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Everything about the status of your site in the mailing list from Yandex.Webmaster

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    It will be much easier to follow the changes on your site thanks to weekly summaries from Yandex.Webmasters, which will be sent to the postal address.

    The summary consists of the following information:

    • presence of problems on the site;
    • recent problems that were resolved in a week;
    • any changes on the site, as well as not its individual pages;
    • any page changes in the search;
    • current dynamics on clicks from requests;
    • changes to the main pages, as well as recommendations for pages that should be monitored. The “Indexing” menu in the “Important Pages” section will automatically select the pages that have the maximum number of clicks to track changes.

    These changes will allow the site owner to be always aware of what is happening with his site and, if necessary, to respond in time and give tasks to a technical expert on the elimination of errors.

    To take advantage of these benefits, you just need to subscribe to the summary in the Webmaster’s settings:

    1. click on the login at the top and go to the “Settings”;
    2. on the “Notification Settings” page, specify the email to receive the summary;
    3. below click on the envelope icon, as a result of which all sites will be marked for reporting, if not all are needed, then just click on the black dot to cancel.
    Всё о состоянии вашего сайта в рассылке от Яндекс.Вебмастера

    Information on the site for the current week will be collected in one document and arrive at the specified mailer at the beginning of the next week.

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