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Effective ways to retrieve site positions and issue parsing

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Taking positions is necessary in order to monitor the problems of the page and generate reports for the CEO. The list of search parsers has already become indispensable for those who are engaged in optimization and work in the web industry. There are free methods that are suitable for one-time projects or for solving a specific single problem. However, to check the positions of a large web resource or several sites at once, it would be advisable to use paid services that work online. The rates are quite small, and as a result, for mere pennies you get a lot of functions and opportunities for analytics and closing related SEO issues. In this review we will analyze the way the parser works.

Features novice parser

This service functions relatively recently, it is only a few months old, and therefore it cannot be said that it is on the top list and is recommended by most webmasters. This is a real gap that needs to be filled, as this tool is capable of much. The renter of web sites will be relevant not only for optimizers, but also for those involved in marketing.

What makes this tool different?

  • Checks positions in Google and Yandex.
  • Supports desktop and mobile issue.
  • Checks on a schedule (once a day, a week or a calendar month), and also if necessary.
  • Not limited to specific regions.
  • Considers subdomains in the regions.
  • Supports parsing depth of 50.
  • Uploads reports in xlsx and html formats.
  • Notifies you by e-mail that parsing is over.

The benefits of the service are as follows:

  • Simplicity and ease of use of the interface.
  • Picking up site positions automatically without the need for constant monitoring.
  • You can parse the position of competitive resources without restrictions.

What are the tenant’s unique features?

  • Możesz przeanalizować cenę wstępu na specjalne miejsce i gwarancję.
  • You can collect information on guarantees and the number of special publications in Yandex Direct for free.
  • You can parse the price for admission to a special placement and warranty.

How does the check function

Etap 1. Dodaj adres

First you need to click on the link service and specify the address of the site, the verification of which will be carried out. Observe the spelling of the URL, otherwise, you can not verify anything. In the automatic mode, the subdomain pages are taken into account during the scanning process. This is of great importance, and therefore requires separate consideration.

Most likely, you will encounter one of two scenarios:

  1. You only have one standard domain.
  2. You have one main domain and a number of regional sub-domains or with thematic specificity.

In the first situation, you just need to enter the URL and go to other settings (select a search engine, region and type of issue, etc.).

In another case, what you undertake will depend on the purpose of picking up the positions of the site.

Determine the position of a regional subdomain in a specific territory.

In this situation, you can:

  • Specify the main domain and set the area of interest to you, do not put a check mark next to the function “do not take into account the subdomain”.
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи
  • Specify a subdomain, set a territorial region and check the box above the option above.
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи
  • Determine the position of the regional subdomain is not in your region.

This question is relevant for web resources aimed at potential customers from other areas, but selling products in their region. We are talking about companies that specialize in car rental, sightseeing tours, real estate agencies.

You can consider a specific example. An arbitrary subdomain may be promoted at the request of rental property in St. Petersburg in the Moscow region. What do they do it for? Those who live in the capital, but are looking for real estate for rent in St. Petersburg, in the top will see a regional subdomain for cooperation not in Moscow, but in St. Petersburg.

If this fact is taken into account in the process of parsing, then with incorrect settings of the CEO domain with the Moscow region will be higher in the issue. To pick up positions of a specific domain in St. Petersburg, you need to enter its address, select someone else’s area for the work of the tenant and put a check mark next to the option for not accounting for subdomains. In this situation, you get the correct display of positions.

  • Determine the position of subdomains with a specific theme.
  • For example, for a particular topic, a specific subdomain is created of the type To monitor actual positions, list the address and check the box to deactivate subdomains.
  • Determine the position of the main website.
  • If it is necessary to assess the positions of the main Internet resource, indicate its address and put all the same marks. So, if the page will occupy the tenth line, and the main site – the fiftieth, in the reporting you will see exactly the 50th line.

Stage 2. Add keywords.

The next step is to add key phrases in order to monitor positions.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

You can do this using two methods. Download files in Excel-report format. In this situation, the service collects requests from the first sheet, which is contained within the file. Absolutely no matter in what order the keywords will be located. The system recognizes them as follows: for a single cell, one key request. Therefore, they can be placed in this way:

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

Or so:

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

And if you want, you can:

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

This is useful for loading semantics, where key queries can be written in several columns at once.

Make sure that the file does not contain additional instructions (these are the names of columns, unnecessary notes, various information in the form of marks). Otherwise, the system will generate a report for these requests, which is fraught with unnecessary expenses.

