How to add a site to search engines?

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It so happened that the majority of search engines index the resource on their own. But it takes precious time, no less than about two months. Just think how much you could earn using your page during this time! Therefore, if you begin to act in this d

Before you start adding make sure that indexing is possible. To do this, you need to investigate the presence of duplicates, blank pages, as well as the content, which can easily fail under the sanctions of the systems. All sections should have unique content and optimization. Analyze how your site looks from the outside and whether it will be convenient for users, whether they can get exactly the information they are looking for, and later easily place an order.

Now you can safely proceed to the main task.

How to add a site to search engines?

Let’s look at examples of the main search engines.


Among the residents of the CIS, perhaps the most popular. Previously, the search engine operated exclusively in the territory of the post-Soviet countries, but now it has successfully taken its place in the global network. Easily determines where a potential customer is currently located and makes searching easy. Able to detect typos and correct them.

Connect Yandex.Webmaster for the site. So it will be possible to index the entire site, identify the most iconic pages and make paths to bypass.


Very simple and intuitive to use system. The main plus of it is that the information issued on request is constantly updated, so users always get the latest data. Search can be conducted in more than 100 languages of the world.

How to add a site to search engines?

Add your site here is quite simple. Follow the link, write your URL in a special line, enter the captcha and click the “Submit” button. Done!

Google indexing is fast enough, especially if the resource has no errors.                                


The third most popular system. Use the link and repeat the same actions as in the case with the previous search tools. After that, you will receive a notification that the site has been successfully added and will soon become available to users.

How to add a site to search engines?

In the vastness of the World Wide Web, there are several more search engines that Internet users continue to use in order to find the information they need. Here is a short list with links to add:

  1. Bing
  2. Meta

We wish you success and popularity of your site!

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