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How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

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Почти каждый онлайн-проект создается для трафика. Владельцы сайтов хотят, чтобы он был качественным и имел положительный прирост. Но, это не так уж просто, хотя вполне выполнимо. Есть определенные действия, выполняя которые, SЕО-специалист сможет получить хорошие результаты.                                                                        

Many newcomers to SEOs are well aware of the benefits of a free service from Google, which collects information about visits, but they can’t specify how to use Google Analytics in SEO. 

We are sure that the ability to work with GA is a must-have skill for an advanced marketer, since it can be used to evaluate the success of an advertising campaign and get comprehensive information about the desired website. 

Therefore, we offer you effective recommendations for increasing the flow of users and ranking using search engine statistics tools.

We ask you to take into account that it will not be possible to achieve the desired results once or twice, as it will take time, but your efforts will not be wasted, so the following manipulations need to be carried out. No one disputes the fact that connecting the service is a prerequisite for successful promotion.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Data retrieval 

Working with the service may not seem as pleasant to many as it seemed. The fact is that the interface contains a very extensive functionality that is not always clear to the beginner. You can spend half a day on the data without knowing how to interpret them. 

The easiest way to view website reports is to receive them as an email, since Google collects a lot of attendance data. Thus you can get acquainted with the minimum set of materials necessary for decision-making. 

Only by learning to understand and effectively use the result of analytics will it be possible to correctly implement the idea of the platform assigned to you and increase the percentage of conversion. 

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Optimization and correction

Each page of the site is closely related to it and intertwined with the rest, so when developing follow the same layout.

Looking through the TOP page of the web resource, you can note certain features. For example, there are pages that are clearly different from the main page, but they are in demand and lead to a lot of traffic. This is often the case, even in a situation where the site is very small.

Using the toolbar – a navigation summary, you can track where users came from and what page they viewed.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Do not write off various programs specifically designed for SEO, such as Semrush or Ahrefs. They will significantly speed up the work process. 

Impact on search performance

Today, in order for the site to get on the first page of a search engine by keys, a lot of conditions need to be met. Those who pay promo in Google get the opportunity to go to the TOP due to contextual advertising, but for free it becomes even more difficult for them to get there.  

Recently, analysts have reported a shocking figure of 75 for all users. It is this percentage of people who does not fall below the first issue. That is, only 25% go to 2 pages of search. Therefore, for successful promotion, it is necessary to improve the web resource in order to rank it.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Receptions of the effective use of GA

So, we found out that everyone wants the best positions in the issue, so as not to get lost among competitors and get their profit. Therefore, maximizing organic traffic, engagement and conversion is the number one goal. And the GA will help us to track these figures. 

This can be compared with the flight on a spacecraft. SEOShnik performs the role of a pilot who does not take his eyes off the instruments. Each goal has its own specific set of indicators. Here is a list of “devices” that help professionals keep abreast:

  • The percentage of organic traffic to total
  • Organic dynamics
  • Geography and demography of organics
  • Keys
  • OT source
  • Login pages
  • Viewing depth, time spent on the page, refusals, number of unique visitors

All these indicators are definitely worthy of attention from marketers and those who are engaged in promotion in digital. With their help, you can identify and get rid of untargeted traffic and in a company with PPC – to save a lot of money.

What is worth starting with is the basics. We suggest you to tighten up all possible sources in order to get an objective assessment of the situation.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

We tighten the Google Search Console in Analytics

Linking Google Search Console and Google Analytics is getting as many as 4 new and very informative GA reports. It will also give you the opportunity to view them in your GSC office.

What will it give you? 

You can find pages with low CTR, improve them, which will affect the growth of the site in the TOP and increase traffic. 

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

To perform this task, you will need access to admin rights to each of the services.

After that we:

Throw a resource in SC and confirm ownership. Now the service will be engaged in the accumulation of data that can be used in reporting the GA.

In parallel, Google Analytics needs to set up information tracking by activating the connection with the Search Console. This will help you improve your site’s ranking and get more information about where your visitors come from.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

What is special about GA with GSC

  1. Here and there and here the data is stored for a year and a half to this point.
  2. If there is a redirect function, SC registers both the source URL and the one to which the user gets after the redirection.
  3. SC can register up to thousands of landing page links.
  4. The console does not need Javascript support for data collection.

GAnalytics and GAds reporting integration

If you link the reports of the two services, they will become much more accurate. It means that you will get a more effective analysis of key phrases and words, deep development of SJ and you will be able to conduct analytics of cost management for PPC.

Configuring this symbiosis is more difficult than the first, since you need a clear understanding of what resources need data from Ads:

  1. Log in as administrator
  2. In the “Resource” section, select “GA Link”
  3. In the new group, select the accounts you need and activate the link.
  4. Activate a connection with the views of the resource on which you want to view information on the advertising companies of the GoE. Activate “Report Creation”.
  5. Choose manual or automatic markup
  6. Integrate accounts
How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Do not forget that there are certain limits:

GA is able to accommodate up to 200 groups that are connected

The group can accommodate no more than a thousand accounts from GA

This is what should work

After these actions, you can consider your reports more informative and more useful than 50 percent!

