How to make money without investments?

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    Even with a good store of knowledge behind you, you cannot be called experts until people pay for them.

    So how to understand what your strength is and how to become a true expert for other people?

    How to make money without investments?
    1. Write your competence in each of the areas:
      • education – journalism, engineering, programming);
      • hobby (drawing, cooking, singing);
      • relationship (family relationships, love at a distance);
      • intellect (technology development, design);
      • job (teacher, beauty master, builder);
      • business (sales, management).

    Add other areas that you understand, and answer each question with a few questions:

    • How many years have you been developing in these areas?
    • What did your actions help other people?

    Once you know your competence, you can move on.

    1. You need to understand how it is easier for you to interact with the audience.

    Several options for communicating information are used:

    • to ask questions;
    • narrate;
    • show.

    Choosing any option (or several), you can find out what your role is:

    The author – tells in detail and clearly shows the process that led to a certain result. Presented mainly as a monologue, without attracting an audience.

    Speaker – is presented in the form of a lecture, which details the result obtained, and then shows the result. He never asks questions.

    Mentor – reminds the author, with the exception of only interaction with the audience. He asks questions and answers them in detail.

    Coach – demonstrates and repeats the result more. Great for private tête-à-tête meetings.

    Trainer – involves all 3 modes of interaction. A good option for both group meetings and individual.

    Now you just have to make an offer, a program and your product is ready for use. Do not put off until later and sort yourself out right now.

    What area are you an expert in? Share with us in the comments, and we will show you how to develop further.

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