How to create a site map?

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Search engines and users see the Internet resource in different ways. The convenience of navigation is important for a person, so that, if necessary, you can easily find the desired section. As for the search engine, then only codes are visible to him.

How to create a site map?

So, let’s look at an example of creating a map for search bots.

First you need to generate a file – sitemap.xml. This can be done in several ways, but the tool of this portal will be the simplest and most convenient. The service is absolutely free, and even if your site has about half a thousand pages, it will suit you. If there are several more sections, you can do the following:

  • pay $ 20 to get access to great opportunities;
  • look for another tool that also does not require money, but can help create a map for a larger site.

After generating the sitemap, you get a link to the file. It needs to be downloaded and uploaded to the root of the resource, added to the webmaster.

The generator can give out a lot of extra codes, your task is to choose from the list those that are needed for promotion and which you want the search robot to see.

How to create a site map?

Google Site Map Generator is another free map creation tool. – link to download the program.

We will be honest and share our experience: it’s better to overpay for an instrument higher than to suffer and lose time with a Google generator. Not for nothing they say – avaricious pays twice. Lost time can lead to a loss of money.

For very large sites, the scheme is the same. True, there are times when you need to create more than one map, but more:

  • separately for pictures;
  • video files;
  • for mobile adaptation.

In the WordPress management system, you can find plugins for sitemap. Here you can set priority sections.

Card for user

There are two known ways to create it:

  • manually – it may sound strange, but why not?
  • using the above generator. The version is created easily and simply, and then it can be adjusted as needed.

Remember that you need to create an html page with the links that should be on the map without using the usual menu.

How to create a site map?

Why is “sitmap” so important?

Of course, if the portal is single-page, then bothering with this is not necessary. But in case there are ten or more pages? And the following will happen – as in a bad movie, the bot will index the first 2-3 and go on its own way. And the rest? But no way. So you will receive at the exit that the remaining sections will be simply not visible to users based on the results of key queries.

What happens when it is available?

  • indexation frequency;
  • pages that were recently added automatically become visible;
  • Any changes to old web sections are also visible.
  • bots do not independently determine the priority of research, but act measuredly in all respects.

It is not necessary to consider that if the “sitemap” is done, then this is once and for all. All the same, with periodicity, you need to check the availability of links and visit the panel of webmasters.

We hope that the material was useful not only for beginners, but also for professionals. We sincerely wish you the highest positions!

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