Effective adding a site to the directory

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The most important point in ranking search engines is the reference profile. This is a complex of hyperlinks from various Internet resources to yours. It is important to understand that not all references are beneficial.

Seo-links are used by most companies, even if they are big agencies that have worked well, and some of them do not talk about it openly, and many do not hide it.

Effective adding a site to the directory

In addition to ours, Texterra also uses exclusively white techniques. There is one organization, for sure familiar to you, and very much loved by us, which shows the willingness to work with linkless algorithms, and then immediately promises a productive analysis of links on the exchanges. Since large organizations have a mess, then there is nothing to expect from customers who, in principle, should not understand anything about it. White methods imply working with content, website optimization – working inside an Internet resource. On the outer white progress set little.

Where then to get quality links, if they can not buy? In response, Yandex Help tells you what you need to show interest in. And Google does not hold back and, in an article on quality assurance tips, shows samples of barter, leading to the complication of issuing a site at the user’s request. From all this you can learn that you should post information about the site in good directories, where you will receive only harmless links.

Getting correct directory footnotes

Electronic reference books on topics collected common Internet resources. They are called directories. Often, registration in these reference books is still the majority associated with Allsubmitter or Xrumer, which earlier, perhaps, brought some benefit. But at that time they were not used, since it is impossible to distribute hyperlinks on many pages without any purpose. Now this is not a spam action at all.

Like any other tool, directories can be used for good or bad purposes. Like an ordinary knife. They can cut sausages and dismember the person. Because of this, the knife will be neither evil nor good. Check the attendance of the catalog, register manually. A large directory almost does not give the possibility of auto-completion information. Our database contains more than four hundred good reference books that meet the requirements of Google and Yandex. For example:

job.wsLarge online directory of websites, posts, abstractFour hundred
RosmarketActual web resources of the networkTwo hundred thirty
YandexYandexOne hundred ten thousand
Total.RuEntertainment WebsitesOne thousand nine hundred
White directorySites and articles, clean sourcesZero
BonBoneWeb sitesFour hundred
PovezloRussian white list of websitesThirty
AddsSitesAnalysis AssistantsOne hundred fifty
PopcatSites and articles, direct links without the need to insert reverseOne hundred eighty

Now let’s take a closer look at the steps for registering in the directory. There are a lot of directories on the Internet at the moment – more than 80 thousand, the problem is that most of them have only one meaning – cluttering up the network and no practical use. Placing information in many at once is dangerous, search engines will not allow it. Large numbers are not always good. It is not easy to find a suitable electronic directory among so many spammers, in which you should put information about your site. Remember: less is better.

Directory Search

  1. Search engines – the simplest and most common way of finding the required information. It only needs to be written in a row and view the results. For more success, try different options: catalogs of Moscow sites, catalog of sites, etc.
  2. On the Yandex Directory a large number of options (about twenty-three thousand) and also indicated TIC.
  3. You can find useful directories among webmasters on the forums. For example: en/forum orsearchengines.guru.

After you have selected several resources, be sure to make the right choice.

Selecting directories

  1. There are two types of catalogs. White does not require a backward link on a project that you register; black is required as a prerequisite. Choose white if you do not want to place extraneous links.
  2. Stop the choice on resources with high attendance and TIC, these are very important factors.
  3. Many sites have a narrow theme, they are not worth attention. Choose a catalog that fits your topic, or large, with great diversity. It is clear that the auto parts site does not fit the floral catalog, and vice versa.
  4. The region also has a significant value. It would be a bad idea to register on the website of the Murmansk region, if you are in Novosibirsk
  5. Thoroughly choose a category. Moderators reject the application, in case the subject of the site does not correspond to it. In addition, links from suitable sections will be more acceptable by the choice of TIC.
Эффективное добавление сайта в каталог

Submitting Website Information

When resources are picked up, you can safely go to the registration. In the bulk provides a complex design model. It will be necessary to give a special interest to unique names and descriptions. Previously described competent conduct of this procedure. In Yandex, the application is especially difficult. There is a publication to assist in the proper execution of the application.

Results received after registration

Examples with visual results:

  1. vykup31.ru – the website of the organization, which is busy buying cars. The report shows how and how much the indicators of promotion to Yandex and Google have changed for the better from the very creation and a couple of months later, after registering in the catalog.
  2. com – Krasnogorsk eco services company. Similarly, improvements are seen in 7-8 weeks.
Эффективное добавление сайта в каталог


Register in catalogs is not an easy task, you need maximum attention. It will take at least 6 hours to send data to at least a dozen. If you are not sure that you are ready for such complexity, in one week our company can help you to compose a site profile and send it to the catalogs.

Эффективное добавление сайта в каталог
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