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Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

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If you decide to promote your site without attracting finance, then with almost one hundred percent certainty you can say that you will need:

  • Do everything with your own hands and head.
  • Use free or almost free programs.

It is necessary, nevertheless, to immediately warn that it is quite difficult to bring a resource into the leaders of search results and not spend a dime. If you want to promote a sufficient number of commercial requests, you will need to do a lot of work with incoming links. This is mainly done by specialized exchanges that are ready to place links exclusively for a certain fee, and you can hardly do without their help.

Let’s see what are the services and programs for promotion with a “penny” payment, or completely free.

Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

Communication with search engines and site settings

First of all, to promote it is worth using the Webmaster panel. You don’t have to pay money for them, but they are present in every search engine. We are pleased to share the links.

  • Yandex –
  • Google –
  • Good old Male.Ru add just in case of fire –
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

In order for the resource to be visible to users, you need to assemble a semantic core. To do this yourself, without attracting third-party contractors and financial costs, you can use the following tools:

  • Yandex collects statistics on user requests. in numbers, this is more than half the audience of the entire Internet space of the CIS –
  • Search query data in Google –, as well as popular trends Here, in percentage terms – 35% of users.
  • And again, let’s not forget Mail – Only 6%, but they should not be missed.
  • Generate SС using the data of competitors who occupy leadership positions.
  • Data collection on frequencies and hints in search engines –
  • To speed up manual work with WordStat, use this link –
  • – you can collect tips from the main search engines, as well as popular queries that are located in the panel of the webmaster.
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

When the semantic core is assembled, you can proceed with internal optimization. There are some programs and tools that can be very useful in this matter:

  • To check the quality of the optimization itself and analyze the TOP –
  • When creating a site errors may be made, therefore, you should check for their presence, so that it is possible to fix everything on time –
  • Even an ignorant person in optimization knows that each text must be unique! How to check? Very simple and without a single penny of costs. The popular service will not only help identify places that have already “shone”, but will also count the number of characters, spam and other SEO-indicators.
  • Do you want to conduct SEO analysis of textual content in comparison with competitors? Then follow here –
  • The human factor in writing has not been canceled. Everyone makes mistakes, the copywriter can just be sealed up. When reading fluently, you yourself may not notice it. In this case, “Spelling” will help, which will conduct proofreading for you and highlight all the errors found –
  • There is a program on the MegaIndex website that will determine the degree of optimization performed.
  • – here we analyze the server codes.
  • – 301 redirect.
  • Every self-respecting portal should be adapted for mobile devices. You do not know how to check this optimization? – real gift from Google.
  • An important parameter is the speed of downloading documents and how quickly hosting responds.
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself
  • Check donor sites –
  • Inbound and outbound link mass analysis – or alternative
  • Anchor Generator –
  • Download backlinks archive –
  • Register in the directories of organizations with the ability to add a direct transition to the site.
  • Representations in social networks.
  • Communication in thematic forums.
  • Using the service
  • Comments on blogs where you can post links.
  • Guest posts in online publications.
  • Registration in the largest catalogs such as Yandex.Catalog, DMOZ and others.
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

How to control your positions and traffic?

  • – analyzer updates from Yandex.
  • Query analysis by topic category –
  • Check SEO indicators and positions on request, thanks to this service. – Previously, the instrument was a kind of legend, but for a number of reasons it lost support. Now it is firmly in the best position.
  • Yandex.Metrica is perhaps the best way to track conversion, traffic and all user requests.
  • Another free opportunity to track your position is “Topvisor”.
  • – all analytics in google.
  • – site visibility analysis.
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

Additional services

  • How to find out that there are no sanctions, getting into filters, visibility among competitive companies, analyze TOP? Welcome –
  • – free optimization guide.
  • Webmaster Assistant -
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

These were the main assistants in the promotion.

To be honest, independent and, especially, free promotion of the venture is risky. Why? The answer is pretty simple. Firstly, if this is new for you, but you want to save, as a result, losing valuable time for studying material and the like, leak those possible earnings that could cover the cost of attracting specialists. In general, the whole process of getting into the TOP can be delayed for several months. And while you try, study, research the mistakes made and try to correct them. Your competitors are already making sales and getting richer.

No, we are not trying to dissuade you, this is just a warning about the possible consequences. Perhaps you have enough talent and zeal to do everything quickly and efficiently. And we, in turn, will try to help something else.

Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

Here are a few parting words:

  • Create interesting and high-quality content. Only one hundred percent uniqueness, completeness of the information posted will allow you to retain the client and increase conversion. Do not pour a lot of water, do not try to fill the texts with keywords, otherwise no system will want to lift you up. Clearly and in fact. Put yourself in the place of a potential customer who is looking for a specific product and gets to your resource. So it will be easier to assess the scope of the work done.
  • Do not be lazy to comment on publications on third-party sites. Declare yourself boldly, leave links. Put a plan – at least 20 comments per day. Ask friends and acquaintances.
  • Social networks are another engine! No money for advertising on Facebook, Instagram? Just chat with people. Properly established communication with the target audience will give a powerful impetus to promotion.
  • Indicate the address of the site wherever possible – this applies not only to the Internet network. Business cards, posters. Have you organized a cafe or restaurant with food delivery? Please – type url in the menu.
  • There are no people in this world without at least one friend, and as for social networks, here even the most non-communicative will have at least 100. Suggest making a repost. Even if at least half of the hundreds do it, this is the result!
  • Newsletter by email. As practice shows, with this type of marketing, profit and recognition rises by 30%. You can also assemble the base manually. Start with large and medium-sized organizations, data is always online. Over time, it will be possible to create a newsletter on time and the like.
  • Place ads on online boards. It does not require money. Time will take, but the result will also be.
Free website promotion in Yandex and Google yourself

You can conclude that untwisting yourself, you can still. It will be difficult, there will be mistakes, there is no way without them. But with due diligence and perseverance, you can climb the leaderboards.

Remember that you need to be able to keep what has been achieved, so you can’t stop – you need to conduct analytics, conduct regular audits, and remember to make yourself known. Otherwise, enjoying short-term success, you can go down to the roots again, and few people will like to start all over again. Well, we, in our turn, wish you maximum achievements! All in your hands!

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