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In order to highly value Google search engine performance and generate more traffic for your site, you need to carefully research your keywords.

The level of marketer’s professionalism can be assessed by his ability to select the best “keywords” to attract more traffic.

To increase the ranking of the site, you need to create an effective strategy for the selection of keys in Google. It is known that about 75% of users of a virtual network, after issuing the first request, will go further. Usually, the first ten positions are viewed in a search program. It will be important for you to learn how to correctly build key phrases for ranking. We have identified five ways of effectively selecting for you and willingly share them.

Пять способов профессионально подобрать ключевые слова

Quora will help you understand user desires

Having decided on your content strategy, you can proceed to the selection of keys. It will be productive to initially find out what questions and topics concern users. To understand the search queries, a special service was created – Quora. It helps to quickly deal with the topic, highlight frequent questions in its category. Having carefully studied the material, you can safely create a theme with ready-made keywords. How it works? Consider an example. Let’s say you want to promote your blog or a separate article in it. Go to Quora and study the topic of your post there. Most likely you will find questions with the highest rates of views and answers.

Пять способов профессионально подобрать ключевые слова

Having decided on the question, you can create an article that will have the best content. It is also possible to use the analogy, but backed up with additional words. Suppose you are going to write a post about making money on the Internet using blogs. How to do this, the question already exists, but if you indicate in the heading some incentive actions, then the article will definitely find its readers.

Let’s start the search for keys with long tails and fairly low competition

Turn again to the experts. According to the results of Ahrefs research, on the Internet, users are not looking for the right thing in one or two words. To get a detailed answer, they make up whole sentences for search. If we consider the help of virtual Siri or Google Now, then there, too, you can see “tailed requests”. If you use long phrases and questions, this will provide you with a better ranking of the keys, which will result in organic traffic.

We suggest using the Google key planner for the proposed scenario described above. So you can quickly find the “tail” requests with low competition. Suitable key phrases are: “As a newbie to make money creating a blog”, “When to expect a profit from blog promotion”.

Insert local keywords

For businessmen who are focused on the implementation of the product in their city, it will be useful to learn how to optimize their keys for local search. Why should this be taken into account? Because the numbers show 78% of local requests leading to offline sales. Again, you can use Google’s “Scheduler” to define keys and local search conditions. For an audience in a particular city or country, it is its own. To improve the ranking of search results is to create content. The basis is required to take the key queries. It so happens that a business is considered international, but this method is also suitable here. It will help determine the local search for an audience of a particular country or locality.

Spying on competitors

While we are engaged in the search and selection of the necessary keys, our competitors are constantly emerging in the leading positions of the system. No need to be upset or discouraged, it is better to borrow an idea from them and learn something important. An interesting program Moz Open Site Explorer will help you steal your competitors’ keywords. It will allow you to track the site of a competitor and identify the best keywords that bring traffic. It is convenient to use.

Simply enter the target page URL in the appropriate line, go to the tab and find the list of necessary keys. The tool gives a complete list of requests for a Moz account. To do this, you will have to register and use the trial version within a month, but this is optional.

Пять способов профессионально подобрать ключевые слова

Getting a list of keywords will give you the opportunity to find out what type of content competitors are using. After analyzing the data, it is possible by their example to create a better competitor and bypass the enemy.

We conduct a systematic audit of the CEO

Time does not stand still. Google constantly introduces new changes into the search algorithm. Large companies are trying to keep up with the development and continue to produce content that surpasses the keys. In a tough competition mode, small firms cannot stay on the top of the rankings for a long time.

Пять способов профессионально подобрать ключевые слова

Want to stay on top, develop and expand content? Audit a CEO at least every six months. Surveys show that only 56% of companies have never conducted such research for clients. Updating the content on the site, and using relevant key queries will help you stay on top of Google.

Let’s sum up

Optimization of keywords and currently affects the search for your site among competitors. Google, in turn, tries to use advanced search algorithms, thereby showing relevant indicators for certain queries. Learning to find a keyword is the first step in the work on promotion. You also need to have a set of tools that show if you use the right words in your texts and blogs.

Deserving a high ranking on Google is not easy. To do this, it is not enough to use the keys for optimization. Better learn how to create relevant content that provides value to customers. There should always be a basis in the body of knowledge, but it is better to add new developments to it. With the help of audit and monitoring, you can create a website that will stay on the ridge for a long time.

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