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    Recently, the marketing company Ipsos Comcon conducted a survey among Russian Internet users regarding their spending on content in the first two quarters of 2016.

    The most expensive was the article of software. For the first quarter of this year, on average, users have sold 1087 rubles for software. This is 30% higher than last year’s figure for the same period.

    In the second place in terms of cost were games. Every second user who has ever spent spending on content has spent an average of 960 rubles in the first three months of this year on games. This is 25% more than in 2016.

    The reverse situation is observed in the market of video content and subscription to publications. In the first case, expenses amounted to 446 rubles per user for three months, which is 18% less than the declared figure of last year. In the second case, and at all costs fell by 20% and amounted to 575 rubles for the same period.

    All submitted figures are controversial. According to the agencies Okko and Ivi, user spending on video in the first two quarters of 2016, on the contrary, increased. The news publication Vedomosti doubts the correctness of the figures regarding the paid subscription, motivating its statement by the underdevelopment of the market in Russia.

    2500 people from the age group of 16-54 years are listed as respondents. All of them are active users of the global network and residents of cities with a population of at least 100 thousand citizens. Moreover, only a third of respondents have a habit of paying for content.

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