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Google News launches analytics section on current topics

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    Google News has unveiled a new section called “Beyond the Headlines,” which aims to show people in-depth material on socially important topics. Here, the global IT giant will single out publishers who deeply analyze problematic, controversial issues in the areas vital to humanity. This includes health care, education, interaction with the environment and many others.

    Google News launches analytics section on current topics

    For user convenience, the service indicates the estimated time it takes to read. So a person will be able to assess how long it takes to get acquainted with the information, and when it is better for him to proceed.

    Materials for this section are selected with special algorithms “Google News”. Today, the feature is available to visitors anywhere in the world. It is located on the right, supports English. And next year, the corporation also plans to launch a mobile version of the service, and add other languages to the access.

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