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How to get to the top of the issuance of the search engine Google

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    Compared with 2013, when in order to get into the TOP Google it was necessary to diligently deal with the semantic core and pay attention to buying links on authoring resources, a lot has changed. In 2018, Google requires optimization for local queries, online and voice search, answering user questions and much more. This does not mean that you need to forget about semantics. You just need to keep up with the times and take into account the requirements of PS.

    Every businessman seeks to get into the TOP Google, because it provides the site with popularity and an influx of visitors, which means a big profit. But no matter how bitter it was to be aware, it’s almost impossible to hold onto the leading position of this PS, because Google changes its “favorites” quite often.

    Nevertheless, it is possible and necessary to try to reach the top of the TOP. To do this, use several proven methods:

    1. Natural listings. They include pictures, videos, relevant news, blog articles, maps, places, etc.
    2. Natural or sponsored links.

    Portals that have a large number of organic requests receive a prize from Google – free traffic, to which all businessmen aspire. In addition, being in the top position in the TOP, you do not have to pay per click. That is why the leading place is considered so valuable. If you are a “newbie” in the network business and strive to take a place in the area where there is a lot of competition, you will have to pay a tidy sum to the search engine using Google Adwords. Thus, you will become an honorary owner of a good place on the list of leaders, but you will have to pay until Google pays attention to you and becomes more loyal.

    Google Adwords and Google Shopping are not only a good and fast way to get into the TOP – they also help to increase sales on the Internet, the number of calls to the company, to form a permanent customer base. Google primarily assesses the popularity of the term for ranking and the breadth of cities that you seek to cover. These two factors will determine the number of your competitors.

    Как попасть в ТОП выдачи поисковой системы Google

    What are the ranking factors?

    In 2017, they created a new rule for portal owners, according to which they are obliged to register and configure their website using two services: Google Search Console and Google My Business. The more you use the programs and tools of this search engine, the more loyal it will be to you. Such a decision is very reasonable for any business. Not always links that are created by professional SEO experts, bring good results. But Google employees regularly work on the creation of mechanisms that help to achieve high quality content, and not wound up, like most portals on the Internet.

    To succeed, you need to pay more attention to optimizing the site in the PS. It is the process of creating relevant pages that are distinguished by their value. The most interesting thing is that no one really knows how to become a “favorite” of Google, because in many respects the place in the TOP depends on the reputation of your resource, and also on how relevant the pages correspond to the semantic core. Most often, a good result is achieved by those entrepreneurs who have a good reputation on the Internet. For example, in the first places in search queries, as a rule, there are large trademarks that are famous for the high quality of goods and European service.

    You ask how to improve the reputation of the company? Everything is very simple: the more quality related pages, the greater the reputation of the company. For example, to achieve success and become a leader in the TOP of Google’s natural organic results, help actual pages that are distinguished competently composed linking. Most importantly, as often as possible to appear in search results of PS, to facilitate the appearance of search queries that are directly related to the activities of your company.

    For example, if the direction of your business is related to SEO, then the relevant query should look something like this: “How to promote a resource in the TOP of search engines”. If the request is formulated correctly, new customers will not be long in coming. An important factor is the competition for the key and the reputation of your resource. Sites that have just appeared on the Internet, are more likely to become popular and find good solutions for promotion, as they did not have time to acquire a bad reputation among users.

    You have three ways to get into the top Google:

    • deal with this issue yourself, if you understand this area;
    • pay Google Adwords, which will help you find new customers and improve online sales;
    • find a SEO-specialist who understands contextual advertising.

    How much traffic can you get if you get to the top of Google search?

    Very often, when turning to a SEO company, customers ask how much traffic they will have when they are leaders in search queries? Most experts answer this question with the following: “More traffic than if you were in second or third place.” Of course, Google Adwords can solve a number of issues related to promotion in the PS, but do not blindly trust SEOs, who guarantee you to get into the TOP issue of Google.

    Matt Cutts, an American software engineer who was previously Google’s head against spamming, explains why many companies resort to deceiving their customers. The goal of a search engine is competition, differences in geolocation, reorientation of personalization, and other factors affecting the search engine. All this can not configure any SEO-specialist.

    Как попасть в ТОП выдачи поисковой системы Google
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