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How to achieve positive results and not aggravate the situation

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Every business owner seeks to be a leader in the market, and therefore tries to do everything to get ahead. To conquer the market, many are ready for various actions. Entrepreneurs use different methods and do a lot of work. Careful study of directions allows not only to achieve a positive result, but also worsen the situation. Website optimizers should also monitor their work and complete tasks in moderation, otherwise you can overdo it. Today, many experts have forgotten that the portal should focus on users and search engine. Many are faced with the problem that the constant optimization of the site does not help him to rise to the top positions. Experts do not understand what to do next and what is the problem.

Как добиться положительных результатов и при этом не усугубить положение

Today, the problem of reference mass is considered the rarest. The Yandex system carried out serious work and provided many warnings. The demonstrative spanking was carried out on the whole Runet. The main problems include:

  • Outdated reference weight. It is associated with bulk purchases on well-known exchanges. Optimizers should get rid of it, since it simply does not bear a positive result, only negatively affects the state of the site. On the Internet you can find a variety of interesting materials about cases and studies. Google and Yandex have cleared the link of the old masses, which led to a change in the positions of sites. This professional approach allowed everyone to think about this problem. Correctly formatting links is very simple. It is enough to pay attention to the following features:
  1. The presence of donors.
  2. Competitiveness.
  3. Trust.
  4. Spaminess.
  5. Thematics.
  6. Anchors.
  7. Geodata.
  • New purchases. There are such masters who are increasing links in our time. They do it neatly, and use the services of old exchanges. Given all the restrictions, they try to focus on the most key phrases and do not overdo it. If you get carried away, you can achieve re-spam, which is undesirable. Such flaws can immediately identify the search engines. Google does not even see these links or does not respond to them. But Yandex just ignores such actions.

Increase the reference mass should be wisely. Interesting material and high-quality donors will make this task real. Pages will be counted in the search engine, and optimizers will quickly reach the desired goal. These actions can have a positive effect on Seo and other indicators, such as conversion or PR.

How to achieve positive results and not aggravate the situation
  1. Content

Reoptimization or re-spam is a common mistake. Many try to add all the required keys to the text. To do this, they prepare an interesting text and beautifully enter all the keys. But this action leads to a tautology and an incomprehensible formulation. It is very difficult to read similar texts to ordinary people, and therefore search engines try to rank them. They lower the site to the lower positions. Not all new unique content can work in promotion.

The emergence of a new algorithm led to new childhood. Optimizers should understand that using only the main keys allows you to set the right subject and create texts that will be understandable to people. Here, non-standard type speech syntax and synonyms can be used. This will increase traffic.

Как добиться положительных результатов и при этом не усугубить положение
  1. Perelinkovka

In an effort to increase the weight of the page, many optimizers do not notice how they are immersed in this process and cannot stop. This process is often called link purchasing. Sometimes on 2 or 3 pages there are more than 100,000 links with exact anchors. These actions lead to internal spamming and inhibition of portal pages. This all causes a downgrade of the site in a search engine.

For relink it is enough to use bezankornye links and anchors. Images are also counted. Customization is carried out on all pages, even those that cannot be promoted. High-quality linking can be even. It is enough to act logically and meet all the wishes of the site visitors.

How to achieve positive results and not aggravate the situation
  1. Images

  • Image quality and weight. Sometimes it is an absurd situation. Developers are trying to reduce the image so that its quality is lost. These actions lead to a violation of the layout, reduce usability, increase the number of failures and competitive themes take the lead. Images should be reduced, but not to the limit. You should always consider the information content and quality. A person always sees with his eyes and he is attracted by the visual part of the portal.
  • The situation in search engines is changing rapidly and many optimizers do not understand why the site was in the TOP-10, and now it is not even included in the first 10 sites. An unexpected drop seems to be unconditional, but it is not. The site looks beautiful. It has everything to find leadership positions. Availability of useful content, high-quality photos and video materials with high resolution. But if you look inland, it becomes clear that Title and Alt were created with the same anchor. To clarify a similar problem is quite difficult and difficult to determine the essence. Only experts will be able to pull the leaders in the site. Here you should consider the requirements of the search engine and reduce the number of anchors.
  1. Separation of key phrases

Repeating the themes on each page leads to problems. Optimizers tend to use a large number of keys, but are unaware of what consequences this may have. The system is doing a wrong analysis. For example, consider the site of children’s toys. Optimization is carried out with the name of the group “talking cat”, but the pages are called:

  • talking cat;
  • talking cat in St. Petersburg;
  • prices talking cat;
  • fur talking cat;
  • baby talking hamster.

As a result, the site pages are repeated, as they provide almost identical information. In search engine results, relevant pages also change, which causes problems and dubious success.

Some people think this is ridiculous, and they do not believe in this opinion, but this is so. Experts had to deal with such problems and find a way out of the situation. Today, getting into the TOP is only possible with the correct selection of key phrases and their use.

How to achieve positive results and not aggravate the situation
  1. Robots.txt and its setting

This item is important and can not be omitted in this work. To optimize the site, it is necessary to eliminate the use of technical and garbage pages. They can download the site. Under the control come across folders with styles and scripts. During the download, the Google search engine notes problems and reduces the quality of the resource.

Как добиться положительных результатов и при этом не усугубить положение

To avoid a lot of problems, you need to properly configure your robots.txt and distribute all items into folders.

  1. Usability

On modern sites you can find a variety of slogans that will allow you to make your choice in favor of a casino or other actions. Convenient services have a choice. You should also determine the location of the object and how it is selected. The availability of metrics greatly simplifies the process of operation. Pop-up windows appear at different times of the day.

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