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To date, all SMM methods are gradually losing their importance. Replaced comes a new kind of marketing. “Fear of missing” means fear of missing out in English and has eye-catching acronym FOMO.

What do we need? Get the opportunity and try to keep it, not to lose. After all, once having missed the probability, we have practically no chance of returning it. Our subconscious mind asks the question: “If, yes, if only….” Is an excellent technique that marketers use in order to make us feel fear.

It is these sales that have an incredible significance on the part of communication, organizing information, communication, positioning for potential consumers. In case you succeed in introducing this psychological trick, there will be a chance to encourage consumers so that the opportunity does not escape.

We offer to understand what is it?

  • FOMO and loss of chance.
  • Using popular phrases
  • Time limit
  • Quality communication
  • Promoting service
  • Gift to visitors in exchange for contact details
  • Persuasiveness and social proof
  • Media as promotion
  • Temporary stoppers
  • Popularization of information
  • Use capture forms
  • Conclusion

FOMO and loss of chance

The implementation of FOMO-marketing is mainly aimed at customers who want to please their wishes, while having the fear of missing the opportunity to purchase. Emotion and risk are the driving forces that do their job well. We are capable of doing insane acts against the background of the mood that has been presented, sometimes even crazy. We need to live for today, than tomorrow to think about what I missed yesterday.

Always the risk is accompanied by such a feeling as fear, so sometimes people are afraid to make acquisitions just because they expect much more from the purchase than they actually are.

On the other hand, the saying “Who runs the risk doesn’t drink champagne” will not all agree.

Consider a clear example of how the tricks of sales data. Suppose you have been looking for a certain model of a smartphone for a long time and you have an excellent idea of what specific model you need and what capital you have for acquiring. Suddenly, in one of the social networks, you see an announcement about a special offer to sell this particular phone model, but continue to search. Looks like a lost chance marketing system.

Good opportunity, right? Having lost a chance today, tomorrow it may no longer be. People acquire something, others have a desire to buy, too, to participate in the action, without losing a chance.

Quite rarely there is the prospect of introducing viral video content, or writing a quality post, which in a moment will gain enormous coverage. Therefore, the use of the FOMO-technician will be a win-win option, which ones you can read further.

Methods of using FOMO in the marketing industry

  1. Using popular phrases

Studies have shown that Instagram is an excellent platform for sale, and you don’t need a blogger with a million people. Micro influensers do their job perfectly, and marketers give preference to them. When someone popular talks about someone else’s brand, he thereby provides marketing support, communicating with the audience and receiving feedback.

Действенные методы FOMO индустрии
  1. Time limit

In order to preserve the reputation of the brand, as well as to prevent the thought of deception by visitors, actions should be carried out, observing the time limit, without the possibility of renewal. After all, this is the very essence, consumers make acquisitions precisely because time does not stand still, which means the action is coming to an end.

An excellent addition would be a recommendation to potential consumers to leave a request in the first 24 hours after the start of the action and get a certain surprise, let’s say a discount of about 15%. Then it is up to you, promotion of information by the method of distribution, using mass media, web push.

  1. Quality communication

The art of making visitors think that time is inexorably passing away, and they will no longer be able to pick up their advantageous offer, this is what competent communication means when using FOMO marketing.

It is important to convey the essence of the target audience, to move to action, because if they do not act today, the prospect will slip away, and you will only have to regret what has been done.

To achieve your goals, you can type flashy phrases or the words “Hurry up” and “Rather”, but you can also connect creative thinking and create material using the power and power of correct speech to accurately describe the recommendation.

What do people pay almost attention to first? On the publication of reviews, both public recognition and proof. Also, customer reviews will be an additional advantage, especially if they look as realistic as possible – a person will indicate the name, surname. Seeing the rest of this concept, the rest will think that they also want it so much, why miss the perspective?

  1. Promoting service

I think everyone knows about the offers one plus: let’s say you want to order some service, you are offered an additional, in general, cost for both services several times less than if you ordered them separately.

