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E-marketing: sales promotion and customer acquisition features

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Elements such as launching an advertising campaign and starting a business of your own do not guarantee success. There are a lot of factors that are part of it, but the basis is the right marketing and the quality of the product being sold. High conversion and huge traffic guarantees you the knowledge of numerous advertising tools and techniques, the ability to use them properly and adapt to the emerging requests. And in order to protect yourself from a loud failure, it is necessary to study the most significant issues in e-marketing.

Carry out an independent launch of the campaign or seek help from a specialist?

Due to the fact that small business is limited in financial resources, entrepreneurs often take up the creation of their own advertising. But if there is such an opportunity, then an experienced specialist should deal with all marketing issues. First of all, the main task of management is to set the task, and not to solve it. Secondly, if you hire a real professional, you can save a lot on it in terms of payroll compared to the failure of unsuccessful advertising. Therefore, if you are a person who does not have any experience in marketing matters, then it is better to spend some money on a specialist.

Regardless of which option you prefer, it is advisable to plan KPIs and even create detailed TK for yourself. This will help not only to focus on the final goal, but also to monitor the implementation of this process.

The cost of advertising

You need to focus on the fact that the value should depend on your maximum budget. Although the very fact of the very presence of the advertising budget and its size, still does not indicate anything. It all depends on efficiency, because not necessarily expensive organization will give high conversion rates or attract a huge number of consumers. Evaluation of efficiency will depend on the number of consumers in relation to the average check and the cost of the client.

Not less important are quite subtle nuances. For example, what is the ratio between real and potential consumers, at what stage of development will conversion be as high as possible, or how many people make a purchase and come back here. Independently analyze these stages is very difficult. Therefore, it is better to give preference to a specialist.

E-marketing: sales promotion and customer acquisition features

Affiliate programs and their benefits

Essential, and in some cases even a key advantage of the affiliate program is the probability of expanding the coverage with no costs or their small size. First, it is related to the partnership information plan.

Loyalty programs or cooperation on the so-called barter has also become widespread. With barter cooperation, an equal exchange takes place between the two organizations, service companies or goods. Such an option may be considered when a specific product is offered in exchange for expert opinion or feedback. This system is practiced in working with bloggers.

As part of loyalty programs, special conditions or discounts on purchases from partners are offered. It is not worth refusing to introduce them, despite the fact that the modern market is oversaturated with these elements. It is recommended to carefully approach the choice of such a partner whose products could be interesting for the target audience.

Do not forget about the special thematic sites (forums and blogs), couponers, aggregator reviews and other. They act as a kind of catalog, aimed at choosing the main target center and implementing their segmentation.

Content Marketing: Is It Necessary?

In the field of electronic marketing content marketing takes a significant place. This is due to the fact that the key source of information is the global Internet network. And do not exclude the serious impact of the same social networks. Through the use of content marketing and the knowledge of your own target audience, you can get a smart result with minimal financial expenses.

The main rule here is that information should always be up to date. To create an attractive enough content, you must always be in trend. To achieve these goals, it is equally important to choose the right platform.

E-marketing: sales promotion and customer acquisition features

PR: Is it necessary to apply?

PR is a tool whose main focus is on customers. When compared with advertisements, it differs in that it has a different way of submitting. In the first case, in the form of a monologue, a specific brand is promoted. In the second case, there is an interaction between the consumer and the company.

From practical experience it is clear that informing, rather than imposing, is important for most people even when the brand is not yet so popular. PR can be a great addition to mainstream advertising with improved image and increased coverage.

The reasons why advertising does not work

When hiring an experienced specialist, no one can guarantee that everything will be fine. Errors arise for everyone, the main thing in time to deal with them.

In order to prevent the majority of errors, it is necessary to systematically test the tool used for promotion and analyze the target audience. Having not figured out how the company works even if one does not know one’s own Central Asia, the first problem arises that there is no return on advertising.

You see that high-level ad impressions, but no clicks? It is necessary to revise carefully the announcement, namely its wording. Maybe it was created in such a way that it doesn’t bother the client at all?

If you have enough clicks, but the absence of high conversion, you should review the product cards and the website itself. This may be due to the minimum amount of information or technical faults.

If nothing fits from the above, you need to analyze the statistics and audit the resource, work with key queries. In a hopeless situation only an SEO specialist will help.

Free Promotion Options

The use of affiliate programs can be free in cases where the correct procedure for drawing up an agreement is implemented. Creating your own representation in one of the social networks can be free, as it can be maintained without outside help. On thematic portals, according to the “Otzovika” principle of operation, you can upload free information about your own organization, which will be a good advertisement.

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