How to optimize a website for SEO in 2018

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    Surely you have already read a lot about the formation of sites, SEO, improved conversions. Optimization is the procedure for improving the website for more practical use, which also helps to increase search engine traffic and promote entrepreneurship.

    Over the past few years, the optimization has completely changed for the better, improving usability and page loading speed. Everyone already knows Google’s open statement that, to ensure the site’s ergonomics for users, it is necessary to focus on optimizing it. As a consequence, the best search systematization will occur.

    What will SEO be expected in 2018?

    SEO is an action to optimize a website, designed to improve its use, its appearance, content and increase the speed of loading pages. These points have an impact on improving your website’s ranking. However, the return hyperlink remains significant, but it is not known for how long. Over the past few years, Google’s algorithms have changed. He owns one subsidiary of DeepMind. It aims to use artificial intelligence, digital teaching in programs. They are analyzing digital education procedures in order to combine Google’s products with the most complex mechanisms.

    Before starting to use artificial intelligence of such magnitude, Google’s search team used mechanisms to display the results of a query. The method has difficulties, it is much easier to manage the search distribution. You can definitely use SEO promotion methods to attract more visitors:

    • For pages you need to come up with unique and accurate names;
    • Use descriptive tags;
    • Improve the structure of the URL;
    • Simplify web navigation;
    • Form content;
    • Insert keywords into titles;
    • Enter the mobile version;
    • Use Google Analytics and its webmaster.

    Correct SEO optimization of a web resource

    • The names of the pages should be done accurate and unique.

    The title of each page of your resource should inform visitors about its contents. For example, if this is a page about clothes, then you need to create its name as informative and clearly as possible with the mandatory key implementation.

    Note: Google search engine often shows about 50-60 characters from the beginning of the name.

    Как провести оптимизацию сайта под SEO в 2018 году
    1. Use descriptive meta tag descriptions.

    The tag should contain information with a detailed description of the content. Browse the Google Webmaster publication for descriptive meta tags and how to use them.

    Note: Typically, the description should consist of about 150-170 characters.

    1. Upgrade the URL construct.

    You should enter the words in your address. (Hard to remember) (Best remembered and readable)

    1. Make web navigation easier..

    Make changes to the main page by adding a menu for easy web navigation. Each item must correspond to all the important pages of the Internet resource. The created map should be sent to the Google search console. Do not forget the page with error 404. If visitors do not pay attention to the address or the damaged hyperlink, they will not be able to find the data and error 404 will open.

    1. Form the content.

    For users, you need to download practical text that is beneficial. This is needed to more easily find the requested information. You must direct them to perform certain actions during the entire time they are on the web resource. Above the publication is important to use the correct keywords. With the help of clickable words, make internal hyperlinks to other pages. Perform image optimization with the addition of the alt tag and the correct name of the image.

    Как провести оптимизацию сайта под SEO в 2018 году
    1. Name the content using keywords.

    There are a total of 6 different sub-heading tags. The most important is h1, and containing less importance – h6. It is important to include key phrases in the subheadings. They can accommodate any desired quantity. In this case, divide the article into sections with correct titles.

    1. Perform resource optimization for smartphones.

    The number of queries in search engines via mobile devices is constantly increasing. We risk losing a lot of traffic if you don’t build a web resource for browsing from smartphones.

    1. We strongly recommend using Google. Analytics and his webmaster.

    If you want to track the number of visitors to the site, their goals, the origin and determine the demand for your content, you can use Google Analytics and Search Console, which helps to know all visitors. If you are in search of a professional SEO-optimization, we are ready to offer our help. Visit the promotion page and read all the necessary information there. I want to believe that the article has benefited you. Subscribe to our blog, social network telegram channel to follow interesting news of website promotion and development.

    Как провести оптимизацию сайта под SEO в 2018 году
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