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One of the productive methods to attract customers through a search engine is Google contextual advertising. This is a great way to quickly announce your business on the Internet.

The principle of operation of the Kyrgyz Republic

There are two display options:

  • on search – in natural results, when the user types a request;
  • on sites that participate in the Display Network (GDN).

In the first case, we get “hot” customers who have a specific question – they are ready to make a purchase, which means that the probability of conversion is very high. In the second, the results are not so effective, advertising just flashes before the eyes of a person who has ever visited your site or found it through the search bar.

Search engine developers have provided resource owners with a flexible configuration tool. As soon as all the conditions specified in the parameters are met, the ad gets into the issuance. In this case, payment is charged solely for the commission of the indicated action, most often this is a link.

The basis is the “three whales”:

  • features of the target audience;
  • tasks;
  • click cost balance.

For online marketing to be profitable, you need to find a middle ground that minimizes costs and maximizes conversion. This can only be achieved by an experienced specialist who has implemented many campaigns. Only a deep understanding of the impact of settings on the final result will allow you to take full advantage of this method of promotion.


  1. Demonstration only to users who are really interested. This increases the likelihood of benefit at times.
  2. Since impressions depend on semantic queries, they are all narrowly targeted.
  3. Payment is based on the concept of CPC (cost per click) – a specific transition on the displayed block. The system algorithm itself calculates the probability of entry and purchase, displays the post only when it is high enough.
  4. The advertiser sets the price, but there is a minimum value.
  5. The choice is made on the basis of the auction. Each lot admitted to trading is evaluated in terms of payment. It is important to know the optimal value in the niche so as not to invest too little or too much.
  6. The influence is the clickability of the text (coefficient of effectiveness), demonstrating the level of interest of potential buyers. This achieves a balance of issuance, when not only those who paid the maximum get to the top places. It is calculated according to the well-known formula: the ratio of clicks to impressions in percentage terms.
  7. The toolkit implies a large number of settings, which gives the flexibility of the campaign. This is called targeting. Specifying detailed characteristics for each case, the marketer narrows the range of conditions, attracting only targeted users.
  8. Convenient analytics service helps to track results almost every minute, which makes it possible to instantly change the characteristics and increase efficiency.

The most important advantage of this promotion is the almost instant return on investment. The result is visible during the day after the start.

Google contextual advertising

How to configure Adwords contextual advertising

The sequence of actions is determined by the tools that Google provides. But before proceeding with the specifics, it is necessary to do the preparatory work.

  1. Perform an analysis of the target audience. An experienced marketer will introduce a typical buyer in detail: interests, time to network, geography, needs and much more. Often the result is presented in the form of a report, which describes all the characteristics and even the usual daily routine.
  2. Think over a strategy. You need to understand what you want to get on the way out: profit growth, image building, brand building. And on this basis, in the future, build a PR system.

Only after this is determined can you start setting up Adwords.

Target selection

The rule of this step: one goal – one campaign. These include:

  • attracting potential customers;
  • increase in sales;
  • traffic growth.

In the GDN, they are added:

  • image building;
  • brand awareness and audience reach.

Location targeting

Depends on the geography of the advertised business. This may be a country, region, radius around a point on the map, location (near company branches and attractions, for example).

Bids and Budget

Adwords gives two options

  1. Auto. The algorithm itself distributes the price of the lot, depending on the specified budget. Optimization is based on statistics. Here you can specify the maximum conversions or clicks.
  2. Professionals independently distribute finances, guided by their own experience and statistics. Sets the maximum value per click for the group, keywords, and placements. Due to this, you can redistribute the budget.

Compilation of the semantic core

As well as in SEO (output to the TOP with natural indexing), the foundation is a set of keywords. Each post is an answer to a user’s question. For example, if you enter “buy a ZTE smartphone”, you offer him to go to the site and solve the problem by making a purchase instantly. It is the correspondence (relevance) of the desired phrase and your proposal that is the determining factor in promoting the network.

AX is compiled using various tools that help you choose the most suitable keywords and phrases. Striking a balance between search frequency and cost is the goal of clustering. The higher the frequency and the greater the number of competitors, the more expensive contextual marketing will cost. Therefore, it is important to find one that will lead a sufficient number of buyers to make a profit.

Ad Grouping

Several clusters are created, each of which will include at least three posts. Keys should be close in meaning, but different. This is very similar to the clustering process in SEO, where the semantics are evenly distributed between pages. Narrow specialization within each group plays a role here. To determine the most effective text will help the analyst. Its value can be increased in order to achieve its goals faster.


