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Google does not show more than three links from one domain

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In Google, the ranking algorithm has changed in order to make the issuance of requests more diverse. In connection with such changes, Searchmetrics employees laid it all down and provided the results of their analysis.

Here is what they showed:

  • Now Google does not show more than three links from one domain, that is, it does not display them in the TOP-10;
  • If we talk about navigation queries, then Google can show several results from one source;
  • The display rate for key requests from one resource became 2 times lower, but their share, on which Google can show 2 links from the same platform, increased to 44.2 percent;
  • As for small sites or online stores, now they have a much better chance of getting into the TOP, since the issuance of requests has become really more diverse;
  • Also, it is worth noting that the uniqueness index also increased. If you want to get into the TOP-10 by issuing Google, then your domain must be unique at least by 52.3 percent.
Google does not show more than three links from one domain

Below we look at what a domain is and what are the differences between it and hosting.

Domain name is the name of the site, thanks to which you can easily find it through the browser.

Hosting is a place to store all files and any other data along with your site.

In order for the resource to work well and people could easily access it, both the domain and hosting are needed.

If you dig a little deeper, then once the name of the source consisted of numbers, that is, it could only be found at that called digital address.

The numeric address (or IP address) is a four-digit combination of numbers, which is separated by dots. For example:

But all these numbers were difficult for people to remember, so they came up with a text name, for example, take Domain is exactly “”.

Back to the domains, there are only 2 types: general and national. Below we consider how they differ.


  • For commercial enterprises (but now they are used not only for commerce) – .com (abbreviated from the company);
  • For non-profit organizations – .org (from the word organization);
  • For educational projects – .edu (from education).

The main difference is simple registration, for which no additional documents are needed and there are no restrictions.

To date, there are many different domains, the number of which exceeds one thousand units.

Google does not show more than three links from one domain


Domain names that are used for certain countries.

For example, for Ukraine – .ua, for Russia – .ru, for France – .fr, and so on.

Such a domain will be harder to get, because it already needs your personal data and the provision of documents. Also, many countries only allow citizens of their country to register such domains.

Domains needed for:

  • Сайтов, чтобы люди с легкостью могли вас находить и не использовать IP-адрес. Поэтому выбирайте более простые и запоминающиеся названия.
  • Почты, чтобы настроить свой личные почтовый аккаунт. Делается это для того, чтобы люди могли отправлять вам письма. Например, адрес, а почта –
  • Парковки домена, чтобы занять нужное вам название. Паркинг – это информационная страница вашего сайта, на которой указано, что данный ресурс находится еще на стадии разработки.
  • Переадресации на социальные сети.
  • Sites so that people can easily find you and not use the IP address. Therefore, choose more simple and memorable names.
  • Mail to set up your personal mail account. This is done so that people can send you letters. For example, the address is, and mail is
  • Parking domain to take the name you want. Parking is an information page of your site, which indicates that this resource is still under development.
  • Redirects to social networks.
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