Insert keywords in the form of a list. Each new request will go with a new line, punctuation marks must be absent.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

If, because of randomness, the same requests are specified, the service unites them, and therefore one key is recorded in the statements (as well, the cost of work will be calculated as for one key).

Stage 3. Choose a search engine and region.

The service is suitable for monitoring positions in Google and Yandex (or both systems at the same time).

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

For our country, it is important to check in two search engines at once, since their share is approximately the same. This is relevant practically for the entire post-Soviet space, although in certain countries the level of Google’s popularity can significantly exceed the use of Yandex. Sometimes parsing positions in Yandex is completely pointless due to the fact that mainly traffic falls on Google. You should also do if you are a commercial resource focused on Western countries and their market.

Then you need to specify the region. The service offers all regions from anywhere in the world. Enter the name of the country and locality not in Latin, but in Cyrillic characters.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

Stage 4. Choose the type of issue.

You can check the position of a web resource in a mobile or desktop. What kind you prefer – it depends on your discretion and the goals that you face.

There are several common scenarios:

  • The volume of mobile users and the flow from desktops exceed 25 percent for each category (you need to check the positions for both types to determine which requests require traffic pulling).
  • The volume of PC users is above 75 percent (conduct a guaranteed test of the desktop type, but checking the mobile output will help you to find out why the traffic is missing – for objective reasons or because of a specific problem of your resource).
  • Monitoring positions of mobile versions of web resources. These can be subdomains where only search by mobile is parsed.

Stage 5. Select the frequency of testing.

In automatic mode, the system provides a single check. If necessary, regular checks will need to activate the corresponding function.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

How often do you need to check:

  • Single. Relevant to those who are just starting to master the service. Checking multiple times with different settings allows you to determine which settings are required, and which need not be. Also, verification is required after a major update of the issuance of search engines.
  • Every month. This frequency is relevant for platforms that make updates several times a month, when the promotion of the CEO is not performed promptly. You can register any day, and reports will be received every month on this date.
  • Every week. With the active promotion of the website and adding or changing content once every few days, you must set this frequency. You can also select the day of the week when reports will be generated.
  • Everyday. Daily position tracking is relevant only in the presence of a megapopular and large-scale project with continuous content change, as well as in a situation where you experiment with SEO. In other cases, determining the dynamics of each day is inappropriate.

Stage 6. We start the parsing and get the result of the check.

After setting the collection, you must click on the start button. The system instantly calculates how much it would cost to complete such a task.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

The time of the procedure will depend on the number of keywords and the settings set for the collection. For example, reporting on hundreds of phrases for Yandex and desktop delivery is prepared within one minute.

If you have a large task, after starting the scan, you can close the browser tab with the service. When the report is generated, it will come to your inbox.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

Reporting will be open for access to the task list in the following formats:

  • Excel report. This is the version you can download. Here is the complete information about the positions of your pages.
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи
  • Html. Here you can see the initial settings for the collection, keywords and positions in the specified areas. It contains no more than four columns.
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

Cost of monitoring

The price for monitoring the issuance of a single phrase in Google and Yandex on the same territory in a particular type of issue (mobile or desktop) is only 4 kopecks. The first hundred keywords are available on a completely free basis.

One can cite a number of examples of how the cost of monitoring is calculated in specific situations.

  • №1. Monitoring positions in Google and Yandex (mobile, desktop).
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи
  • №2. Monitoring of issue in one search engine (mobile, desktop).
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи
  • №3. Monitoring positions in one search engine only for one type of issue (mobile or desktop).
Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

Samples of monthly budgets for monitoring positions in search engines for issuing a mobile or desktop (prices are indicated per month):

  • For a small online store (one area, two hundred keywords, weekly monitoring) – 64 rubles.
  • Regional online store (two areas, five hundred requests, weekly check) – 320 rubles.
  • A large online store operating nationwide (ten regions, five thousand phrases, a weekly check) – 16 thousand rubles.
  • Personal information blogs (one region – the Russian Federation, hundreds of keywords, monthly monitoring) – 8 rubles.
  • A great information resource, a blog (one region – the Russian Federation, a thousand queries, a weekly check) – 320 rubles.
  • Thematic service online, which is actively developing (ten regions, two hundred phrases, daily monitoring) – 1.2 thousand rubles.

Three specific features of the unique parser

The service for the removal not only allows you to monitor positions, but also to collect valuable information that relates to witches and snippets, the rates of entry into Yandex.Direct units. We offer to analyze these points in detail.

