How to choose between advertising and SEO-promotion?

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За 20 лет присутствие бизнеса в интернете стало необходимым условием успеха. Если в 90-е компания могла получить инвестиции только потому, что у них есть сайт, то сейчас картина несколько иная. Организация, у которой нет представительства в сети, может быть успешной только в случае абсолютной редкости и уникальности. Если у вас есть конкуренты −  иметь представительство в интернет необходимо.

Ways to attract customers

Your profit depends on sales. The reality is that the Internet has become the most popular marketing medium in the world. The sooner the site catches the eye of the user, the greater the likelihood that he becomes a buyer.

Now apply two ways to attract traffic. With proper skill and additions, the owner gets into the hands of a powerful tool for the promotion of business. It remains only to decide how to choose between advertising and SEO-promotion.


Search Engine Optimization is a set of measures to bring the site to the TOP. The process includes several standard steps, and success is determined by several factors:

  • how effective it is for this commercial structure of SEO chips;
  • the level of competition in the niche, the strength of competitors;
  • the budget that you are ready to pour.

From the SEO side it seems like fortune telling, but it’s not. Over time, each “promoter” accumulates statistics on the behavior of search engines after changes made to the Internet resource, and is able to take you to the TOP in 3-6 months. Consequence – the flow of clientele will increase. It is this factor that is sometimes crucial for a search engine: attendance is high, the resource is good.

How to choose between advertising and SEO-promotion?

Optimization has its own characteristics

  1. Long-term perspective. Immediately raise the position is impossible. PS inertia is about a month, the response to actions will not be received earlier.
  2. Stability of results. If the site got to the first page of issue, it will linger on it for some time, even if the process stops. If the movement continues, the chances that the situation will not change for a long time are quite large.
  3. The need for an impressive amount of work at the beginning. The resource should be “licked” from all points of view: technical, content, convenience, structure, etc.
  4. For relatively little money, it is possible to advance through hundreds and thousands of queries, potentially you can reach the maximum target audience.

Getting to the promotion, the specialist performs:

  • audit – technical, structure analysis, user-friendliness (usability);
  • analysis of competitors already in the TOP;
  • collecting the semantic core – a set of “questions” that are asked by people in the PS;
  • building a plan;
  • revision (and sometimes complete processing) of the code and design;
  • updating content, meta tags for selected keys;
  • creating new pages;
  • setting related files;
  • registration in catalogs;
  • purchase of external links.

This is the minimum that needs to be done first. Here the sequence, absence of chaos and constant analytics are important. It should be borne in mind that the influx of customers will slowly increase with time. SEO is a painstaking process with long returns, but with reliable results.

Contextual advertising

The two largest search engines – Yandex and Google – offer a tool to quickly attract visitors. КР is a paid ad serving service. They can be seen on the first pages of the issue – these are links with the appropriate mark.

Setting seems pretty simple, but if done wrong, the budget will be “slit” to nowhere, and this is usually a lot of money. The context is built on three main concepts:

  • cost per click – you pay for the transition;
  • Targeting – selection of the target audience, region, days and time of the show;
  • The ad is the snippet text that the user will see.

Error in planning is overpriced (costs will be higher than income from transactions) or excessively low CTR. Know this “middle ground” only experienced professionals.

The most difficult thing to configure is the definition of targeting parameters. You need to know your CA, their habits and more. Incorrectly chosen parameters will lead to the fact that the coverage will be too wide, that is, advertising links will actually be “scattered” between the untargeted audience. Or vice versa, rare criteria will satisfy the specified conditions and there will be few impressions.

A snippet is a touch point with a visitor. If it does not attract, will be irrelevant request – the transition will not take place.

A CR is different from SEO in several ways.

  1. Quickly leads users: if properly configured, the flow of visits will be instant – on the launch day.
  2. Flexibly configured, the effects of the changes are visible immediately.
  3. Works while there is money. As soon as the budget is over, the number of visits drops sharply.

How to choose methods

The difference between the approaches is great. SEO is slow, but effective, and for a long time. Context – instantly, but not for long. By cost, they can be comparable, often the price depends on the competitiveness of the niche. The more opponents you have, the more expensive you will pay.

There are many opinions on what is best to stay. It will not be possible to get long-playing results on one CD, and only SEO does not suit everyone; this is a long time. Therefore, the choice is determined by the commercial direction and the specified rules.

  1. If you have landing page – it is optimal to invest a lot of finances at once and go the fast way. Typically, this type of resource is created for a specific product.
  2. For seasonal goods and services it is better to combine both ways. Constantly carry out work on the site, but at the beginning of the sales season to launch paid shows.
  3. When launching a new online store, bring it to perfection and buy advertising for a couple of months. So you notify your appearance and the clientele and search engines.
  4. Age platforms, which have already gained reputation and have a steady stream of customers, promote classically, gradually improving and developing content.

The advantages of CD over optimization are few. The main thing is speed. Minus – a short period of action. Only big business is ready to pour funds into campaigns regularly for a long time. For medium and small players, this is simply not profitable, especially with great competition, when the cost of a click is high. In this case, SЕО responds to the saying “you go quieter, you will continue”. When choosing methods, be guided by the above rules, then their combination will give the maximum effect. However, always remember – if a client has come to you and is not satisfied with the service, you will pay for his click, but there will be no transaction. Therefore, make sure that:

  • usability was on top;
  • use unique interesting content;
  • achieve the relevance of the request and content;
  • provide a unique selling proposition that cannot be refused.

And then all your investments will pay off!

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