Geo-targeting – a way to find your target audience

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Geo-targeting (geo-targeting) is a type of targeted advertising, taking into account the exact geolocation of the user, that is, the placement will be visible only to those people who are in the right location. Thus, the advertiser will have its own target audience.

Generally speaking, targeting is a way to search for a target audience according to certain criteria. This is done so that the advertisement is seen by those people who are interesting to the customer.

We can divide into several groups how geo-targeting works:

  1. Request

It works on the principle that the user is looking for something on request in a search engine. This is not the most reliable way, but it works.

  1. IP-address

You can specify regions for displaying ads based on IR addresses. This can be done in the settings of contextual and targeted advertising.

  1. Personal information

Basically, this is information from social networking pages.

  1. Information gathered by browsers

For example, you are looking for the services of a photographer in Moscow, which means that ads will be selected from Moscow.

The trade problem of geo-targeting is the “targeting” of information and advertising notifications to a suitable target audience. As well as demonstrates practical activity, the effectiveness of this kind of advertising is extremely sublime. The advertiser acquires the potential consumers involved, and his partner, a web specialist, increases his own income. If desired, the advertiser can broadcast advertising that will contain the most extensive terrain, and not a separately accepted region.

Geo-targeting can be useful not only to the advertiser, it gives the Internet user the chance to quickly find the information that is enticing him. Search engines are configured by default to the region in which the person resides. For example, if the user needed to find out where the nearest cinema center or cafeteria is located, in this case, the search engine will display the pages of sites of nearby institutions. Information about the user is formed according to his IP address.

Geo-targeting - a way to find your target audience

The advantages of determining the geolocation of the user:

  • You can advertise to him any goods and services that are sold near him, or just nearby.
  • You will have the opportunity to post regional news on the site, which will also attract users.
  • You can easily determine the nearest sales office to the customer.
  • You can also show company data, for example, even an office phone number.

How can I increase conversion?

  1. First you need to identify the target audience.

For example, take food delivery to your home. For such a service, you need to search for customers precisely by geolocation, as for any business that provides its services in a certain area. You need to realistically assess your capabilities and indicate only true information in your ads. If you indicated that delivery is up to 1 hour, then you obviously should not undertake to serve those who live far beyond the specified territory.

  1. Proper budget allocation

Since a wide reach of the audience costs a lot of money, you can try to use the rate per click on your geofence. This will help to significantly save the budget and provide the same wide coverage of Central Asia, only in a slightly different way.

Take, for example, a show of ballet, which tours the country. First of all, the managers of this group, will take up advertising, so that their target audience knows when and how much the performance will be, well, and, accordingly, managed to purchase tickets. In the geotargeting settings, you will need to select a specific city and all locations that are about an hour from the place we want.

  1. Need to look for customers who are nearby.

For example, there is a coffee shop, which has discounts at certain hours for a second acquired coffee. Such advertising will be interesting to people who are near or near the institution.

  1. User’s geolocation can be found by his search history

You can learn a lot about people through their search history, find out what they like, where they went or what they want to buy.

Even take for example, if the user is looking for English courses near the house, we are looking at exactly what he wants to get on such courses, then simply set up geo-targeting about other courses, but with similar services, also close to home.

What do you think, what is the probability that the user will travel to the other end of the city for what he can get in a 10-20 minute walk from home?

  1. We do localization of landing pages

In fact, this is very important, since the user needs to understand from the first seconds whether he has got on the site he needs. This applies to domains, languages and so on.

For example, your client lives in Russia and it is very important that when he goes to your site, he is with the domain “ru” in Russian as well. Also with other countries, if the user is from Ukraine, then the domain is “ua” and the Ukrainian-language website. Speaking purely for languages, it’s very good when the user can choose in which language he will view the site. This further increases your chances that he will stay with you, and maybe not just like that =)

Geo-targeting - a way to find your target audience

The advantages of this method when promoting websites

  • Super-way to increase conversion;
  • If a business is tied to a specific place, then this is the most it!
  • Focusing on geolocation, you can reduce your competition and thereby reach the TOP;
  • Less competition — cost less — more people. Everything is simple – no one likes to overpay;
  • As practice shows, users trust the output from the search more precisely by requests with a location.

Thank you for reading to the end! Further more!

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