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Today banner marketing is very popular among users of the world wide web. This type of marketing is often used not only for websites with products or services, but also for social networks, such as Vkontakte and Facebook.

Let’s remember with you what it is.

A banner is a diverse graphic image that has an advertising character.

Today we will consider all the nuances of the online banner. They are of several types:

  1. Brand – often flickering before the eyes of users logo. The whole point is a memorable brand, that is, a visitor who often sees a certain logo will undoubtedly turn to the same company when they need something, because they will already trust them in the subconscious.
  2. Informational – about a specific product. Their ultimate goal is a new customer.
  3. Domestic – usually placed on the main page in order to inform visitors about discounts, promotions, various sweepstakes or just about the news.
  4. Targeted – a general advertising site, an online store or an entire company, which is often used to increase awareness.

What should it be to get the most out of it?

Below we look at the basic principles of creating a successful advertising campaign.


First you need to understand the goal and set specific tasks. For example:

  • Find your target audience;
  • Increase traffic;
  • Boost sales.

The target audience

After you set a goal, you need to work hard on your target audience.

If you have a question about how to do this, then use the tips below:

  • Analyze who will be interested in a particular product / service;
  • Think about the possible age and desires of potential customers;
  • With the help of the information collected guided by such users.

If you ignore this moment, you can simply spend money and time to nowhere, so do not skip this item, as this is important!

For example: you should not advertise women’s swimsuits on platforms that are more visited by men. It is necessary to focus on those areas where exactly the female audience, which will be interested in such advertising.

How to make a banner?


Approach text writing with creativity and originality!

The main thing is to take into account the main questions of the audience that arise when seeing a banner:

  • Что это?
  • Зачем мне это?
  • Почему именно у них я должен это приобрести?
  • What is it?
  • Why do I need it?
  • Why should I buy it from them?

If you can not think of yourself, then contact a professional, he will tell you how it will be better. 


A successful advertising campaign consists of three points:

  • The right accents;
  • Interesting composition;
  • The original plot.

A monophonic background, or a picture / photo for the entire size of the banner itself will work well.

As for colors, use more muted shades. You need to like and interest the user, and not to get him irritated by bright and variegated colors.

It is also very important that the text does not merge with the general background or the site itself. There is no need to take in the work of many different colors, stop at a few shades that are harmoniously combined with each other. A very common mistake is to write dark text on a dark background or light on a light one.

Your banner should cause only positive emotions – remember this!

Size and weight

To understand what proportions are needed, first decide on the choice of the site where you will be placed. Since the advertising space on all sites is different, you need to take this into account and it is better to make a separate version for each source, so that in the end there is no distorted image.

How to make a banner?

Call to action and relevance

The illustration should look so that the user has no doubt that he needs to purchase this particular product or service. You should not just enjoy it at first sight, but also inspire confidence in a potential client.

Use our tips:

  • Do not use popular images as a basis already, it’s better to make your own unique picture or photo;
  • Also in the list of taboo get photos with celebrities. Using them, you can only cause distrust and doubt from the client;
  • Do not want to make straightforward illustrations, use the metaphors! By this you will achieve even greater interest in your address;
  • Be sure to check that the banner is clickable, so it will be possible not only to find a buyer, but also to increase the coverage. You can select a link to the site or add a button;
  • Do not add a lot of contacts, people still do not remember;
  • Do not forget about your reputation! Specify only reliable information!


A successful banner is a clear goal and objectives, a nice picture and a well thought out text.

And remember, everyone will not like you, but you will always find your client! And if you use our advice, then success will be even closer to you!

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