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Website promotion is a whole complex of measures, united by the term SEO (search engine optimization). These include:

  • code optimization;
  • creation of a convenient interface (usability);
  • competitor analysis;
  • collection of semantics;
  • Filling content;
  • providing reference mass;
  • contextual marketing;
  • work in social networks.

SEO has goals:

  • technical – the growth of positions in the issuance of search engines;
  • commercial – increasing customer profits due to sales growth (which are impossible without increasing traffic).

Starting the promotion you can’t think narrowly, setting yourself this or that task. They directly affect each other, therefore, collectively determine the marketing strategy of the company.

  • Publication of the anchor to the resource in the TOP of the search engine.
  • Encouraging a client to enter the portal.
  • Leading him to the completion of the target action.

The more such visitors, the faster the profit grows. So it depends on attendance.

Advertising Google Adwords and Yandex.Direct is a comfortable tool for contextual marketing, which becomes another factor in the implementation of the overall plan.

How Google Internet Advertising Works

There are two options:

  • on search – is displayed at the top positions or in the block on the right when the user’s question matches the keys specified in the configuration;
  • on the Display Network (CCM) – it is displayed on affiliate platforms, it is more likely for retargeting (“catches up” with a visitor).

To implement the first method, Adwords was created. Choosing a strategy, goals, budget, a marketer creates a campaign, the result of which are ad impressions in the PS. In this case, payment is not taken for publication, but for a click – a person’s transition to the site. Success is determined by the experience and skill of the specialist who runs and leads it. One of the means of assessment is the profit indicator – how much the income from new customers exceeds the cost of attracting them.

Google Adwords Advertising

Benefits of Google Adwords Online Advertising

  1. Speed. It brings fruits within a day or two after the launch.
  2. Flexibility. You can reconfigure and restart at any time.
  3. Budgeting depending on available funds. The owner decides how much he is willing to spend. It is only necessary to know the minimum at which the scheme brings a positive result.
  4. Volumetric analytics tool. You can evaluate the results at any time from the point of view of the entire campaign or its individual elements.

The minus is the “transience” of the effect (this works while investing money). As soon as the promotion is stopped, paid traffic disappears and the number of calls drops. That is why it is recommended to conduct promotion in different directions – at the time of termination of payment to stay afloat will help natural optimization and being in the TOP.

A number of advantages of the paid context are justified by its algorithm itself.

  1. Demonstration of only a selected audience. The probability of the desired action is mathematically calculated and the higher it is, the more likely it is that the search engine will choose exactly your ad.
  2. Narrowly targeted impressions are determined by semantics – user requests. Each post answers the question and closes the “pain” of the user.

How it works

The marketer conducts preparatory work and launches advertising processes. The publication is selected by the algorithm based on the calculation of CTR (Click-Thru Rate) – the ratio of transitions to impressions, expressed as a percentage. The indicator determines the probability of conversion. The second criterion is cost per click (CPC). The higher it is, ceteris paribus, the more your ads fall into the issuance.

The selection process itself is an auction, where each lot declared is a text and a link, which are defined in the company’s settings. To win this competition, you should clearly understand what is the optimal cost of transition. By assigning a high, you will not pay for it. Too low will result in no impressions.

Setup Steps

There is no and cannot be a single instruction, since a huge number of factors influence the parameters – from the level of competition to the habits of potential customers. Harmony can be achieved only on the basis of experience and collected statistics. A good advertiser sometimes “feels” under what conditions the result will be maximum.

Unfortunately, even within the framework of one field of activity, we cannot provide specific values for all parameters – this is individual for each online platform. But the algorithm is determined by the service interface, and preparatory work is required.

Target Audience Analysis

All subsequent settings depend on its composition, habits and geography. It is possible to indicate the time of publication, geo-targeting, etc.

Goal setting

In Ads, this is attracting visitors, increasing traffic, increasing sales. They are set quite specifically, configured in services and attached to an advertising campaign.

You must follow the rule – for each launch a specific target.

Geography Indication

Google is conveniently scalable. Not only a country or city is selected, but also the radius around a certain point on the map or binding to attractions, company branches, and retail outlets.


Inexperienced PR specialists stop at the automatic distribution of the lot value, indicating the maximum conversion or click price. The context program in this case independently distributes the budget. This is convenient, but fraught with errors, since there is no certainty that the basic statistics are automatically selected correctly.

For seasoned self-determination of funding is intended. Sets the maximum budget for clicking on a post from a group, by key or placement. In the future, funds are redistributed flexibly.

Semantic core

Adwords is advertising on search, therefore, it directly depends on the selected queries. Each keyword or phrase is an answer to a user’s question. When they are relevant, the likelihood of a click is maximized. If the AX is selected incorrectly, there will be no hits – the text simply will not interest the user.

Key distribution by groups

Based on the clustering of the semantic core (highlighting requests that are similar in meaning, for example, everything related to repairing a suspension or selling a sofa in the kitchen), a breakdown is made into sections. 3-5 queries are included in each.

The system during the auction will take the closest in meaning. Such specialization makes it possible to narrow the range of questions and substitute the most relevant answer. Based on analytics, the most successful post is assigned a high price.

Google Adwords Advertising

Create Ads

A small text presents a business proposal. If this is done qualitatively from a human point of view, a person will click on the link. When the requirements of the service are taken into account, it will be shown:

  • single keyword;
  • the key in the title will help the program determine relevance;
  • the description matches the keyword phrase;
  • unique and competent text – another will not be allowed to be issued;
  • The post is adapted for mobile devices;
  • The URL is working and opens.


Google gives three options:

  • thematic – interests of target visitors are taken into account;
  • semantic – according to the semantic core;
  • geolocation – for those whose business is tied to the geographic location of customers.

Additional extensions

Ads cares about people by being able to specify sitelinks and call-to-action buttons. They draw attention to the block and often represent a decisive factor for conversion. In total, three types are selected:

  • links to similar or related products, delivery and service pages;
  • refinements show “buns” – promotions, discounts, free delivery, etc .;
  • descriptions reveal the features and advantages of goods or services.

IPapus Agency: How to Order Google Adwords Ads

Our team includes certified contextual marketing specialists.

  • We organize a quick launch of the campaign.
  • We will ensure its maintenance with a configuration correction depending on the results.
  • We will provide clear reports on the results of each stage.

In order for the clicks to turn into purchases, we recommend additionally ordering an audit of the site – after all, access to it is not enough. Usability should “push” toward a purchase or other targeted action. If a person is uncomfortable on your pages, he will simply close the browser.

We have been engaged in complex promotion for more than 10 years, so we are well-versed in all the changes that search engines are not tired of pleasing. Our goal is to solve strategic problems of customers, and not just bring the resource to the TOP. One of the active areas is advertising in Google Adwords, the price of which is quite affordable for every business owner. You can find out the approximate cost at the first consultation (it is completely free). Write online or call, give all the details, and the manager will offer different optimization options for further profit.

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