Customizable depending on the type. For those who participate in the CCM, those who have already been on the site or have taken any actions in relation to the company (retargeting) are indicated. You can also specify “by subject” – Google automatically selects and displays links that match the subject of the request.

When it comes to search, you can configure by a number of parameters:

  • in SY – the exact coincidence of the issue and the selected semantics;
  • by interests – an analogue of the thematic;
  • geolocation – the geographical location of Central Asia.
Google contextual advertising

Effective ad

It contains a few words, so you need to make it attractive to the visitor and understandable for Adwords. This is achieved by observing the following rules.

  1. Keyword is included in the title.
  2. Track the relevance of content, include useful data. For example, add a store address or phone number if keywords means contact information.
  3. Description relevant to title.
  4. Content matches the subject of the page to which it leads. It’s not worth advertising the bike, and clicking on the lead to the sale section of the videos.
  5. The text is unique and literate. Google has stringent content requirements.
  6. The URL to which the link is placed must be operational and accessible.
  7. Do not forget about mobile gadgets – adapt to view on a narrow screen.

Additional extensions

Additional information calling for some action. It can be a button with a call order, address, other links. They make the posts more visible and add convenience to users, giving them the opportunity to contact the advertiser.

Total Ads allows you to specify three types.

  1. References. Redirect users to different pages – special offers, delivery, descriptions of related products, etc. If the key does not fully meet the desires of a person, then such additional opportunities have a significant chance to fall into his “pain”. Usually at least 4 links are added.
  2. Refinements. They help to demonstrate “tasty” offers – promotions, free delivery, new items, discounts, etc.
  3. Descriptions. Brief presentation of the features and advantages of goods or services.


To be sure your marketing strategy is productive, enable conversion tracking. Perhaps if there are a lot of transitions, and the efficiency is low, work on the site or business processes.

It is also important to regularly review the current campaign. To do this, Google created a convenient personal account. A big plus is the individual formation of recommendations based on indicators.

Self-tuning issues

Despite the most detailed recommendations on launching and maintaining the Kyrgyz Republic from Google, many owners, deciding to save on hiring promoters, make the same mistakes. This inevitably leads to financial losses. Training takes a long time, as the effect cannot be achieved without experience. The trial and error path can be expensive.

The main problems can be called:

  • loss of cost control;
  • increasing clickthrough rates
  • reduction in the number of transitions due to improper targeting and selection of semantics.

There comes a time when investments exceed profits from new customers. After all, it is far from immediately that a beginner begins to understand the correct analysis of CA, does not understand pricing. Also, she does not know how to work with NW – selecting relevant keywords, specifying negative keywords, and distributing phrases among ad groups.

How to solve these problems

You can’t save on PR – because your income directly depends on it. Turn to marketers – this will reduce the time to get a good result and the costs will pay off.

IPapus Agency Studio offers an excellent solution – we will formulate approaches with you and implement them. The company employs certified marketing specialists, talented copywriters, and attentive managers.

To order the maintenance of Google Adwords in our agency, write or call. The first consultation is free, on it you will determine the direction of cooperation. You can leave a request for certain services, but the complex is always more profitable.

  1. SEO – natural promotion lasts several months, but as productively as possible. Your resource will gain a foothold in the top positions of search engines for a large number of semantic phrases, will be guaranteed to work and comply with web development standards.
  2. YAN and CCM. Paid services work quickly, and in conjunction with CEO, growth will be amazingly high.
  3. PR in social networks. This is an integral part of modern online promotion. We can lead communities, we know how to organize targeting, we write excellent articles.
  4. Website development – if you start from scratch, we will offer you an inexpensive and optimized resource.
  5. Branding. For those who dream of breaking out of soldiers into generals and selling only by name.

Each of the services involves a number of steps – they can also be ordered separately. For example, code audit or analysis of competitors, design or presentation of the organization. We do not limit our customers in choosing.

Here you will find:

  • Convenient means of communication (personal account, instant messengers or by phone;
  • transparent pricing;
  • guarantees for the performance of work;
  • deadlines;
  • readable reports.

How much does Adwords KR cost The final price is determined by the scope of the organization, the number of competitors, scale and goals. There is a minimum below which the CD will be useless. All these data can be obtained as part of the preliminary calculation. Send detailed information via the online form or call. The manager will report estimated costs.

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