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    Let’s look at some methods that do not harm the site, but rather help get new traffic resources, increase attendance, recognition, readability and frequency of clicks. To occupy the first lines of a search query, it is not necessary to create such sites (stand-ins) or to fear affiliate filters. Thanks to the following eight tricks, search engine robots will automatically give out your site in the first places.

    1. Contextual advertising guarantees top places in the issuance of PS. For example, the Yandex search engine issues pages with advertising in the first place (special placement), that is, before the information on the user’s main request. It is also shown at the end of the page. This method is called guaranteed impressions. The & nbsp; Yandex service determines the location of an ad using a Yandex Direct auction. In order for it to enter the top spot, the specified rate per click must be identical to the rate for a special placement. In the process of submitting contextual advertising, a special criterion is the successful selection of the semantic core. You need to know what queries your ads will show for. Although a comprehensive algorithm does not exist, use low and mid-frequency queries. Contextual advertising, according to search engines, does not affect the ranking of a resource, but it affects the reasons for the site’s behavior, which, in turn, have a strong influence on the sorting of sites in   PS.
    1. The Yandex.DZen ribbon is a personalized publication tape, which is located on the start page of the search system. With its help, authors can get additional traffic. This tool can be used both on computers, laptops, and on smartphones, tablets. Several methods for adding material to Zen:
    • RSS feed. With it, publications can independently get into the news feed. If you specify a theme, the search engine will be able to find a large number of visitors and readers, but in this case the RRS stream should be accessible to the Yandex robot.
    • Create your own channel in Yandex. Dzen. He has more features and tools for high-quality design. Access to useful statistics is also provided. So, you will be able to control the reading up, views, and the average time users spend on a particular resource. For example, if you type about 7000 readings and the average viewing time is about 40 seconds, you can monetize the channel and use the advertising inside the text. For more effective work, you can combine these two methods.
    1. A social network that can sometimes occupy positions above the sites themselves. Doing promotion in social networks is very important and necessary for the promotion of the portal. To social network functioned well and gave the result, there expose the most exciting, interesting and diversified content. Before website promotion in networks, it is necessary to determine the target audience, the age of potential customers, their residence, interests, and so on. The more to delve into these questions and get to know your customer, the greater the chances for a fast and high-quality promotion with a customer focus. Unique and diverse content guarantees attendance and readability of the community in a social network. To become popular on the social network, you need to monitor similar communities of competitors, analyze them. It is worth paying attention to what content is most often used, on reposts, likes and comments of visitors. Perhaps popular polls or advertising posts, etc. You need to think carefully about your concept and promote it with quality content.
    1. Reference books of existing organizations should contain materials about your company. This is a natural and effective method to get a direct link to the site, because among the results issued by the search engine, often the cards of enterprises are shown. The company card contains a brief description and basic information about the company, its services and contacts. Yellow Pages,, 2GIS and others have been the most visited directories. Cards are moderated for a month or two.
    1. Maps of Yandex and Google service. Just want to note that the information with the cards is shown by the PS at the top issuing points. You can add information to the cards by filling out applications in Yandex or Google (reference book in the first case and the My Business section in the second). Also, the advantage of this promotion method is targeting mobile device users, since from the phone they will quickly find information about you if they are somewhere nearby.
    Как занять топовую страницу поисковой задачи
    1. The most popular commodity aggregators are Yandex.Market, Products@Mail.Ru, Google Shopping or The use of such services is very popular and provides for rapid promotion among search engines and increasing company awareness among consumers. For transitions to the websites of trading companies is a good payment. For example, if a customer purchased a service or product through Yandex.Market, then the store pays a small percentage to the service. But in order to successfully use the aggregator, you must accurately and reliably fill the feed with the goods. On the websites of sales offices there is information with requirements for feeds. Do not neglect the tracking of efficiency: monitor the number of failures, the cost of the lead, conversions and conversion.
    1. Reviews and sites that contain them play an important role in promoting company, attendance of its site. Opinion is already experienced users in demand from new customers. Reputation and good feedback is an important aspect for the company. Therefore, work on the image should be carried out constantly. To find out if they write about you, carry out an audit. SERM audit can be conducted independently or by tracking references by special services. Your development should depend on the results of the work done. Thanks to the audit of the references in the user reviews, you can understand what to do next: create a new reputation or work in the same direction, increase brand awareness or find new opportunities for expanding business.
    Как занять топовую страницу поисковой задачи
    1. Files .pdf and .doc, open for download, are shown on some user requests. These documents must be properly optimized so that they fall into the results of search engines. To do this, you can put on your portal a direct link to the document, so that it can be downloaded with one click. For the search robot this will be the signal for the indexed file. Inside the document itself, you need an exhibition link to your website so that you can simply go to the source. The file document must be optimized for the search engine. It is necessary to take care of the formatting of text, headings, the availability of lists, key phrases and their word forms. Do not forget about the name of the document. The text itself should be easily readable and digestible by any user. SEO text optimization rules will help to create high-quality and correct content.

    Particular attention should be paid to optimizing the site, both internal and external. The abundance of interesting texts and useful information guarantees a high attendance of the portal and the love of search engines. Such sites like robots and ordinary readers.

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