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How to create a Google+ page for a site, business, brand

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The first step is to register an account in Google, if you still have not had time to get them. Next, go to

A window displays a suggestion for choosing a category. There will be 5 of them:

  • A business or a place – this can include restaurants, hotels or museums, or just monuments of architecture.
  • A product or brand is clothing, banks, electrical goods, shops.
  • Art, entertainment or sports – films, TV, books and more.
  • Company or organization.
  • Other – this category is used if the others do not fit.
How to create a Google+ page for a site, business, brand

After selecting a category, enter the name of the page and the link to the main site, add the logo, background design, all the necessary information about the company – phone numbers, address, field of activity, footnotes to other social networks, blogs, etc. can be indicated.

To let users immediately see your activity, post some news in the feed. Congratulations! Your page is ready!

Do not miss the opportunity to mark the link on Google+ on the main Internet site.

Of course, a page without subscribers will raise doubts among users. Here friends from your life and company employees can come to the rescue. Ask them to become subscribers in order to increase popularity, like, comment on publications.

How to create a Google+ page for a site, business, brand

Some important points for pumping:

  • regularly update the news feed, change the background and screen saver;
  • pull up Google Places;
  • post information about the organization to the maximum;
  • Do not forget about the photo. Certificates received, if possible, images with the process of packaging of goods, corporate parties, price lists and so on;
How to create a Google+ page for a site, business, brand

How useful is this social network?

The thing is that it is Google that is interested in its development and promotion, which means that the company’s page will pull up your positions in search results, and raise it in the TOP. When creating accounts, you should first pay attention to this service, and then proceed to the rest. This will be the best step towards advancement in the search engine.

The more useful information you will post, the greater your chances of productive calls, traffic, sales and increased profits. Still not registered? Do not hesitate and do it right now!

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