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Google will replace Voice Search with Android Assistant

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    Now users of the Android operating system do not need to say: “Ok Google” to search for a specific request. Yes, Google has dedicated the past few years to transforming its voice search into a convenient Assistant, and finally announced a replacement.

    Google will replace Voice Search with Android Assistant

    On Android, you will notice a visual change. So the icon is replaced with a g-shaped icon. And the famous phrase looks like “Ask your assistant.” A new widget is located at the bottom of the phone launcher, and the answers appear from the drop-down panel. By the way, the assistant is testing sending search queries from the phone’s lock screen. Only a limited number of users can test this version of the search engine in action. But note that Google completely replaced the assistant with a new model on an ongoing basis, and not temporarily. So you have to get used to receiving direct answers, but not for every request yet. In the future we will appreciate all the advantages.

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