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To launch your site is not enough to come up with a name, choose a design and fill out information. It is worth thinking about that, for the user, the site first of all begins with the address bar, so you need to be puzzled by how to switch to https.

Caprice or necessity?

The latest versions of browsers immediately give an estimate of the resource, according to which the users who are given a joke make a conclusion whether it is worth staying here. For example, in Google Chrome:

Как и зачем переходить на https

The browser signs that it is a reliable resource, the connection with it is secure and you can entrust your passwords, email address, etc. Agree, it inspires confidence and does not give cause for concern. This is especially important for online stores when you need to make an online order and enter a bank card number for payment. In Opera and Firefox browsers in this case there is just a green lock. This is an example of using a secure https connection, which encrypts all data and prevents unauthorized access, the very addition “S” to http and means “secure” (secure). And if the owner has not taken care to make his site safe for visitors, then it looks like this:

Как и зачем переходить на https

We are approached by clients whose sites still work on the http version, which means this information is still relevant, so you need to know this not only to those who are planning to acquire their own site, but also to the owners of existing Internet resources and those who are directly engaged in their creation. It is better to immediately launch new projects on https in order not to upload problems in the future, because there will be no way back.

In short, the essence of the http connection that needs to be abandoned is that it is unencrypted and vulnerable, and any bad uncle or novice hacker can open it and see the data that the user sends without knowing it. And no one knows what will come to mind to those who get your personal information in hand – blackmail or theft of money from the card.

I would like to mention one more weighty reason for moving to the https protocol from Google – an advantage in ranking, ie an improvement in the position of such resources in search results. But in any case, this should be done, because in the near future, browsers simply will not support http.

Learn SSL certificates

It is very important to acquire and use a quality certificate with maximum confidence.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an Internet technology that allows you to provide a secure encrypted connection between the site and the browser.

There are 3 types of paid certificates:

  1. Domain Validation is the simplest certificate, confirms only the domain name, is the cheapest and is released automatically and quickly.
  2. Organization Validation – is intended for legal entities, confirms the domain and the name of the organization. To obtain it, check the availability of state registration and in the whois domain, information in the yellow pages, and it is also possible to expect a test call to the number specified in the contact information. Such a certificate is more expensive and you can get it a maximum of 10 days.
  3. Extended Validation – these certificates can be attributed to the premium class, they are not only the most expensive, but they are not as easy to get as the previous ones. The presence of such a certificate confirms that the company really exists and has all the relevant documents. Such a company has the maximum trust of users to its web resource. The issuance of such a certificate is 10-14 days. As a result, the address bar will additionally display the name of the organization that received the certificate. For example:
Как и зачем переходить на https

You can get any certificate through a hosting provider, often it can even be included in the cost of the site hosting itself, they can also help with installation. It is important to check that the hosting supports SSL. You can check whether the certificate is installed correctly, for example, on the SSL Server Test online service. It should be remembered that any manipulations with the URL of pages lead to temporary (from 1 to several months) decline in positions in the search, so you need to be ready for this.

How to switch from http to https

Handing you the instructions for moving to https:

  • It should be performed in accordance with the recommendations of Yandex, which are represented in the indexing help service – “Site moving”.
  • A drop in the TI to 0 is normal when moving.
  • We add the main domain and all subdomains on the https protocol to the Google Search Console and Yandex Webmaster. If there are rejected links in the Disavow Tool, you need to reload the file with them.
  • In the robots.txt file, specify the Host directive with the https protocol.
  • We create sitemap.xml with https addresses, and specify in the robots.txt a link to the sitemap on the https protocol.
  • It should be rechecked that all internal links (pictures, scripts, etc.) work via https or are relative. External links should also work via https.
  • You need to update the links as with their profiles from the social. networks, so all affiliate links on https.
  • In the Yandex webmaster, click SITE SITE to https.
  • When the mirrors are glued together (from 2 weeks to 2 months), the webmaster will see that most of the pages are already in the index for https versions, and there are not enough for http, then you need to configure 301 redirects from http versions to https.

At the end of all this shamanism, the site at least gets a long-awaited mark:

Как и зачем переходить на https

We hope that after this material you will no longer have doubts and questions about whether you need to go to https.

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