Google News tightens publisher selection process

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    At the last video call of webmasters, the news became known that Google News had tightened the process of selecting publishers. And this is the right decision, because users will be more protected from spreading false news on the network. Ben Gomez, Google’s vice president of technical affairs, said the criteria were tightened and only reliable information was accepted. If the author does not know why his news was not allowed, then it is better to contact the publishers forum. It is likely that such a problem has already been encountered.

    Google News tightens publisher selection process

    This was done to ensure that people really find what they are looking for, and not spend their time on fakes. Now, every page containing dubious information, hoaxes, misleading data, etc. will be especially marked. Google News employees hope that complaints from users about a poor search engine and unwanted information will be much less.

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