How To Check An SEO Contractor, Top 10 Tips

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Today, website promotion and optimization services are offered right and left. Some web studios and marketing agencies know their job, promise a good result and give it. Others also promise, but they do not get along well with the deadlines, then they have constant “pitfalls”. And still others promise inexperienced entrepreneurs utopian numbers like “in the TOP search in 2 weeks”, which, of course, is still fantasy.

Why is it important to control performers

The choice of contractors for SEO is huge, as well as the outcome of cooperation with them is variable. You might even have time to work with several companies, but still not find out what effective promotion is. Very often, managers are confident that right now their website is being led up, although in fact they are wasting money. Sometimes this happens not even because you are frankly deceived. Just the industry does not stand still.

The Internet is a field of activity where today you are “on horseback”, and tomorrow “at the bottom”, if you have not upgraded your skills and learned about new trends. It happens that people really do something, it just doesn’t work for a long time. Is it a shame?

How To Check An SEO Contractor, Top 10 Tips

TOP 10 Tips

In order not to be among those who pay money nowhere, we decided to create our checklist “How to check an SEO contractor, TOP-10 tips.” Using it, you will be able to evaluate the performance of your CEOs and say goodbye to them if something is wrong.

  • Strategy. No CEO-general begins to take over the Internet without a strategy. It should be a detailed plan, where actions, estimated results and deadlines are scheduled for months. If there is no plan, and the specialist works on the principle of “diving, but we’ll figure it out”, then you should be wary. The fact is that in this case you will not even have guarantees, because presenting something at the end of cooperation will not work.
  • Market specifics. If you don’t know anything about this, then the chances of running into irresponsible performers who first try their services and then find a thousand excuses that are due to the specifics of the market are great. Remember, promotion is possible in every sector. It’s just that sometimes it will not be classic, not fast and not cheap, but always with a clear plan of action. A classy specialist with experience will immediately explain to you how your strategy will differ and what nuances should be expected due to a narrow profile area or other “aggravating circumstances”.
  • Report. The customer usually receives a summary of the results of the work on a monthly basis or more often if necessary. Of course, you would like already in the first report to find confirmation of the correct actions. But, getting to the top of the issue is a constant job for 6-8 months (this is the average figure). It would seem that by the first slice nothing will be visible for sure, but this is not so. Preliminary conclusions can be made after analyzing the tasks that have already been completed. Feel free to ask for some reason or another action. In response, you should hear a clear explanation, not water with abstruse phrases. By the way, check the numbers for accuracy, follow the links, rate the placement, etc. Do this especially carefully if you are shown that fantastic shifts have been made in a month.
  • Improvements. This concept is confronted by all resource owners. Further recommendations are increasingly perceived as a method of pumping money thanks to unscrupulous specialists. And in fact, some people like to speculate that the customer does not understand the technical nuances. Therefore, ask to justify each action and demand to provide a forecast for its benefit. This will give you the opportunity to weed out the excess, since you should not abandon the whole complex of refinement: things like processing the structure and analyzing competitors can do wonders.
  • Communications. Everything is simple here. If the contractor or the account manager does not write to you for two to three weeks, this means that no one does anything at all, or everything happens on the stream without an individual approach and detail (long-term relationships do not count). In this matter, collaboration with the customer is very important. Constant questions in the first month of cooperation may be annoying, but this is a direct indicator of “immersion” in the specifics of your business. If the subject is complex, then the process of understanding all the details can take 2-3 months.
  • Errors and deadlines. 2-3 weeks have passed since the start of cooperation? It’s time to go to the webmaster and check if all the checkmarks are green? This is the work that the responsible executor should already have done by this moment. If not, then this is a critical omission, so ask questions.
  • Dynamics. After the first month, you can observe the effect of the initial optimization, which gives a minimum increase. But it must be necessary.
  • Semantics. Do not be too lazy to find out from the performers about the successes of working with the semantic core. What requests are emphasized, why precisely these, etc. No clear answers and primary growth? This is a symptom of unpleasant consequences.
  • Traffic. So we come to what you can measure, see and feel, even if you are not an advanced user. If in 4 months there were no obvious shifts (minimal fluctuations do not count) in the traffic to the website, then it’s time to sound the alarm!
  • Full cycle. Ideally, find a company that can take on the full cycle of work from programming and design to copywriting and SMM. Why? It’s easier to demand a result and avoid a “translation of arrows” of the type “we are not to blame, we have attracted traffic, but the usability and content of your resource are bad …”.
How To Check An SEO Contractor, Top 10 Tips


So, you have found inconsistencies with this checklist. Our advice: do not immediately write angry messages demanding to return all the money. Start by asking questions and ask for detailed reports on the work done and the time spent. Find out why there is a delay or failure to keep promises. Analyze the completeness of the explanations received. Then, adequately evaluate the experience of interaction with your manager or directly with a specialist in the field, check whether you provided all the data and access on time.

Do not forget that there will be no instant growth with competent SEO-promotion. To understand how effective the services provided are required from 4 to 6 months.

And let only responsible and advanced contractors come across your way. Good luck!

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