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    Let’s figure out what it is. This is a special service from Google that will allow the site owner or hired promotion specialists to monitor for possible errors, backlinks, key phrases, assign a specific geolocation and much more, which will be useful in the analysis of statistical data.

    To apply this promotion service, you must first go to the special link Be sure to have a registered account in Gmail. After logging in, add the site. When adding, it will be necessary to confirm the ownership of the property by the resource. The service will offer two types of confirmation:

    • “Recommended method”;
    • “Alternative way”.

    You choose the one that will be more convenient for you.

    Google Webmaster Tools

    In the settings window, write down exactly how to display the url. With frequent updating of the site, limit the scan, so the search bot will visit it more often.

    Do not forget to indicate the location here: Russia, Ukraine or another country in which you do work and do business.

    The service settings will allow you to track useful indicators, for example:

    • traffic
    • internal and external links;
    • Key queries
    • errors in scanning and others.
    Google Webmaster Tools

    Adding a resource to GWT is absolutely necessary if you decide to promote it in Google. This is an indispensable assistant that will show all existing errors in optimization and help to fix them. Thanks to this service, it is even possible to submit a resource for review.

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