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Commodity, or price aggregators, are digital resources on which products of several stores are laid out on the Internet (such as Yandex.Market, Pulse Price, or Aliexpress). They are convenient for users because with their help it is easier to search for profitable deals, and site owners increase sales. How the drives work and how to use them will be discussed in more detail below.

Characteristics of goods drives

  • All resources have a familiar set of functions that apply to all types and categories of a product. For this reason, any collector is not suitable for everyone. Only those that are particularly common and subject to the possibility of comparing them with other analogues.
Каким образом действуют сборщики товаров
  • Everywhere the cost is recorded. It is the main indicator for consumers who are comparing products from different resources.
Каким образом действуют сборщики товаров
  • There must be a service that controls product quality. This means that selling web resources go through the strictest checks and inspire confidence. The drive analyzes the store’s ability to work, the degree of service, product features, staff tolerance and much more.
Каким образом действуют сборщики товаров

It is worth adding that in 2017, the State Duma of the Russian Federation considered a legitimate project that demanded responsibility from aggregators to consumers for not providing all the information about goods, trade rules, selling resources, delivery methods and other significant things. So far, the bill has not been approved, but the groupers carefully select and control web stores to avoid problems in the future.

Marked in demand commodity collectors:

On the Runet open spaces:

  • Market;
  • Apartment;
  • Products;
  • ua;
  • TIU;
  • Pulse Price;


  • Amazon;
  • Aliexpress;

These are the most well-known collectors of society, who work in many fields. But there are resources with a narrow specialization, which still have significance for entrepreneurial activity. For example, Drom performs work in the automotive field, and aims to sell airline tickets.

Каким образом действуют сборщики товаров

In order for your store to hit one of these drives, you should leave a request on the site and be tested by moderators. You will need to fill out a document that is saved in yml format. It was developed by Yandex, and it uses a predominant number of collectors. The file will need to provide information about the product: cost, a brief description, hyperlinks – the sample is available for download from a similar site.

Каким образом действуют сборщики товаров

You do not have to fill in the fields yourself. Provided that the website works on a modern CMS, you can simply load the product into the document (you may need to purchase an option on the system, download a plugin, or ask the developer for a converter). Then you need to register and fill up the plate. The resource will analyze your site in all respects. For example, you can call back to check the degree of staff communication with customers. How much are they available during business hours? The data that will be spoken on the phone should be similar to information on the Internet.

The main condition of your work is legality. Therefore, on the collector site you must indicate the exact name of the enterprise, the data of the individual entrepreneur and the legal address. Applicants for placement must be correctly written, with high-quality design, to make correct, uninterrupted work. Payment options, methods of receiving goods and exact prices should also be provided.

Each product creates its own page with a photo, cost, buttons for ordering, description, option for feedback. All information must be relevant. Large aggregator sites are concerned about their status, therefore they are demanding for all online stores. If you clearly notice that the reliability of the data is not important to the resource, you should refuse to work with it. It is often found that the aggregator is created only for earnings and does not carry utility.

How exactly are selling sites calculated with drives?

Каким образом действуют сборщики товаров

Price aggregators use several payment options.

Payment for moving. Both at auctions and for advertising in context. Selling persons pay for the possibility of moving through their hyperlinks to products in a particular category (for example, Goods, Yandex.Market).

Payment for a specific product. The fixed cost for the location of the product at a set time. Often found in seasonal products (example – Avito, TIU).

Interest commissions. The customer places an order through the drive system, for which they are charged a percentage of the sale (for example, Amazon, Yandex.Market).

Why are price drives suitable for promotion and sales?

Due to the fact that according to search queries, they fall into the top ten results. This is due to:

  • Custom actions (Search engines notice that the visitor was on the selling website for about three minutes, and on the web aggregator for more than an hour, and there was more active);
  • Varieties of pages, and hence the data sets;
  • The presence of additional information that is not always indicated in the online store (customer reviews, paved path, etc.).


If you do not pay attention to strict checks of drives, then you can understand that this is a great opportunity for SEO-promotion, as well as a high-quality selling platform. If your resource passes the control of moderators, then you will open a larger number of customers who are already ready to buy your products. If you wish to recognize possible malfunctions in the operation of your web resource (considering also for the purpose of locating on collectors), you can use the site audit. It shows the vulnerabilities that you can immediately fix with the help of our experts.

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