footcloths of texts with a bunch of keys. So not for long and get under Google filters and Yandex.

We offer you a simple schedule where, in percentage terms, everything that the smart SeoShnik should do is painted.

How to order SEO services and guaranteed to get results? TOP 10 Tips
  1. Learn how to measure performance using metrics.

It is impossible to accept work without understanding how to evaluate the result. You can listen for months that everything is OK and not get a visible effect. Anyone who orders a promotion should know what indicators make it clear that the business is moving. To do this, be sure to ask a specialist to connect the following services to the website: Yandex.metric and / or Google analytics and provide you access before starting work. Our interested in the following indicators in DYNAMICS:

  • Traffic growth
  • Viewing depth
  • Number of failures
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Average time spent per page

We already wrote in our blog about how to “read” these indicators, even if you are not a pro. Do not be too lazy to give it 20 minutes of time – this will be one of the best investments.

  1. Do not expect fast results

Really. They will appear only after working on the website itself (10 days, or even 20). After that, search robots should detect and take into account the changes.

From 4 to 6 months, depending on the individual characteristics of the business and the condition of the web page, this is your guideline.

How to order SEO services and guaranteed to get results? TOP 10 Tips
  1. Right choose Agency

n detail about how not to run into an unscrupulous contractor, we already told you. Once again, we emphasize:

  • Do not fall for the promise of quick results and super cheap prices
  • Check cases and reviews
  • Read the manual carefully and analyze
  • Avoid those who promise a 100% result.
  • If you are not asked questions about the specifics of the business, it’s bad
  • Check frames: you should be interested in programmers, copywriters, designers and SEO
  1. Do not forget that and success depends on you!

Of course, everyone wants to pay and give everything to the care of another company. But, some things really slow down or, conversely, speed up and improve the process:

  1. Keep in touch. Without you, they will not make important decisions, especially regarding design, budget and content. Therefore, try to respond promptly to the manager, otherwise the process will be delayed.
  2. Do not torment the guys with excessive bureaucracy. Order is good, you need it, but you’ll be tested on every little thing, reporting every three days, etc. — it only slows down the work.
  3. Respect the work. It happens that the team worked all night, and in the morning we open the site, and there is nothing there! It turns out that the client went to look in the admin panel, changed something in parallel and reloaded our work.
  4. Right, let’s get the TK. If you want to actively participate in the work and you have personal wishes for content, design, etc. – Be able to clearly convey them to the performers. At this stage, very often there are discrepancies between how correctly the contractor sees and how the customer sees. Frequent edits are extra time and your costs. We know for sure that competent TK will help to avoid this to the maximum.
  5. Be responsible for filling out the briefs. Do not like it when they pull 10 times a day with your questions? Save time and nerves to both parties and describe in detail the nuances of your business in the questionnaire, if provided by the agency.
  6. If a manager communicates on your behalf, empower him. The fewer “transmitters”, the better – this is obvious. But if you don’t have the opportunity to pay attention to this, give the contact person the opportunity to make at least minor decisions.
  1. Think about brand book

If you want not to worry that the changes will affect the brand image, choose the wrong color, make the wrong design, write the wrong font and the wrong words – make a brand book or order it from specialists. Once done, you will simplify work in all directions (not only in relation to a promotion order): online advertising campaigns, printing, design, copywriting, layout, etc.

How to order SEO services and guaranteed to get results? TOP 10 Tips
  1. Ask

Here are the minimum questions you need to ask contractors:

  • What specific work will be done with the resource?
  • Will there be changes in the content (rewrite texts) and design?
  • What should we provide access to?
  • What is the strategy?
  • The list of external and internal works that will be carried out?
  • Are there Web Resources that they have already promoted to the top?
  • What reports and how often will you receive?
  • What exactly is included in the budget? Do I have to pay extra for copywriting? Design?

Instead of the results: We hope we persuaded you to at least open the veil of the mysterious SEO optimization for yourself? On our blog you will find many articles written in a simple and accessible language that will help you bring an unscrupulous company to the open water and order promotion with the highest possible return. If you still have questions, we will be happy to answer them.

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