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Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?

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A sufficiently high percentage of sites have poorly designed product cards and ignores the importance of optimizing them. Especially if we are talking about online stores with the amount of goods from 1000 and above. Filling the card is an important point that allows the site to rise to the top of the issue, and also – makes a potential user to become a real buyer – to make a conversion.

With the fact that the entry point could well be the main or listing page, the purchase is made on the product page. The traffic to the product or service card can exceed 25%, therefore it is very important to optimize them for the search.

Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?

Below we describe the main points that need to be taken into account when creating a website, or correct it on an existing one, for the highest possible positions in search engines and an increase in the number of effective transitions.

  1. Title and H1 headers for the product page

Headings should not be neglected. They perform two functions at once: they help search engines and give information about a product to consumers. The correct title necessarily includes the name of the product, model number, keys on semantics. It is also possible to specify the manufacturer and brief specifications.

Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?
  1. Meta description

Meta tags Description are most often filled with a template with a change only in the name of the product. There are disputes over whether it is right to do this, but since such a method does not affect the ranking, then you do not need to spend time on it. For its effectiveness, for its effectiveness, all characteristics should be included as in the headings, but you can add special symbols, delivery terms and guarantees, a call to purchase.

  1. Product Description

The text of the product should not only be of high quality and understandable, but also unique. This is very important for SEO.

A properly optimized description will help the page be ranked in higher positions by key, which are related to the product. Also, a good selling text will fulfill its direct function – turn visitors into customers.

In no case do not copy the description from competitors or from producer sites – this will immediately reduce the position of the site.

Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?
  1. Media content

The lack of high-quality photos immediately reduces the credibility of the product and the site as a whole, and also deprives you of the traffic that can come through a search through pictures.

Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?

Product images should be in good resolution with the ability to view the details from several angles. Make sure that all photos are the same size, optimally – with the possibility of increasing the scale. Before uploading to a website, first compress images using special services and save them in web formats (jpeg 2000, jpeg xr, webP).

Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?

Another important component of media content is video. According to recent studies, it becomes clear that the purchase is made more often by 65-85% after watching a video review.

The video gives you clicks on the page, makes people linger on it longer, and gives you a promotion from Google (provided it is posted on YouTube).

Be sure to ensure that the format is readable by all browsers and has a pleasant visual resolution (adjusted for the mobile version of the site)
Not bad, if possible, add a 3D-review of the product.

  1. Micromarking

The markup provides search engines with product information and helps to achieve a profitable location in the issue. It is recommended to include the following items in the markup:

  • name;
  • manufacturer;
  • image;
  • description;
  • currency and value;
  • Availability.
Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?

The Open Graph layout is similar to, but it provides information not to search engines, but to social networks. One example of the effectiveness of microdata is the preview window, which appears when the user shares a link.

Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?
  1. Usability

Search engines have recently become increasingly worried about their users. If they get a positive experience on your site, the search engine likes you. Make sure that the store or resource is comfortable, useful and interesting for guests. A good indicator is when users spend more time on the product page and the site as a whole and return less to the results page. In this case, the search engine thinks that your content is interesting to the user and offers your page to other users for similar requests.How to improve your site in the eyes of users?

  • Provide the ability to select multiple items on a single page. For example, the buyer can not return to the catalog to choose the color, functionality, size. Do not create a new page for each version – this is not convenient.
  • Mobile version. The latest survey conducted in Ukraine by order of Google shows that 82% of purchases of clothing items are made through websites, with every third taking place through the phone. Very responsibly approach this issue. It is not enough just to launch the mobile version of the site. It is important to check it through the most popular brands of phones and browsers, because even if you have everything ok, the buyer may not even see the “buy” button.
  • Site speed. Long loading time does not like anyone. Just a second delay in response to the download resource reduces the conversion by 7%. At the same time, 40% of users will leave the site if the download is longer than 3 seconds. Site speed is one of the key ranking indicators in Google, so work on optimizing this issue.
  • Additional features, such as comparing products and the storage of “favorites” – will also be an additional advantage in the Usability rating.
Effective product card: how to interest the user and increase the conversion?
  1. Motivation to buy

Even if the buyer came to your page with the firm intention to make a purchase – an ill-conceived trifle or more favorable conditions from competitors can return it to the search query page. Let’s consider what advantages you should show as an additional motivation to purchase:

  • Even if the advantages of a deal are commonplace, you need to say about them: they form a trustful attitude towards your store among visitors.
  • The main nuances and advantages of delivery and payment should be indicated on the page of each product.
  • Describe in detail all the warranty options – this will reassure the buyer.
  • The “buy” button should focus all attention. If possible, make the button “buy by installments or credit”.
  • Add a display of the quantity of goods on the balance. The most important tools to motivate the completion of the transaction – discounts and shortages.
  • Cost and great deals. It is not enough just to make a discount, it is important to arrange it correctly: the old price should be larger and stand out so that the guest can immediately see his benefit. Also very effective last minute special offers and promotions that have a term.
  • Reviews, comments and product ratings. These tools allow the client to get acquainted with the experience of other people and help to make choices faster and find answers to their doubts and questions. It also increases the credibility of the store. If there is a rating on the page, it will be displayed in a snippet, and comments will help to even more unique content.
  • Another option of motivation and increase of the check is the use of COMBO: “with this product you also bought”, “together more profitable”, “similar offers”.

Well, for those who read it, we offer a couple of general final tips as a bonus:

  • Use badges to display important information and benefits.
  • Use corporate identity and fonts.
  • Do not display information scripts.
  • Encourage feedback – photos, reviews and comments.
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