How to create a website design?

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You have no experience, but you need to do “beautifully”? The importance of design is hard to overestimate. A well-executed design reflects the level of the company and the developer. But, nice – does not always mean convenient and multi-functional. Therefore, we see any beginning project as follows: colors not flashy and not cutting the eyes, simple and understandable functionality, readable the first time. This means that by going to the “main”, the visitor will quickly orientate and in two or three clicks will find the right product.

So, if you:

  • novice designer
  • a company that wants to expand its digital services
  • you want to do everything yourself, without resorting to the services of contractors
  • if you want to order a project from a hired designer and get the effect that meets your expectations,

then you will definitely be interested in reading this article.

Today we will try to voice the minimum of which the preparation for the work of any designer consists and tell how to make development even for a beginner. In fact, there is nothing to worry about.

Define the goal

The most important thing to start with is to determine why the site is being created. He must have strictly defined goals. If you are at a loss to answer immediately, the following list of questions will help you:

  • What topic is it dedicated to?
  • What content will be posted?
  • What tasks do you set for him?
  • What is the next promotion strategy?
  • Which structure is most suitable for you
  • Is there a brand book or certain corporate requirements (restrictions)?
  • What type of resource is needed (landing page, informational, business card, full-fledged online store)

The more you can answer, the more clear the direction of work will be and the result will be more clearly drawn.

A little tip: Still hard to decide? Download a detailed brief for a client from a design studio.

How to create a website design?

Website Types

We mentioned in the list above that it is important to decide on a model. In fact, there are quite a lot of varieties, but the most popular ones are:

Landing page

Simply put – a one-page resource, the purpose of which is to quickly sell your product (a maximum of a few items, we are not talking about a large catalog). The landing page always has a bright visual, concise content and there is a block for receiving lead (contact details) or a purchase request. They are now at the peak of popularity and most companies that have their own full-fledged voluminous website often order landing pages to increase sales.

How to create a website design?

Here is a good example of LPage – a vibrant short one-page.

Corporate website

This is a more serious resource for tasks, which has sections, blocks, a serious thoughtful design and technically complex solutions. It should be informative and functional. Of course, the level of complexity directly depends on the desire of the customer and the scale of the company.

How to create a website design?

This is an option with a lot of tools, services, content and sections.

Online stores

Online stores are familiar to each of us. From serious platforms like Yandex.Market, OZON and Aliexpress to modest projects. In this case, the designer will have to deal with a huge number of pages, content, as well as developing a forgiving style and order page.

How to create a website design?

As an example, we show – one of the giants of Runet in this direction.

What about competitors?

After you have made a decision on the subject and type, it is time to study similar resources for a product or service that are in the top of search results. This is a completely rational approach – all of them, just as you thought about the development, but perhaps in the company of qualified marketers, experts in development and promotion. It’s okay to spy on cool ideas and solutions so that you don’t reinvent the wheel twice. Pay attention to the structure, depth, design of the selling page, content, additional services and functionality. If the competitor is in TOP, this means that he has a high usability rating (usability) and a long user stay, which ultimately leads to high conversion, which is the ultimate goal.

After analyzing at least ten web resources of your area, you will definitely find common features and characteristic patterns that are characteristic of your business.

Even if you do not have competitors (it happens sometimes), surf a related topic, but in no case do not refuse this step and do not ignore someone else’s successful experience. Based on the results, you can create a mind map in Xmind or MindMeister.

How to create a website design?

Do you need references?

Continuing the topic of other people’s experience, we turn to the search for reference (auxiliary pictures that are used in the work of a design specialist). When creating sites – these may be examples from your niche or completely different. The point is to understand the visual direction in which to move further. Even serious professionals show selections of different pages to clients in order to jointly select fonts, color gamut, include certain blocks, etc. If you are a beginner, you cannot do without copy-paste. It’s just not worth it to tear down the example you like from head to foot – this is frank plagiarism.

By the way, at this stage, you can additionally use a resource such as Pinterest. There you will find hundreds of sketches, examples, ready-made designs, color palettes by combination and many other visual content.

How to create a website design?

How to create a beautiful project?

At this point, you should have a clear understanding of all the constituent elements from the font of the headers to the functionality of the basket. Now the time has come to think about how to put all this into practice.

If previously the most convenient program for this was exclusively AdobePhotoshop, now the choice of programs has become larger and you will not have to read the huge volume “Photoshop for Dummies”, if you don’t know how to use it.

  • Readymag. It’s quite a simple and convenient tool for uncomplicated tasks or landings. It is an online constructor with the help of which a project is created directly in the browser. This is convenient, because time is saved on layout, and you can bypass such a difficult stage as independent programming. Plus – you can immediately see what the future page looks like.
  • Tilda. This is probably the most popular constructor for beginners. It will help to create not only the simplest one-page, but also more complex options without the help of a layout designer and the involvement of a programming specialist.
  • Photoshop. If you are planning not just to create a one-time trial web project, but to do it constantly and seriously, then you cannot do without it. This is a serious tool that provides maximum control over the image and offers a wide range of tools for its correction or creation from scratch.
  • Sketch. A program available for iOS users. Particularly unremarkable, but if you are a fan of Apple, you should know about it.
  • Figma. This is a relatively new platform that has already become popular due to its lightness and accessibility, convenient functionality, remote collaboration capabilities, etc.

The choice of program is best based on the goal of creating a web page. If you have an easy task that needs to be completed in a week – is it worth studying Photoshop for this? And vice versa – if you are planning a change of profession, then you cannot do without in-depth knowledge of all the bases and fundamentals. Above, we talked about the most basic principles on the path of self-creating site design. If you want to get a top-end product as a result, you still have to study a lot of nuances from layout and programming. And if there is no opportunity, then you can turn to our specialists, who can create projects of any complexity at a highly professional level.

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