Feature one: parsing Direct

In addition to monitoring positions, this service helps to obtain additional information on the results of search operations. So, this applies to ads with advertising in Yandex Direct for a number of key phrases (the number of special placements, the price for entry and the provision of a guarantee).

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

What can be done using this functionality?

  • Determine your competitors’ strategy. You can find out which blocks they use – warranty or special accommodation.
  • Identify a competitive level before launching events on contextual advertising (competition and the level of auction temperature depend on placements and availability of guarantees for a specific request).
  • Anticipate these rates for entry into a special placement and guarantees (tools from Yandex provide only approximate estimates).
  • Optimize costs, find requests with an acceptable cost of entry into the guarantee and special accommodation.

How does it actually work?

For example, you own a real estate selling company and plan to buy contextual advertising in Direct in the Moscow region with the phrases:

  • Remove real estate Moscow.
  • Buy a house for five million.
  • Buy a townhouse in the capital.
  • Sell property in the city center.

There is an incredibly high level of competition, and the players own many millions, so before you launch an advertising campaign, specify:

  • Which blocks to place appropriate to take.
  • What requests give cheap accommodation or warranty.

In order to collect information you need the following:

  • Write down the address of the site owned by competitors (the check mark about the absence of accounting for subdomains is not set). The information from the direct should not differ when the competitor’s address is changed, so if you are concerned exclusively with this item, and not with the position of search results, you should parse it once for a specific competitor.
  • Keyword.
  • Search engine (in some situations, Yandex is enough, but for a parallel collection of Google positions, this search engine is also indicated).
  • Type of issue (information in Yandex.Direct is available exclusively for the desktop, it is required to be specified, and mobile at discretion).

In the line of collecting information in the issuance, check all the boxes in the direct section and start monitoring.

Then you need to download the Excel report and go to the sheet (the name is your region, for example, Yandex St. Petersburg or Moscow). In the end, everything will look like this:

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

What will be the conclusions?

  • Remove real estate Moscow. You can submit an ad for placement, as the prices, oddly enough, are lower compared to the guarantee.
  • Buy a house for five million. There is a chance to fight for the placement, as the entrance fees for both blocks differ slightly.
  • Buy a townhouse in the capital. You can apply for a guarantee due to the overpriced special accommodation.
  • Sell property in the city center. It can be placed in guarantees due to an overpriced price for special accommodation.

Cost of functionality

Collection of data on special accommodations and guarantees is completely free (if you parse positions in both search engines at the same time).

Parsing entry is possible for 0.04 rubles per key request in one territorial area. So, if you need all the information on Yandex Direct, the additional cost will reach 0.08 rubles / request in one area.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга

Features: parsim snippets

Information is collected from the snippet positions received in the TOP for a specific web resource:

  • Title.
  • Description (this is not about dexription, the text that is in the search results is reflected in the statements, which is far from coinciding with the descriptor each time, especially when it comes to Yandex).
  • Page address.

What can be obtained with their help:

  • Analyze titles and descriptions to make snippets that stand out among competitors.
  • Analyze quick links and determine which sections on the site by search engines are displayed in an expanded form in order to optimize the structure of your commercial resource.
  • Descriptions and headings, which are a great source for the LSI semantic core (needed for expansion and greater depth of subject).

Download the report in XLSX format (Excel reporting), which will look like this:

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

What does practice show?

For example, it is necessary to obtain additional semantics in order to write a publication on the request “to sell real estate in the city center”. For this, descriptions and subtitles are parsed by the main competitors (better if there are a lot of them), they are copied and checked in popular SEO services ( or advego, etc.).

You will receive a list of additional requests that need to be considered in the process of creating text content:

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи

Feature Three: Backlight Parsim and Warlockers

In a situation where a kaldunshchik is present in the TOP issue on a promoted request, note that this reduces the CTR, regardless of the page being high in the ranking (because users can quickly get an answer to a specific phrase and exit the search resources). This makes the relevance of large investments in the promotion of such keywords dubious.

If you analyze the highlight, you can create headers in which there will be requests that are highlighted more often than usual. It is also another source of LSI. Sometimes the highlights contain not only phrases from the search, but also suitable for the semantic component.

How are the results of checking the highlights in the Yandex system:

The cost of the functionality is minimal, now simultaneous parsing of Google and Yandex is available for free.

Эффективные способы съема позиций сайта и парсинга выдачи


The service helps to check the position of Internet resources in the PS, in the established regions in the issuance of two types – mobile / desktop. Also here there are unique options that are missing in other parsers. This is monitoring data in Yandex.Direct, parsing highlights, snippets, etc.

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