Creativity and creative thinking in FOMO marketing imply a success in the implementation of package proposals, especially if there is a time frame. Brands give incredible discounts only for the fact that you purchase not only one product from them, but from several.

It is important to respect the individuality of the package offers, maintaining a particular style, patterns. You may notice in many popular sites that they quite often offer several services or goods, with a large percentage discount.

Think this is a trap? You need to take advantage of before the end of time limits. This move can be used in any field, because you can get more benefits from the package offer, rather than selling separately.

  1. Gift to visitors in exchange for contact details

A present is what your client needs, which will help solve his problem, and you can safely use it with FOMO marketing.

Potential visitors will be interesting and useful if, say, you use a graphical method of data transfer. It is worth promoting the material as a lead magnet. Do not forget to use the time limit. Thus, you will get lead generation, but it works on the same principle as the sale of goods.

Действенные методы FOMO индустрии
  1. Persuasiveness and social proof

Proper use of time is one of the best methods of applying FOMO. Buyers are almost ready to pick up their product, the keyword is “almost.”

You can observe the FOMO phenomenon, for example, in a supermarket. There is often a free tasting, which makes you want to buy this particular product, or you may have noticed that a certain product is only in one store that you often visit, it makes you go back again and again.

The second example. Suppose there are two boutiques. The first boutique has bright signs near which people are crowded, the second boutique is less noticeable than the first, and it has practically no customers. Where are you going? That’s right – where there are more people, then the boutique is better and better, since buyers go there.

  1. Media as promotion

Reviews of popular people – this is not the limit. Do not be obsessed only on this. Think broader and more creative, because if famous people can make content about your brand, you can implement it for your promotion.

Of course, everyone wants to pay attention to influential people, to imitate them, but ask yourself: “Who will you listen to – a celebrity, or a loved one?”. Here is the answer. If someone from someone’s acquaintances, or friends to share a recommendation, it will be much more valuable.

For example, on Instagram there are a lot of brands that have become known just because of user-generated content. Companies sent them goods, in turn, ordinary users conveyed information to people, the effect of the chain.

Send gifts to some users to make decent content for you, and you could use it in your FOMO sales.

  1. Temporary stoppers

In the first paragraph, we have already mentioned the time limit, but using methods such as discount. Alternatively, you can use a time frame to give potential consumers a benefit.

An excellent alternative to discounts will be free delivery: time is running out, so you need to hurry to make a purchase, because absolutely all people, without exception, want to get the most out of new clothes.

Also, the client can offer bonuses for the next purchase. What is not profitable recommendation? Buy it now – for the next update you will get favorable terms of purchase. I think we should hurry so as not to lose the offer.

Действенные методы FOMO индустрии
  1. Popularization of information

You can get an incredible profit for your business using FOMO-makreting, if we talk about omnichannel promotion. This is not only an increase in sales, scoop information deeper, and go beyond.

The important point is to delimit the information. By sharing data across platforms, you’ll be able to increase the growth of followers across multiple channels.

Quite often, well-known marketers make such moves, for example, the distribution of a certain message with reference to the fact that you can only receive this information on this account, and only after listening to the audio recording. Giving thereby the chance not to miss the opportunity.

  1. Use capture forms

Probably, you met with the fact that when you want to leave the site, you see a pop-up window (one of the best forms of capture) with the placement of the offer, which is valid only for the next half hour, and the action must be performed now.

Действенные методы FOMO индустрии

Do not be afraid to use this technique for their own purposes, worrying about the fact that users will be angry. There is a little creativity and understanding that the perspective is only now and only today.


FOMO sales are like the most subtle psychologist. When you know this recipe, you will have all the cards up your sleeve. Do not be afraid to play with methods.

Give your visitors what they want – discounts. You will get more benefits than you think. Offering bonuses and discounts on the purchase of the next product, you awaken the desire of the person to return again.

Diversify your information, engaging ordinary users who will make excellent media materials for you, thus popularizing your brand.

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