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Google Ads introduced useful tools for local advertising campaigns

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Innovations from Google Ads will open a wide range of opportunities for advertisers who are aimed at increasing sales directly during the holiday season.

Google Ads introduced useful tools for local advertising campaigns

What are these tools?

  • Users are given access to promote their stores and other outlets, showing their location on Google Maps when building a route. If a person is interested, then he clicks on the mark, and finds out all the detailed information about the object, and can even designate it as a breakpoint.
  • Those who use local campaigns can upload feeds and display products in catalogs on Google Display Network.
  • The advertiser, if necessary, installs one of the proposed buttons in his local ad:
    • “Pick up today” if the goods are in stock, and after payment the buyer can come for them;
    • “Pick up later” if you need to wait for delivery.

Updates have already taken effect, you can actively use the new features.

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