Now we can go straight to analyzing the information in the reports.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion


OT may not be displayed correctly. The problem is that it includes absolutely non-informative metrics Not Set and Not Provided. Traffic is better to clean, so they do not roll over.

  • Channels

This report compares the sources of traffic, that is, where users came from to your site. 

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

To display data on organic search – select the appropriate section. If you sort this information by “Actions”, you will get a map of effective and failing SЕО sides in terms of parameters, such as source, key, page, and so on.

It’s simple:

  • The number of failures helps to understand how many users did not find what they were looking for after the transition.
  • The index of pages / session reflects the usability of the site, that is, how interesting it is, understandable in terms of interface and useful
  • Avg. The duration of the session reveals primarily the quality of your content. If the user does not like it, then it is correspondingly small. Here the quality and content of texts and pictures play a role. To a lesser extent, this indicator also gives us an insight into the usefulness of the information we post.
How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

The next group gives an idea of conversion (converting a user into a customer who bought it). It displays organic results in case conversion is configured in GA. This is a very interesting group that will show the management of the effectiveness of the site, but the main thing, as always, is the receipt of profit and its quantity. Based on the importance of this data, it is important that their display is configured correctly.

Very often, the conversion rate is the SEO KPI, which means that a good indicator is directly proportional to your bonus or career advancement.

Login pages

Using this report, a specialist can make a site analyst SЕО. It is displayed in the Channels report if you select “Login Pages” as the main parameter.

Even from the title, it becomes clear that this data helps us to understand which pages are more efficient than others and which pages get the highest conversion rate (make people buy). It is through this analysis that we can identify problem areas of the resource, in order to search for their cause, which may also lie in the mistakes that are obvious to a good SEO.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Also, your personal account in Analytics makes it possible to identify slow pages. The speed indicator is extremely important for users and critical for search engines.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

In the Behavior section, find the Site loading speed and there – Page load time.

Analysis of the effectiveness of the work done to optimize and promote the website.

Associated Conversions

The results of the SEO effort should be evaluated using the “associated conversions” report. What it is? AK is the status of the channel that participated in promoting the user to the final conversion, but was not the last in this chain. You can view them through the option “multichannel sequences”, analyzing the “Length”. For many, this is relevant, since the percentage of net direct conversions is usually small, and the customer “ripens” to purchase only passing through several sources of traffic. 

The value obtained by the SЕО-channel from conversion can be revealed by choosing the standard model of the “Model Comparison Tool”.

They also propose to create an attribution model on their own, but this function is more likely for advanced users, as it should reflect the real state of affairs as much as possible, otherwise the data will be false. 

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Organic Channel Pricing with Google Eds 

Very often in companies the Promotion Specialist also manages the PPC. Combined paid and free traffic in such a case are more related. 

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of paid keys, first let us tell you where in the office to do a general analysis on key queries.

  1. Traffic Sources – Search Console – Queries
How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

2. Evaluation of internal site search. 

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Such small, but very useful reports: with their help, you can understand what is in the minds of users, how and what they are looking for, what exactly they wanted to get from your web resource. 

Report on paid key organization:

  • Authorized in the GAds profile
  • Go to the reports
  • We go along the path “Standard – Main – Advertising and ordinary search results”
How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Now you can conduct an assessment. One of the main tasks of a promotion specialist is to save money. We have a rather clever idea how to show the management how much money you have saved for them:

  1. Download the report “Requests to the GA” (path: sources of traffic, search console queries)
  2. Choose “tools – keyword planner in GA”
  3. Load at least top-10 key phrases, excluding requests by brands, from Requests to the Scheduler
  4. We create a table in which we compare prices from the Scheduler with information from Requests
  5. We analyze how much we saved on the basis of how much these keys are in paid promotion.

In this way, you can show the contribution of SЕО to the company’s promotion on real numbers.


We do not argue, when the SООшник keeps its finger on the pulse and scans the GA on a permanent basis – this is an ideal situation. And we also know that this does not happen, and if it does, it loses valuable time, drowning information in the ocean. 

This problem can be solved with the help of an excellent tool-SEO OWL. This is a customizable panel with indicators, familiarizing with which it is very easy to understand the success of your work and the state of the site.

The most convenient is that before you have already developed a bunch of summaries that you can use without hesitation. But if it does not suit you – you can create the best dashboards that will display what is interesting for you. 

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion

Pros and cons of dashboard

Every business has its own nuances. This and certain processes, scale, method of sale and so on. Dashboards that are created for a large giant will not suit a small firm. If you select an inappropriate bulletin, many fields will be empty or not displayed correctly. 

If you do not want or do not understand how to design your own effective dashboards, it is best to choose the best solution from Google.

How to help and how to use Google Analytics in SEO promotion


Google Analytics is a powerful tool with many features. In order to learn how to use it to the maximum, you will have to learn how to read the data correctly.

  • Try and discover all the possibilities until you begin to understand everything “at one word”
  • Create integration of GA and Search Console for more valid data
  • Use dashboards to simplify the process.
  • Use the effective combination of paid and free promotion
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